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How to Treat your Libra

Libra man

Your lovely Libra man or maiden longs to walk side by side with you through life. "Alone" is not in Libra's bountiful vocabulary, nor is "lonely." A life of solitude is just not acceptable, and if your Libra does not feel sufficiently loved, you're sure to hear about it one way or another. If she doesn't find you sitting lovestruck by her side, she'll be fluttering her lashes at the nearest handsome beau, or lavishing gifts upon herself to feel sufficiently adored. If he finds you inattentive or yawning at his words, he will undoubtedly start flirting with the nearest skirt!

Libra is a child of Venus, and will not hesitate to use all the charms the goddess of love possesses in order to get what she wants. Beauty, grace, wit, style and all the wiles of a temptress or tempter are at your Libra's command. How can you possibly hold onto such a romantic creature?

First of all, you must be fair with your Libra. She is highly aware of balance and harmony in all things and can detect the slightest hint of inequity. And be open - your Libra is so focused on YOU that he can surely read your mind anyway. It's especially helpful, too, if you are appreciative of all things beautiful - music, art and people - (especially your Venusian Prince or Princess!). Or if art doesn't grab you, your mind must be active and entertaining enough to keep your Libra interested in everything you have to say. Then again, if you are a terrific lover, you can forget about the rest!

The bottom line is, feed your Libra's insatiable need for beauty, love and partnership and you're home free. You can get away with criticism if it's done with a hilarious sense of humor. You can get away with flirting if you flirt doubly (make that triply) with your Libra. And you can get away with boredom if you lavish your Libra with anything pleasing to the senses. It's as simple as that!

Help your Libra with making decisions. Participate in his schemes. Make loving suggestions while she is decorating or dressing. But most of all, make sure your Libra feels adored - and you will be rewarded with one of the most charming, generous, beautiful, handsome, intelligent, witty and doting mates the Zodiac has to offer!

Image above is from the Tarot of the Ages

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How to Treat your Scorpio

Scorpio girl

Your Scorpio embodies the characteristics of the Ruler of the Underworld... Hades, Pluto - any name you call him by, he's one you don't want to mess with! This is one small, passionate arachnid who packs a whallop.

Now, I know Scorpio gets a bad rap. That's because people need to look beyond the stinger and get to the meat. And the meat is tasty. First of all, without resorting to actually devouring your Scorpio (although she'd love it), take into consideration these enticing Scorpionic traits: Your Scorpio is deeply intuitive, sensual, mysterious, sexy, prosperity conscious, able to make dramatic life changes, a powerful ally, and - yes - deeply spiritual. The key word here is deep....deep as the ocean herself.

So why wouldn't you want to mess with someone who sounds so alluring? Why should you think twice about badmouthing or - dare I say - leaving such a one? Because everything runs deep with Scorpio. All the good, and all the bad. Feelings are strong, and last forever! When you are aligned with his wishes, you are his champion, his partner, his war-buddy. When you cross the line, you might as well hide out for a year until her venom wears off. Just think of your Scorpio as the Godfather (as in the movie.) You get the picture.... you know what happens to traitors... Don't go there!

So, now that you know that you must be nice, what is it that your Scorpio needs from you? First of all, let her know she is sexy, desirable, alluring and powerful. Tell him that the world is putty in his hands and that he is the ultimate sex-god. Venture into the unknown with your Scorpio. Discover dark hidden realms and uncover secrets.... be a spy with her. Or better yet, hide out so he can have the pleasure of finding you. Be available to satisfy your Scorpio's sudden urges, and believe in her neverending quest for self-discovery and the ultimate in spiritual fulfillment. Easy enough?

Don't forget to dance and have fun with your Scorpio... they do know how to have a good time... But always, always approach with caution. You will be rewarded with plenty of powerful and moving experiences, devotion, true friendship and a loyal friend - for life.

image above is from the New Orleans Voodoo Tarot

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Justice in the Tarot

This image of Justice (from the Cosmic Tarot) portrays what she means to me more than any other I've seen - because the focus is so clearly on her eyes. In many decks, she is shown blindfolded. (I suppose this is because Justice is "blind" to everything but Justice itself!)

