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MoonCat's Astrology Presents

to music control      Blame the PLANETS       

Another Fun and Entertaining Astrology game

Dear Seeker, We can point the finger at other people, we can harangue and belittle ourselves, we can spend years and fortunes on shrinks, classes and books to try and fix ourselves, but ultimately, the real culprits behind every misfortune and personality flaw that plagues us are those damn planets!!! Each of us has at least three severely afflicted orbs conspiring to make our lives miserable. Click on any and all traits that apply to you, and BLAME THE PLANETS!


Why Am I.....


incredibly over-sexed

in la-la-land

always looking in the mirror

oblivious about my appearance

always telling ridiculously exaggerated tales

consorting with mobsters


So enamored of words that I talk to myself

angry and belligerent for no reason

so serious it hurts to smile

in trouble with the law

plagued with gambling debts

lost and confused

unable to do what I'm told

a naggy rag

perfectly willing to look foolish

attracted to all the wrong people

a raving lunatic (this one's too easy)

an egomaniac


extremely kinky


always pushing to get ahead

a mother-hen

always getting pulled over for speeding

not in the least charming or diplomatic

a perrenial liar




Did you find more than three mischievous and malicious spheres? MoonCat's sorry! Try it again later... (time to get back to that shrink!)



MoonCat copyright 1995

by Danielle A Ricard, all rights reserved

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