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Tarot - the Fool's Circle of Life


a Series by Danielle Astrid Ricard

 The Tarot

The Tarot is a magical, spiritual, high energy tool for helping one to understand and work through the most difficult problems in love and life. The power behind the ancient imagery is such that almost anyone can pick up a deck, ask a quick question, and pull a few cards that go straight to the heart.

A very important thing to remember about Tarot Reading, or any kind of Divining is that it is just that - tapping into the divine: higher spiritual forces, angels, god, akashic records, brotherhood of light, goddesses, the higher self - whatever or whomever you may need to access this limitless light and pure knowledge - for insight into earthly matters. I believe that the Tarot, used with proper intent, can bring one closer to the light of truth. What we find out may not be what we want to hear... but certainly what we need to hear at the moment we draw the cards. One must listen carefully, and with an open heart!

I have counseled clients, family and friends using this divinitory art with tremendous success. I have found the Tarot to be especially helpful for a number of reasons - it takes away some of the self-consciousness for the one being counseled - because there is a focus on the cards and not solely on the subject, the cards draw forth topics that might not otherwise come up, and - they bring very powerful human archetypes to life, reinforcing the great potential and spirituality within each of us.

I highly recommend that all readers use some form of meditation, channeling, centering, grounding, etc. - before drawing cards for a Reading. Here is a sample meditation

For those interested in the History of the Tarot - here are some links....

From Inner Self Magazine

The Hermitage - a Tarot History Site

Tarot History Info Sheet, and TarotL Yahoo group

An Hermetic Origin of the Tarot Cards? - A Consideration of the Tarocchi of Mantegna

Listen to Shape of My Heart - by Sting from Ten Summoners Tales - a song about Tarot


Tarot - the Fool's Circle of Life

Table of Contents

The Fool The Magician The High Priest and Priestess The Lovers Emperor and Empress The Chariot Justice The Hermit the Wheel Strength Hanged Man  Death  Temperance  Devil  Tower  Star  Moon the Sun  Judgment World

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Two through Six

Seven through Ten

The Court Cards


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