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Tarot - the Fool's Circle of Life

The World - the Universe

by Danielle Astrid Ricard

For ease in writing, I will use the gender pronoun that best matches the illustration below - no sexism intended. To listen to Musical accompaniment, look for a small link in the text!

This Archetype is number 21 of 22 Trump or Major Arcana cards in the Tarot. While the remaining pip and court cards portray more mundane realities, these cards represent higher energies, karmic forces, powers beyond our control, and superhuman strengths. In the Thoth Tarot deck, The Universe is ruled by Saturn

The Universe

The World - Cat People Tarot

~ Dance of Life ~

This last card in the Fool's journey shows the triumphant human spirit, who has followed through on her earthly dreams.

This is about your ultimate expression - those creations, contributions and qualities you are proud to share with the world... the culmination of most glorious moments in your life. You are on stage, naked to the world, displayed in all your glory! What do people see? What do you see?

A good word for this archetype is "reputation." Bob Marley's song asks "could you be loved?" We have to ask ourselves this - every day, and every moment. Have we done our best? Have we lived up to our highest potential? If there was a video camera recording your every action - would you be proud of the 'You~movie' you starred in? Most of us, (including me, of course,) would have to say - "well, no - there are a few parts I'd like to cut out, please!"

If you were being observed every single moment, perhaps you'd behave differently, perhaps not. Being on a pedestal can bring out the best, and the worst in people. For many of us - since we are usually not being watched very closely (by humans anyway!), it is all too easy to slip into unseemly habits and destructive behavior. And if critical others happen to expose us for these less than perfect moments, one's self-respect and positive image can be utterly destroyed. Sadly, some less-than-moral humans, knowing all too well the consequences of exposure, only reveal their dark sides to children and the helpless, paving the way to abuses and cruelties too horrible to mention.

The World - Roehrig Tarot

Fortunately, most of us keep our indiscretions confined within the boundaries of common decency, or at least innocence. We all strive to be the best we can be, and most importantly - practice kindness - the Golden Rule. We are fortunate in that we don't have to constantly answer for our actions - (unless you live with a tyrant.) But for the famous few who are constantly being examined by a host of critics and opportunists, what pressure some must feel - to live up to their unrealistic expectations! Perhaps it is better to be proud and accepting of who you are, with all your minor imperfections - and not succumb to public opinion. Personally, I admire those brave, defiant souls the most.

This illustrates a very potent duality hidden within the Universe (the World) card. Some of us must fight for respect and a decent reputation, and others (sometimes the very same people) are pushed into the limelight and forced to create, or maintain a certain image. One is left to ask - "Am I living up to my own goals and standards, or - am I allowing the projections of others to define me?"

Take a good look at yourself - and try to discern how your own feelings of accomplishment compare with the expectations of others. This is a tough exercise (requires major objectivity!), but it just might bring some amazing revelations. Most of us must contend with trying to please, while being true to ourselves at the same time. Striking a balance requires honesty and maturity.

In the end, if you are blessed to live on this earth long enough to gain some genuine perspective, and to get really comfortable in your own skin (at any age!), it becomes easier to say - "I don't care what I look like, I don't care what they think of me!!" You've earned the right to be yourself, in all your glory. This is when "The World" is all yours. The real "You" takes center stage, and you are perfectly happy to make your presence known, and to be the carefree, pure soul...the Fool you truly are!


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MEDITATION: Contemplate the World, the Universe - your place in it, your reputation, your goals and your highest achievements. What are you the most proud of? How do you shine? How do you experience being on display?

PERSONAL DISCUSSIONS: When have you felt the energy of the World? Have you seen it in other people? Have you had happy/sad experiences with this energy?

TAROT EXPERIENCE: Recalling a time when you may have you drawn this card, what were the circumstances surrounding it, and what did it mean to you? How do you feel this archetype affects the cards that come before or after?


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