The way I see it, true justice takes everyone involved into pure, honest consideration, and as such - she needs to have all her senses completely intact, and see all. Is it right to merely punish the offender, and not make amends to the offended? Do we consider the needs of the victim, or are we content with revenge for the crime? Are we truly seeing what NEEDS to be done to make things right? Justice is impartial, fair, dispassionate, cool, and firm in her decisions. She cares about those she places under her scrutiny.

Whoever draws this card - consider yourself watched - or watch yourself! Perhaps you need to consider every angle, and every player a bit more carefully. Maybe the hatchet will come down on you! Even in family matters - this card might pop up just to tell you that it's time to sincerely consider the needs of everyone, and act accordingly. Selfishness, unbridled emotions and unfair words and deeds just won't do!!

Depending on the cards coming before and after, this card can mean justice served, or justice coming up. Either way, think about those ironclad decisions - like marriage, divorce, agreements entered into or broken, promises made, and punishments doled out. Take a good look at how you treat anyone who depends on you to even things out and make it all right. When you make your stand - weigh carefully, or sooner or later - Karma herself will weigh for you!

image above is from the Cosmic Tarot

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The Outer Planets - Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and the Lunar Nodes ~^. .^~

Uranus in Pisces! ...
Uranus will stay in the Sign of the Fish 'til 2011! Spiritual Revolution you say?? Yes, that would describe it well. What can we expect with Uranus in Pisces? Perhaps our ideas about death, sacrifice, the fantastic and impossible, transcendence and service to humanity will take some dramatic and innovative turns. We can hope that humanitarianism will take on new meaning and purpose, and that service to others may become a more integral part of our social order. With this placement, Uranus can become quite reclusive or fanatical. Scientists who may have been hiding out for years in research can bring new and surprising inventions and discoveries into our midst, and Political Messiahs may come out of the woodwork. With Uranus and Neptune in mutual reception - they will rely upon each other more than usual, and herald perhaps a renewed and revolutionary (Uranus) vision for humanity (Neptune) The cost may be a certain amount of turmoil and confusion regarding just where we are going for humanity, and will probably not be without conflict.

Neptune in Aquarius (til 2012) is helping to set our expressions of love and creativity into positive, innovative motion. A change in the prevailing style in movies, fashion and art will be seen in the months and years to come - probably bringing much more in the realm of the unusual, shocking, rebellious, and inter-cultural.

Pluto is in Capricorn now until 2024. The very fabric of society may begin to be re-woven - but not before old structures are dismantled. Capricorn is about authority, success, achievement and social order. Pluto is about death and regeneration. Pluto asks us to dig deep and USE what is best in our world to create something much better. We need to avail ourselves of and share our brightest and most humanistic minds (Uranus in Pisces, Neptune in Aquarius!!), and not descend into blind destructiveness, greed or desperation.

The powerful Neptune/Pluto septile, exact on Dec 1, 2006 and Feb. 21, 2007 will last (going in and out of close orb) into 2011! For those of us who are very creative, tremendous inspiration can bring influential, explosive, mind-blowing creations. In love - the potential for making inspired changes is heightened - yet there also exists the possibility of getting lost in confusion. Avoid falling into a pit of despair, or indulging in self-destructive activities. Getting nowhere fast? Look for Creative and Healthy, Inspired, Loving outlets to save your skin! Get involved in helping others.... this is especially important now!

Neptune/Pluto can bring the sort of fanaticism that has not been seen since the last such aspect at the beginning of WWII. Yet - this aspect also has the potential to inspire lasting, humanitarian changes throughout the world.

