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How to Treat your Capricorn

Your Capricorn is so much more than a mischievous mountain goat. This playful kid can merrily prance to the top of any hill. Life is a cherished challenge for your Capricorn, who is always prepared for the long haul. His tremendous patience and perseverance is only possible because he also knows how to enjoy life. Picture impish Pan with his alluring flute. To Capricorn, it is all one, great long game.

If you have the good luck to have captured capricious Capi, rest assured that you will never go without. Your Capricorn never gives up - your life will only get better and better. Practical, persevering optimism is built into your Capricorn, along with a strong sense of responsibility and keen powers of observation. Capi goes for the ultimate in personal achievement.... and you are in for one long goat-ride! And I mean that in every sense of the word!

How can you show proper appreciation for your hooved companion? Well, first off, remember that Capricorn is a leader. Either go with the program, or come up with something better. Second, your Capi needs to feel needed. Tell him how successful he is and recognize his monumental efforts. Take notice of every step up the ladder. Third - make your Capricorn take time out for fun and adventure. She might only see in one direction - up! Encourage her to turn her head around from time to time and look at the scenery. Finally, take your Capi's love completely seriously. He might be having a wonderful time, but when it comes to love - there's no funnin'. Capi plays completely for keeps!

Don't be put off if she shows a serious demeanor in public - that's just her way of assuring a spotless reputation. Be his partner in the business of life. Recognize the playfulness in your Capi's heart. Remember that you are blessed with a companion who will get younger and younger with time, and who willl give you many years of devoted attention to your needs.....and good, long lovin', too....no kidding...

image above is from the Tarot of the Spirit

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How to Treat your Aquarius

Aquarians are a slippery lot. A fixed Air sign, it may seem that your water-bearing friend is always on a crusade or a mission. Well he is! When the Aquarian gets an idea in his head - there's no way of getting it out unless you come up with a better one. The Aquarian gets involved in a project, then in the wink of an eye he's off to start another. And every project has new, pressing importance.

So why are Aquarians slippery? Because the moment that Uranian lightning bolt strikes your ingenious friend, she will slip right out of your hands! Your Aquarian has the potential to save the planet, convert all her friends to a new religion, or take off on a dangerous adventure of discovery. And danger doesn't get in her way!

Your Aquarius friend or lover needs the freedom to follow inspiration, ideas and dreams. He thrives on communication and travel, excitement and changes, science and technology, the strange and extraordinary. Aquarius lives and breathes for new experiences. They help him to form his very solid opinions on life. You show your friendship best when you give him every opportunity to expand his mind to the fullest.

Also, your Aquarian makes friends wherever she goes, and each one is special in her heart. Understand that her openness is not a threat to you. Give her the freedom to make new and fascinating connections! Better yet, be a part of the adventure....

Feed your Aquarian with respect, friendship, unusual outings, group activities, modern clothes and new ideas. Show interest in his musings. Let her know how bright and intelligent she is. Protect your Aquarian from harm. You will be rewarded with devotion, fun times and a little wildness!!

image above is from the Xultan Maya Tarot

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The Tower in the Tarot

~ Blown Away... ~

You've got some idea in your mind about the way things are. Your tower is secure, all is well, then BLAM - a meteor hits, lighting strikes, a tornado blows it all away!! It's too late - and there ain't nothin' you can do about it.

Generally speaking, it's about the worst card in the deck. Take all the fives, the 10 of swords, top it off with the 10 of wands and multiply by 9. This is the Lightning Struck Tower. Wherever this card lands in a reading, something is in need of serious revision. Whatever you may have expected is not to be.... disappointment is the word of the day!

I should say that the Tower has some quality of hope or redemption, and it does - but at the moment the lightning strikes, it feels pretty miserable and hopeless - unless of course you're expecting to die tomorrow, or be asked for a divorce, or lose your job - and the worst does not happen. This sort of disappointment would of course be most welcome. Most of us however hope for and expect the best in life.

The Tower is sudden change, an unexpected accident, shocking news and that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach when you come to some horrifying realization. The Tower is a reversal of fortune, and a twist of fate. It may be small or large, lead to long- lasting or brief changes - but it comes quickly, with intensity, and is most certainly not fun.

Perhaps you are blind to what's coming up. Maybe you're in denial. Could be just karma kicking your behind, or some fated ocurrence that has nothing to do with you personally at all, but is part of a grander plan. Whatever it may be, it's sure to be a surprise!!! So - open your eyes, brush off the debris, and calmly assess the damage. Then put on your hard-hat and get to work! You can rebuild, and maybe the next tower will be even better. There's got to be a silver lining, somewhere.

image above is from the Cat People Tarot

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The Outer Planets - Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and the Lunar Nodes ~^. .^~

Uranus in Pisces! ...
Uranus will stay in the Sign of the Fish 'til 2011! Spiritual Revolution you say?? Yes, that would describe it well. What can we expect with Uranus in Pisces? Perhaps our ideas about death, sacrifice, the fantastic and impossible, transcendence and service to humanity will take some dramatic and innovative turns. We can hope that humanitarianism will take on new meaning and purpose, and that service to others may become a more integral part of our social order. With this placement, Uranus can become quite reclusive or fanatical. Scientists who may have been hiding out for years in research can bring new and surprising inventions and discoveries into our midst, and Political Messiahs may come out of the woodwork. With Uranus and Neptune in mutual reception - they will rely upon each other more than usual, and herald perhaps a renewed and revolutionary (Uranus) vision for humanity (Neptune) The cost may be a certain amount of turmoil and confusion regarding just where we are going for humanity, and will probably not be without conflict.

