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MoonCat's Astrology Presents


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A Fun Celestial FlowChart



 ??? What Sign Am I ???


I sit around a lot

I can't stop moving

I always lead the way

I circle the Sun

I Just Do It

I think about Doing it

I dream about really trippy ways to Do it

I think about ways to get away without Doing it

I'm a "stick in the mud"

I go with the flow

I'm lost in thought

I Wax and Wane

I get lost

I'm always Shining

I run into things

I talk alot.. talk alot

I won't budge for you

I'm a sentimental fool





Definitely a Fire Sign....go on....



rule the world

insult people and don't even know it

cut people off in traffic and don't even know it

have great hair, and know it






Definitely a Water Sign.... go on....



always go get food

always go overboard

always go in the opposite direction I should be going

always dream in technicolor






Definitely an Earth Sign.... go on....



have a need to hang onto my dough

have a need to be rich

have a gorgeous bod and a great voice

have a great bod - at 90

have a very very clean bod







Definitely an Air Sign.... go on....



wanna be married

want to marry everyone

want to marry two people and can't decide which one

spend a lot of time thinking about.......ya know.....stuff









Definitely a Planet.... go on....



feel gorgeous

am expansive

blow things up

frown at people

have no plan

have a temper

move quickly

dig movies




must be a Mutable Sign.... go on....



am willing to lie

am willing to tell the truth

am willing to clean my room

am willing to do anything anyone asks me to




must be a Cardinal Sign.... go on....



take care of everyone

take care of myself

take care of business

take care of my partner




must be a Fixed Sign.... go on....



won't move

won't change my mind

won't change my shorts

won't cut off my gorgeous locks





could be any Fire Sign. Try Again










could be any Air Sign. Try Again




















could be any Water Sign. Try Again










could be any Earth Sign. Try Again




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by Danielle A Ricard, all rights reserved

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