From 8/22 to 3/4/2011, the North & South Nodes are on the Capricorn/Cancer axis, bringing a focus on relationships that can help us to achieve our goals, do our very best, and encourage us to honor our teachers, supporters and mentors. As we enter this phase, take time to remember ancestors and to acknowledge valued family members, yet to let go of those memories and belongings that no longer serve us. Reach out with enthusiasm for new opportunities that may present themselves!

Chiron in Aquarius...
This archetype of human compassion will be passing nonstop through Aquarius from January 06 til Feb. 2011, bringing a period of higher inspiration in the realm of healing. We may look forward to greater cooperation worldwide in the healing sciences, and perhaps going back to tradition - those time honored ways that our ancestors enjoyed and practiced in harmony with nature. Perhaps we may find more and more "health" foods (ie unaltered and unprocessed) on our grocery shelves, greater acceptance of mind-body healing approaches, and some brave new ideas to surface, too.

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Mewsings from
Venus & Mars
~ Future Forecast ~ for Love

Virgo girl

Venus is in Virgo 'til 10/14, bringing greater focus to the little details of life - especially as they pertain to beauty and pleasant relationships. Try to avoid the expectation of perfection, and instead put plans in place in your mind, and follow through with love and devotion!

Mars in Cancer ('til 10/16) can contribute to increased feelings of nationalism and sentimentality. Issues of property and heritage may come up as well. Mars is somewhat sensitive, and perhaps not strong here, especially for macho guys who may feel particularly vulnerable to female power.

Venus in Libra from 10/15 to 11/8 is loving love - glowing with charm and grace - seemingly irresistible, and doing whatever it takes to look good and keep everyone else happy - and this may be just alright for Mars in Leo from 10/17/09 to 6/17/2010 (!!!) - LONG retrograde from 12/20/09 to 3/10/2010! Anyway, we should all be getting along and having fun. Males will want to really shine, and egos may seem especially large - but certainly family matters will take on increased importance for men, as well as the desire to maintain a spotless reputation... Look good, be good, do good!

Future Forecast for Love

During the first week in October, Neptune/Jupiter/Chiron - still conjunct in Aquarius and all retrograde - are quincunx Mars, while Mars trines Uranus and septiles Venus, bringing a need to tie up loose ends in close relationship, perhaps through surprising means. This is a good time reflect, to reveal hidden truths, and to find a tactful and sensitive way to make your true intentions known.

The second week, Venus conjuncts Saturn as they oppose Uranus and sextile Mars -a good time to act on the previous revelations, make new friends, and do whatever it takes to make your most valued friendships last. Changes may be met with resistance (particularly from females), but kindness, logic and good sense are likely to reign, unless you choose to go against the grain. For the creative and the brave, taking new risks may really pay off.

During the third week, Venus is square Pluto and octile Neptune/Chiron/Jupiter while Mars is quincunx Pluto, bringing feelings of irritation and frustration, which can be easily cured by getting very cozy with the one you love. However, if uncomfortable things need to get done, there may be forces in line to hold some of us back. Planning and patience are in order, and perhaps decreased expectations.

During the 4th week, Venus trines Jupiter and quintiles both Mars and Pluto, giving increased power and energy for anything you may wish to pursue, however there is danger of over-exertion, over-optimism and even obsession. (Sometimes it's better to keep our dreams in our heads!)

~ The Big Guys ~

Jupiter is in Aquarius til 1/18/2010. Lucky, expansive Jupiter will be crossing and re- crossing Chiron and Neptune during 2009, helping to bring us new ideas in spirituality, religious openness, tolerance and healing forms of justice.

Saturn in Virgo 'til July 21, 2010 brings our focus to the things of the earth.. the cleanliness and purity of our physical environment. These coming years can bring a stronger sense of purpose and responsibility within our social institutions, government and from authority figures regarding the sanctity and protection of our mother earth. A wonderful time this can be!! Let's make conscious guardianship of our world the central focus for all we do!

Image above is from the Chinese Tarot

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