Neptune in Aquarius (til 2012) is helping to set our expressions of love and creativity into positive, innovative motion. A change in the prevailing style in movies, fashion and art will be seen in the months and years to come - probably bringing much more in the realm of the unusual, shocking, rebellious, and inter-cultural.

Pluto is in Capricorn now until 2024. The very fabric of society may begin to be re-woven - but not before old structures are dismantled. Capricorn is about authority, success, achievement and social order. Pluto is about death and regeneration. Pluto asks us to dig deep and USE what is best in our world to create something much better. We need to avail ourselves of and share our brightest and most humanistic minds (Uranus in Pisces, Neptune in Aquarius!!), and not descend into blind destructiveness, greed or desperation.

The powerful Neptune/Pluto septile, exact on Dec 1, 2006 and Feb. 21, 2007 will last (going in and out of close orb) into 2011! For those of us who are very creative, tremendous inspiration can bring influential, explosive, mind-blowing creations. In love - the potential for making inspired changes is heightened - yet there also exists the possibility of getting lost in confusion. Avoid falling into a pit of despair, or indulging in self-destructive activities. Getting nowhere fast? Look for Creative and Healthy, Inspired, Loving outlets to save your skin! Get involved in helping others.... this is especially important now!

Neptune/Pluto can bring the sort of fanaticism that has not been seen since the last such aspect at the beginning of WWII. Yet - this aspect also has the potential to inspire lasting, humanitarian changes throughout the world.

From 8/22 to 3/4/2011, the North & South Nodes are on the Capricorn/Cancer axis, bringing a focus on relationships that can help us to achieve our goals, do our very best, and encourage us to honor our teachers, supporters and mentors. As we enter this phase, take time to remember ancestors and to acknowledge valued family members, yet to let go of those memories and belongings that no longer serve us. Reach out with enthusiasm for new opportunities that may present themselves!

Chiron in Aquarius...
This archetype of human compassion will be passing nonstop through Aquarius from January 06 til Feb. 2011, bringing a period of higher inspiration in the realm of healing. We may look forward to greater cooperation worldwide in the healing sciences, and perhaps going back to tradition - those time honored ways that our ancestors enjoyed and practiced in harmony with nature. Perhaps we may find more and more "health" foods (ie unaltered and unprocessed) on our grocery shelves, greater acceptance of mind-body healing approaches, and some brave new ideas to surface, too.

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Mewsings from Venus & Mars
~ Future Forecast ~ for Love

With Mars in Leo from 10/17/09 to 6/17/2010 (!!!) - LONG retrograde from 12/20/09 to 3/10/2010!, males will want to really shine, and egos may seem especially large - but certainly family matters will take on increased importance, as well as the desire to maintain a spotless reputation... keep on shining, inside and out!

Venus in Capricorn from 12/25 to 1/18/10 is a bit somber and business-like, but also fun loving. If over-spending from over-optimism has been a problem in the past, this Venus will set things right. This month, while striving for your personal best, the words to remember are control and moderation.

Venus in Aquarius from 1/18 to 2/11 is wild and free - perhaps uncontrollable. There may be clashes between the sexes as they go head to head over any number of issues, but new friendships and new ideas are likely to spring up, and as long as one puts responsibilities first, all should be well.

image above is from the Enochian Tarot

Future Forecast for Love

During the first week in January, Venus and Pluto nearing Sun/Mercury in Capricorn are square Saturn while Chiron/Neptune/Jupiter remain conjunct in Aquarius, compelling many of us to look hard at the practicality and long term viability of our relationships, while at the same time seeking some higher meaning and purpose. The Lunar Eclipse on New Years Eve helps focus our attention on weeding out that which does not nurture our families, loved ones, or aspirations.

The second week, Saturn squares Pluto, Venus sextiles Uranus and conjuncts the North Node, and there is a Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on the 14th. bringing energy for new relationships, and perhaps stressing outworn alliances or responsibilities to the breaking point.

During the third week, Venus trines Saturn and septiles Uranus, helping to relieve some of the tension of the previous week. Don't relax too much though - best to stay awake and not allow others to take advantage of your good nature!

During the 4th week, Venus opposes Mars and octiles Uranus. There may be clashes between the sexes, and sudden, annoying, unexpected changes in plans. Male quirkiness should be expected... so don't fret, ladies!

~ The Big Guys ~

Jupiter is in Aquarius til 1/18/2010. Lucky, expansive Jupiter will be crossing and re- crossing Chiron and Neptune during 2009, helping to bring us new ideas in spirituality, religious openness, tolerance and healing forms of justice.

Jupiter is in Pisces from 1/19/10 to 6/6/10, brings sensitivity, charity and healing energy when it comes to our outlook on culture, education, and social justice. This is a good time to become active in causes that benefit those less fortunate in the world, and in our communities.

Saturn in Virgo 'til July 21, 2010 brings our focus to the things of the earth.. the cleanliness and purity of our physical environment. These coming years can bring a stronger sense of purpose and responsibility within our social institutions, government and from authority figures regarding the sanctity and protection of our mother earth. A wonderful time this can be!! Let's make conscious guardianship of our world the central focus for all we do!

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