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The Moon

by Danielle Astrid Ricard

For ease in writing, I will use the gender pronoun that best matches the illustration below - no sexism intended. To listen to Musical accompaniment, look for a small link in the text!

This Archetype is number 18 of 22 Trump or Major Arcana cards in the Tarot. While the remaining pip and court cards portray more mundane realities, these cards represent higher energies, karmic forces, powers beyond our control, and superhuman strengths. In the Thoth Tarot deck, the Moon is ruled by Pisces

The Moon

The Moon - Art Nouveau Tarot

~ Going Within ~

The Moon represents the emotional or astral body - the soul's memory of all earthly feeling. This is where the deepest human feelings reside, in the Moon's play of light and shadow, her dance with the Sun.

In many decks, the Moon is portrayed as two dogs baying at the Moon, one wild - representing our primal, uncontrolled emotional responses, and the other tame - to show the civilized restraint that we as social beings are capable of.

Imagine you are struck by a strong emotion... surprise, sadness, shock, fear, anger - whatever feels most familiar to you. Now feel the actual feeling - and think about your outer, visible response. While some of us react immediately, many people instinctively close up and hide. Often, we need time to withdraw from others - to go within and sort out the feelings welling up inside. Sometimes there is outright embarrasment.

The Moon is internal, thoughtful - busy getting in touch with the swirl and tumble of feelings within her. In astrological terms, she is Zodiacal Cancer, the crab (another key image in this card) - whose moods change with the lunar phases and who often hides in her shell. She cares deeply for others, and in caring can become entangled in their needs - losing track of her own. Or, she can drown piteously in her own problems - tangled in a sea of emotion.

But however she may react, there is a withdrawal from the world on some level. Even in anger one tends to close up and shut everyone else out. The emotions take hold, seen or unseen, and we are essentially all alone. With the Moon, we go within, and dare not let anyone - outside our most intimate circle - into our innermost souls, and even they may feel left out for a time. Fear can creep in if we have difficulty coming to terms with the feelings that hold us in their grip.

But while we are immersed in her ocean, we may also see things more clearly through the reflective forces of the Moon as she reaches in and touches us in our solitude. Relationships come into focus, and those things we've kept hidden even to ourselves are illuminated in a dreamy misty light - and beg for attention. This is the time to take action - when the lunar forces are at their peak, and we are sure, through and through, about what needs must be met.

The Moon is an essential part of you. She is the concern that wakes you up at night, the nagging desire that fuels your imagination, and the primal, natural forces of emotion that keep you alive. You may hide from her, howl at her or hail her with joy, but you cannot deny her her power!

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MEDITATION: Contemplate your experiences with strong emotion, deep feelings and withdrawal from others.

PERSONAL DISCUSSIONS: When have you felt the energy of The Moon? Have you seen it in other people? Have you had happy/sad experiences with this energy?

TAROT EXPERIENCE: Recalling a time when you may have you drawn this card, what were the circumstances surrounding it, and what did it mean to you? How do you feel this archetype affects the cards that come before or after?


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