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Summer2014 Future Forecast for Love

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Zodiac Sign Language for Lovers (how to treat your.....)



 ~ Mewsings from Venus & Mars ~

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Future Forecast for Love!

The square between Uranus and Pluto will continue into 2016, with exact hits starting in June, 2012. This aspect greatly amplifies our ability to take charge collectively, and make drastic, perhaps shocking changes in our lives and in our world. Neptune in Aquarius/Pisces enhances our ability to merge energy with others, and visualize/create a different reality - all this adds up to great changes to come... CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE Click here for Complete Forecast

about Venus ~ Mewsings from Venus & Mars ~ about Mars

The Recent Transit of Venus (6/6/13) has brought a new era of higher (telepathic) communication and conscious love... can you feel it? It's wake up time for humanity... empathy will continue to grow, and the forces that defy that love will dissolve, or evolve.

Mars in Libra - til 7/26 is extra loving, relationship oriented, and direct about his needs. This Mars strives for balance in all things, and is likely to go from energetic to lazy, or committed to not so sure. Mars in Libra likes his comfort, and he may want it now. Venus in Gemini (til 7/18) gets along well with this Mars, finding humor in it all or just going her own way, but, with Venus in Cancer - 7/19 - 8/12, there may be some head-butting. Venus in Cancer prefers to rule the roost and will protect her territory. A little sensitivity and a lot of love will go a long way!

Mars in Scorpio - 7/26 - 9/13 has a wicked stinger. But, as long as there are no heavy duty issues going on, Venus in Cancer should find his passion irresistible. If there are problems, either one or both is likely to hide, brood, call it quits, or fight it out. Venus in Leo - 8/12 - 9/13 will be primping and preening. She's bound to look good, feel free, and not take any you know what. Family will certainly come first. With the love planets in fixed signs, it's likely that both will find it hard to yield to the other.

Mars in Sagittarius - 9/14 - 10/26 is a man on a mission. Buys are likely to yearn for travel. It's all about expanding horizons, and acceptance of new people and ideas. Freedom is all important. Venus in Virgo 9/13 to 9/29 can arrange for all the little details. Although they are squared (mutable signs), these two can get a great deal done together and maintain an understanding. As long as he's not overly sensitive to (constructive please) criticism, this is a great time to put together both long and short-term plans. He may be messy, and she fastidious... good time to capitalize on each other's strengths!

Please check back at the end of September for transit highlights...

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/(click links for more detailed info!) Jupiter in Cancer 'til 7/17/14 brings a focus on children, property and protection. Jupiter in Leo - 7/17/14 - 8/2/15 - grandiose ideas, benevolent rulers, showing our best face to the world Saturn in Scorpio - 10/5/12 - 10/25/14 - A focus on dramatic changes in the structure of society. Chiron in Pisces (til 2018) - empathy building, spiritual healing, unconditional love heals all. Uranus in Aries (til 2019) - risk taking, bold innovation, sudden independent actions. Neptune in Pisces (til 2025) - dissolution of old ideas and increase in imagination, escapism, self sacrifice and spiritual awakening Pluto in Capricorn (til 2024)- dismantling and restructure of established order. 3/20/14 - 10/9/15 - North Node in Libra - a focus on relating & compromising vs. selfish tendencies Uranus Square Pluto - shake-up the powerful, Neptune septile Pluto - spiritual revolution

We are still being challenged - to partner, co-create and encourage a spirit of family wherever we may find ourselves. The very long Uranus/Pluto square is an important catalyst for change. Pluto in Capricorn shakes up the very structure of our world, while Uranus in Aries propels us into mind blowing new frontiers. Ambition is fueled, or perhaps frustrated, by lofty ideas and sudden, irresistible inspiration. Misguided leaders will seek to maintain the status quo, but powerful revelations and events will pound them intermittently into submission. For those who feel completely overwhelmed by difficult circumstances or tragedy, it must be remembered that the karmic wheel is turning faster these days, and we must welcome opportunities to heal bitter pain by starting anew and opening our hearts to those in need. These coming years demand purpose! What is torn down may be joyously rebuilt with compassion, intelligence and true inspiration, in surprising new ways that serve us all, while uplifting those individuals who have the courage to break the mold - those who truly care for mother earth and all her inhabitants.


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Art by Kelsi RicardUranus square Pluto - 2011 to 2015 ... presents crises, shocks, drastic changes, awareness, karma, death and hopefully rebirth in a number of areas indicated by Aries and Capricorn - self determination and new frontiers (Aries), and personal / social accomplishment (Capricorn). The last such aspect occurred from 1930 - 1935 during the Great Depression and events leading up to World War II. Pluto was in Cancer (breakdown of families/nations), and Uranus in Aries (karmic events affecting self-determination). Human rights were a prevailing theme - and they were trampled repeatedly, but awareness grew. This time, with Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, the square is once again in Cardinal Signs - with leadership as the core issue, so we can expect that the actions and cooperation (or not) of world leaders will once again have a profound and perhaps more shocking than usual effect upon our lives. Aries and Capricorn are naturally competitive. Selfish acts, policies put forth for personal gain (for the elite) and oppression of the masses have been the norm for eons, and oppression inevitably leads to violence. With Uranus and Pluto in these signs, this ambition without conscience is likely to prove disastrous. Competition for the good of all however will yield the sweetest of fruits. This aspect is in play summer 2011 (nearly exact June - September), and more so from June - Oct. 2012, with exact hits 6/24 and 9/18, and several returns in coming years - 5/20/13, 11/1/13, 4/21/14, 12/15/14 and 3/17/15.

