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The Pip Cards

 ~ 2 thru 6 ~

by Danielle Astrid Ricard

While the Major Arcana or Trump cards represent cosmic/karmic forces and higher human potential, the Pip, or Number cards - the Minor Arcana - represent mundane circumstances and realities - our physical, tangible, every day world. Within this world, there are basic energies or elements that we perceive in nature, and that live within ourselves.


 2 of Swords - Cat People Tarot


With the 2's, we begin to relate to others, exchange feelings, ideas and goods; and make comparisons

Two of Cups - is an Exchange of Feelings and generally carries a positive meaning. The 2 of Cups signifies love, union and sometimes marriage.

Two of Wands - is an Exchange of Energy, and usually signifies either a partnership or a rivalry. Two people or entities joining together can feel unified and make tremendous progress as a team, or - they can butt heads and each vie for their own power.

Two of Coins is a Material Exchange, and can signify commerce, communication and any situation where two people or entities are interacting.

Two of Swords is an Exchange of Thoughts and ideas. This card generally indicates a dual mind or a state of indecision - because the exchange takes place internally and is not necessarily worked out in the physical world. One is making comparisons, and is capable of seeing both sides - and so may remain stalemated until the process is completely worked out.


3 of Cups - Cat People Tarot


With the 3's there is self expression, resulting in a birth of some kind. The Ace and the two combine creative forces resulting in a third - just as a father and mother come together to conceive children.... and Baby makes Three!

Three of Cups - is an Expression of Feeling that generally carries a very positive meaning. The 3 of Cups signifies joy, socializing, fun and merriment with friends and loved ones. This card means "enjoyment."

Three of Wands - is an Expression of Energy, and usually signifies a venture of some kind. This card means "moving on." Working together toward a common goal and cooperation with others is often indicated here as well.

Three of Coins is a Material Expression, and usually signifies one's work or a personal creation - even one's self. This card means "a job well done." There is an air of judgment to this card, as if one were admiring and/or assessing the object or person in question.

Three of Swords is an Expression of Thought, and it generally carries a negative meaning. Sometimes, what we really think on a matter can be too harsh for others, and vice-versa. This card indicates that the words are out there - you can't take them back, or perhaps a difficult decision has been made. There is a feeling of sadness associated with the 3 of swords, as if whatever has transpired is too late to reverse.


4 of Pentacles - Cat People Tarot


With the 4's, we establish and affirm ourselves. Here are our four walls, our security and our safe haven from the world.

Four of Cups - is Emotional Stability - and can sometimes signify stagnation, or being "stuck" on a feeling. Many cards portray an angry person, while the more traditional cards show someone who is despondent and unresponsive - unsure about whether or not to accept her/his own feelings. The lack of movement or change can be oppressive to some, and comforting to others.

Four of Wands - is Spiritual or Energetic Stability - and represents surroundings that are comforting and soothing to the soul. Usually a cozy home is indicated, and the idea of hospitality.

Four of Coins is Material Stability - and represents holding on to one's resources. Many cards portray someone hoarding. While this can mean material goods, it can also extend to people and ideas... anything that we possess may be held onto. A refusal to share can be indicated here!

Four of Swords is Mental Stability - and represents holding onto a thought or idea. This can be somewhat unpleasant like the 4 of Cups. "Stuck on an idea" can mean mental stagnation, stubbornness, even numbness. Hiding out from the world and/or from the ideas of others is indicated here as well. However on a positive note, this card can indicate satisfaction with one's own thoughts, and a sense of peace.


5 of Wands - Cat People Tarot


With the 5's, we enter the realm of personal power. Once we have established a safe and secure environment (4), we may find ourselves venturing farther into our own realm of influence on the world... but sometimes we go so far that we may hurt ourselves, or others. The human being is a 5 pointed star - with 4 limbs and a head on top. There is a sense here of a lack of spiritual guidance, faith or trust - this is pure, base humanity, man/woman on his/her own.

Five of Cups - is Emotional Power - and represents the loss of loved ones, sadness, emotional emptiness and sorrow. When others tell us how they truly feel, sometimes it hurts a great deal.

Five of Wands - is Spiritual or Energetic Power - and represents an assertion of dominance, a struggle, or a disagreement. When others seek dominance over us or invade our territory, we may feel the need to fight and assert our own power.

Five of Coins is Material Power - and represents gains and losses. When others take what we have because we have been too trusting or are simply powerless, it can lead to lack and even impoverishment. Sometimes our own actions can lead to misfortune as well. The losses one may suffer can include people, money, or even self-esteem.

Five of Swords is Mental Power - and represents a harsh realization or decision. When others make decisions or have ideas that affect us deeply, we may feel great sorrow if there is disagreement. There is also a feeling here that something or someone is "wrong" or in error.



6 of Cups - Cat People Tarot


With the 6's, we strive to balance all inequity, and find a place of peace and harmony.

Six of Cups - is Emotional Harmony - and represents those people, places and situations that bring peace and harmony to the emotional body. This card may represent sentimental feelings, childhood friends, soul-mates and the most pleasant and comfortable people and loves in one's life. After the heartbreak of the 5 of Cups, we may look to those people and places that bring the most comfort.

Six of Wands - is Spiritual or Energetic Harmony - and represents a feeling of accomplishment and success. After the struggle and disagreement of the 5 of Wands, the 6 of wands brings the hope that we may emerge triumphant.

Six of Coins is Material Harmony - and represents karma or material exchanges that bring fairness and balance. After the loss or impoverishment of the 5 of coins, the 6 of coins offers equilibrium, payment and karmic balance.

Six of Swords is Mental Harmony - and represents a scientific method or solution. After the feeling that something or someone is wrong or in error - from the 5 of Swords, the 6 of Swords offers an intelligent, prudent and sure way out of a possibly bad situation.



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