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Divination by Danielle Astrid Ricard

~ Oracle Readings ~

Medicine Cards, Angel Oracle, Gemstone Oracle, Oracle of the Goddess, Self Care Cards, The Flower Speaks, I-Ching

Choose from these Positive and Nurturing Readings:

Deep Healing, Inner Directions, Gemstone Grail, Chakra Activation, Heart - Head - Hands, Five Guides Dream Insights, I-Ching and Celtic w/Flowers


To Oracle Readings

What is Divination?   Code of Ethics

Readings involve from 3 to 10 Powerful Guidance Cards

The Readings

Note: Receipt of Your Reading Order is Confirmation that you have read and agreed with my Terms of Use - thank you!

Deep Healing

Uses your choice of Medicine Cards (native power animals) or Flower Speaks Cards (flower essence archetypes.)

This reading reveals what core issue needs to be healed, what needs expression, how to proceed and what to look forward to as a result. One or more Totem Animals or Flower Essences may be suggested for you to work with.

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Inner Directions

Uses your choice of Medicine Cards (native power animals) or the Angel Oracle (angelic guidance.)

This reading identifies an issue to work on, and gives specific advice, guidance and powerful Animal or Angelic Allies to assist you emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

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Gemstone Grail

This Reading uses the Aora Gemstone Oracle to identify your Life Purpose and/or Life Lesson at the present time, and describes Gemstone Guidance and Healing Properties for taking action, and for balancing yin (passive, receptive) and yang (active, assertive) energies.

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Chakra Activation

This Reading uses the Reiki Cards to identify the kind of nurturing needed at each Chakra Level, and offer tools for making the most of each these areas of life: basic survival, sexuality, sensuality & creativity, use of will, love, communication, future vision/power & higher purpose.

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The Deluxe reading includes expanded affirmations, meditations and suggested activities for areas needing the most attention.

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Five Guides

This Reading offers you loving guidance and healing advice through a drawing of one each of the following: Flower Speaks Flower essences, Angel Oracle Angelic Guide, Gemstone Oracle stone and guidance, Reiki Guidance Card and Self Care Card, with an integrated summary for your further understanding.

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Heart, Head, Hands

This reading gives advice for nurturing your emotions, mind and body through your choice of: Goddess Archetypes, Self Care Cards or Angelic Guides - in order to help you move with power and confidence through your current situation.

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Dream Insights

This is a psychic dream interpretation to help you to understand your dream, and suggest ways to breathe life into whatever your dream msy be telling you.

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I Ching

This is a very powerful reading that identifies the best way to approach your situation in a personal and empowering way. Interpreted with your question in mind and in an easy to understand manner, - this oracle is invariably highly insightful and awesome in its time-proven wisdom.

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Celtic with Flowers

This is a Classic Tarot Reading that uses Flower Speaks Cards, and gives flower essence healing advice for needed areas.

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Secure CC/Check Paypal order. Orders are delivered within 72 hours - often sooner. (Please allow extra time during holidays and weekends. If you pay by Online Check, there is a one week waiting period.)

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before you order, please read the Terms of Use below




Your personal information and your Oracle reading are entirely confidential. I will not share any information about you or my services for you with any other person, for any reason - except your comments about my services on my testimonials page - with your permission.

My readings are based on over 30 years of study and practice in metaphysics, meditation and psychic channeling.

I never ask a client to come back for more readings. Whether or not you need or desire further advice is your decision - not mine!

I don't recommend any specific spiritual practices or rituals. My goal is always to offer insights and advice to assist the client in recognizing and dealing with current issues independently, and with respect for my client's beliefs.

I do not give financial, medical or psychological advice. These matters are best left to professionals in those fields. If I feel your problem is out of my realm of experience, I will not venture to assist you.

I never predict specific future events. This is unethical and lacks respect for your free will. Any references to future events in my readings are reflective of possibilities based on present circumstances, and are by no means intended as a definitive look into the future.






 Terms of Use - Please Read !

Danielle's Oracle Readings are intended to help you gain insight into current relationships, goals and issues. They are not for predicting specific future events, nor should any information or advice offered be looked upon as an ultimate answer to your question.

I do not answer Yes/No Questions with any certainty, nor do I predict a definite outcome to any situation. Rather, I reveal the current circumstances and the feelings surrounding them, and offer positive, constructive, healing advice.

If you have not ordered a reading from me before, here are some sample questions to get you started: "How can I make positive progress with my current relationship?" "What is the best way to handle my situation with _______ ?" "What do I Need to Know right Now?

Please use your own highest judgement as well as the advice of trusted friends, family and other advisors in any personal decision making!

Ordering a reading from MoonCat's Astrology or MoonCat's Tarot will not place you on any mailing list.

Your reading will be delivered to you within 72 hours (not counting holidays and weekends) unless I notify you otherwise, or (more likely) you receive it much sooner. In the event of internet or other technical difficulties your order may take longer - but I will do my best to be timely! If you are paying by Online Check, there is an additional one week waiting period for your check to clear.

Please take time to consider your question!!

Much Love, Danielle






Divination is the art of "divining"

Or connecting with the divine

In order to find answers and guidance

Beyond our usual vision.


~ The Divine may be any higher power ~

Your own Higher Voice

Spirit Guides

Enlightened Beings

such as Christ or Kuthumi or Kwan Yin

Even Angels


Tarot Divination is a time-tested method of Divining

And one of a variety of Oracles

that Diviners consult

Such as the I-Ching, Medicine Cards and Angel Cards


Anyone with the desire to help and heal

Can be a "diviner"



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