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MoonCat's Favorite Tarot Decks

by Danielle Astrid Ricard

with Reviews & Images of the Following Tarot Decks:

Gendron, Dragon, Ages, Cosmic, Thoth, Chinese, Celestial

More Beautiful Decks Here


by Melanie Gendron

Of all the decks I own, this one is relatively new to me yet by far my most beloved and well used. I periodically do a search for new decks, buy a few here and there, and almost every time find I'm enthralled with a few cards, or perhaps many, but almost never by the entire deck. This deck pleases me constantly and is always easy on the eyes. Melanie Gendron has truly captured the spirit, meaning, emotion and sensation of every card, through human, animal and nature spirits - with a certain magic that can only be fully appreciated by holding and loving the deck yourself.


by Peter Pracownik artist & Terry Donaldson

I guess you have to love dragons - fierce yet adorable ones - to love this deck, and I do! The colors are simply gorgeous, and there is a perfect balance between softness and sharpness that is irresistible. The dragon's expressions are consistent throughout, yet with ever so slight variations - drawing me to the magic in their eyes. See these sweet dragons in an infinite variety of situations, facing life's challenges and joys in his/her own fiery, fearless dragon way. When I'm feeling whimsical, and I often do, this is the deck I always reach for.


by Norbert Losche

This is a delightful deck. You may be surprised to find Ingrid Bergman, Bogie, Gregory Peck, Elizabeth Taylor and a number of other luminaries speaking to you whilst you read. Each image is filled with movement, intensity and modern relevance, and evokes traditional meaning and feeling without mimicking Rider Waite.



by Mario Garizio

This deck is a sexy look at humanity at its most tribal, with cultures from the four corners of the earth beautifully represented. I would like to see this art plastered all over one of my walls - it's too beautiful for mere cards! It's filled with plenty of life, movement, expression and meaning, not to mention beautiful people, animals, landscapes and a terrific sense of spiritual unity within the whole.


by Lady Frieda Harris, Aleister Crowley

This deck is beautiful and powerful. While it requires some knowledge of tarot since the pips are illustrated with geometric forms, they are stylized to reflect the feeling and meaning, and additionally - each card has a one-word description to clue you in. When I am reading for a very serious or confusing matter, I always use this deck.



by Jui Guoliang

With this deck, I am actually more fond of the pip cards than the major arcana, although they are equally beautiful. The scenes are flowing and evocative, the colors are soothing and the characters are sweet and loveable. I feel joyful while I'm using this deck - it's hard to describe. It has a youthful feel, yet is completely serious.



by Kay Steventon & Brian Clark

If you love the heavens and soft, ethereal art - you will love this deck. It is not necessary to concern yourself with the its rich symbolism if you already know tarot - simply enjoy the welcoming, sensual artwork.

More Beautiful Decks I Highly Recommend!

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Here are a few more I have in my collection - in no particular order:

Herbal, Enchanted, Inner Child Cards, Vision, Tarot, Medieval Scapini (raucous good fun!), Tarot of Love, Xultan Maya, Kazanlar, Ibis, New Age, Medicine Woman, Tarot of the Spirit, Bohemian Cats, Medicine Cards... etc., etc., etc... and there are many more beauties I have yet to collect!


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