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Zodiac Sign-Language for Lovers

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Aries  Taurus  Gemini  Cancer  Leo  Virgo  Libra  

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Do you have an Aries child, a friend with Cancer Rising, or maybe a Virgo Moon Mate? What makes them happy? How can you fulfill their needs?


Remember, no matter what you've heard, every sign is wonderful in its own way! Here's how to get the scoop on your husband, wife, baby, teenager, friend, boss, lover.......


First, find out the Sun, Moon and Rising Signs of the object of your devotion..... click here for a quicky chart... (Moon is "Moo", Rising sign is preceded by <1>... you will also find sign and house (1-12) placements for all the planets)

Jot down the Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Rising Sign

All three are important. Keep in mind that the Sun Sign is the every day personality, the Moon Sign is the emotional nature and the Rising Sign is what your sweetheart aspires to, and the first impression he/she makes on others. Click here to read more about Sun, Moon and Rising Signs.


Now Click below to read about How to Treat your Loved One!

Aries  Taurus  Gemini  Cancer  Leo  Virgo  Libra  

Scorpio  Sagittarius  Capricorn  Aquarius  Pisces


Every page has music, lucky stones and scents, symbolism and links to more pages written especially about your Male or Female friend's Sign (the text is the same, only the pronouns are changed).....and those pages will tell you specifics on Moon & Rising signs, celebrity Sun Signs... and also lead you to the corresponding planets, elements, modes, mythology, books, and more!

If you want to learn much much more, order my personalized Sweetheart Chart and learn every little cosmic thing about your love..... Also, check out a pageful of Astrology Books from

Here are some of my favorites:



Seduction by the Stars : An Astrological Guide to Love, Lust, and Intimate Relationships

by Ren Lexander, Geraldine Rose (Contributor), Geraldine Soadhi



The Astrologer's Handbook

by Frances Sakoian, Louis S. Acker



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~ for getting to know your amazing babe ~


 An Astrological Guide to Your Child : A Handbook for Parents

by Leticia Parmer



Child Astrology: A Guide to Nurturing Your Child's Natural Gifts

by M. J. Abadie


Your Cosmic Kids : Using Astrology to Understand Your Children

by Trish MacGregor


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