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Imagine in the middle of the earth

a great ball of beautiful, warm, honey-colored light

This comforting light rises up through the Earth

and travels up through your feet,

then moves slowly up through your spine...

into your heart, and all the way up

to the crown of your head...

touching and healing

every chakra...

nourishing you,

connecting you

with all

that is


Once you are filled completely with warm, nourishing earthlight...

~ ~ ~ ~


Allow your eyes to follow the spiral of this beautiful galaxy

Let this light pour into the crown of your head


The Light of your Spirit Guides

The light of all that is

Is filling you with beautiful Celestial Light

From the top of your head

down through your arms

into your heart, abdomen, legs

and down to the tip of your toes...


Repeat these words in your mind or aloud

"I am the Center, I am the Light"

Then close your eyes, and decide what it is you really need to know




Spirit Guides

This Wise Spirit Guide offers you his Loving Knowledge

Give your troubles up to him!


This Wise Spirit Guide offers you her Loving Understanding

Allow her to take you deep within your own heart!


The Girl with the Flaxen Hair

sequencer unk.


Love and Light!


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