This square is preceded by the Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo in the mid 60's... the seeds of our modern day revolution. The hope then was to purify the world and ourselves - to connect more naturally with mother earth and with each other. With the seed reaching crisis stage now during square aspect, this hope may be realized as our social structures (Capricorn) and our individual rights (Aries) are shaken by the roots. If we can ride the waves of change without fear, we can dismantle the unnatural creations that threaten to alter us - chemicals, radiation, toxic/violent thoughts - and replace them with what nature has provided us in already perfect form - we need not "fear the reaper", but welcome our beautiful Earth back, with joy and gratitude for her gifts!

The powerful Neptune/Pluto septile has passed (was in and out of close orb into 2011), but I leave this here for reflection....

For those of us who are very creative, bright inspiration can bring influential, explosive, mind-blowing creations. In love - the potential for making inspired changes is heightened - yet there also exists the possibility of getting lost in confusion. Avoid falling into a pit of despair, or indulging in self-destructive activities. Getting nowhere fast? Look for Creative and Healthy, Inspired, Loving outlets to save your skin! Get involved in helping others.... this is especially important now!

Neptune/Pluto can bring the sort of fanaticism that has not been seen since the last such aspect at the beginning of WWII. Yet - this aspect also has the potential to inspire lasting, humanitarian changes throughout the world.



about Jupiter

Jupiter in Cancer from 6/24/13 to 7/1714 brings protective attitudes when it comes to one's beliefs, yet can also bring tolerance, expansion and openness when it comes to our loved ones. Jupiter in Leo from 7/18/14 to 8/12/15 strives to make a good impression. There may be some grandstanding when it comes to knowledge and belief, but if the inherent Leo sense of honor, duty, generosity and protectiveness - the qualities of a good king - hold sway, a great deal can be accomplished in the world.


about the Lunar Nodes

3/21/14 to 10/9/15 - North & South Nodes on the Libra/Aries axis bring a focus on cooperating vs. helping oneself. This is the perfect time to search your soul - do you give just to keep things going as they are, or are you truly invested in those you give to? If you tend to be selfish - can you stand in silence and notice the feelings of those around you? If you tend to give too much - can you stop a moment to feel your own feelings, and honor your needs? This is no time for anger, but a time to stop and feel how things are balanced, and be truthful to yourself and those you love!

about Chiron

Chiron in Pisces from Feb. 2011 to mid-April 2018 brings a strong focus on healing and compassion for others, with the potential to cultivate powerful skills in those areas. Those who tend to withdraw from society may feel even more inclined to do so, and healing in the area of substance abuse will become more important than ever. Giving to others without thought of return is an important theme during this time, as well as developing one's ability to empathize and act with true compassion in times of crisis.




about SaturnSaturn in Scorpio from 10/6/12 to 12/23/14 can bring the social structure as we know it tumbling down to the ground - setting the stage to rebuild. This can be frightening to contemplate, but if we work to remake ourselves and rebuild our personal goals according to the highest good for all, the natural result will be a social structure that benefits all, without compromising our rights or our integrity. Watch for blatantly destructive tendencies, and always keep the goal of renewal, rebirth and restructuring foremost in your mind.

about UranusUranus in Aries - 3/11/11 to 2019 brings an era of increased activity for social change, inspired and fueled by our pioneering, inventive, spirits. As we each go out on our own journeys of self-discovery and self-improvement - we are also affecting everyone around us. This is the time to make sure our actions are well thought and played out, even when inspired by the highest of intentions. We may find that we are getting better and better at listening to our higher voices, to the voice of reason and morality, and to those voices that whisper warnings, reminders and wise advice. Those who tend to be reckless may be more so during this time, but if that recklessness is inspired by the highest intentions for all, the result will probably be worth the risk.

about NeptuneNeptune in Pisces brings a double dose of Neptunian/Piscean empathy, compassion, spiritualism, isolationism, escapism, nihilism, and total immersion in whatever it is that brings us peace. Talk about death and afterlife will abound, and there may be a greater merging of spiritual ideas worldwide. As structures break down (see below), spirituality must grow, and Neptune in Pisces brings the perfect balance for a radically changing world.

about PlutoPluto in Capricorn until 2024. The very fabric of society may begin to be re-woven - but not before old structures are dismantled. Capricorn is about authority, success, achievement and social order. Pluto is about death and regeneration. Pluto asks us to dig deeper into ourselves to discover the true meaning of success, and to use what is best in this world to create something much better. We now need to take bold action on our most innovative and humanistic, earth supporting ideas (Uranus in Aries, Neptune in Aquarius!!), and not descend into blind destructiveness, greed or desperation.

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