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Danielle Astrid Ricard

Spirit Medium

~ Contact a Departed Loved One ~

Code of Ethics & Terms of Use

Your Spirit Medium Reading Order assumes you understand and accept the

TERMS of USE (please click link to review before ordering)

NO ORDERS will be accepted that are intended as Gifts - Receiver of Reading must also be the one Purchasing

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Your personal information and your Spirit Medium reading are entirely confidential. I will not share any information about you or my services for you with any other person, for any reason - except your comments about my services on my testimonials page - with your permission.

My readings are based on over 30 years of study and practice in metaphysics, meditation and psychic channeling.

I never ask a client to come back for more readings. Whether or not you need or desire further advice/contact is your decision - not mine!

I don't propose any specific spiritual belief or practice. My goal is always to offer insights and advice to assist the client in recognizing and dealing with current issues independently, and with respect for my client's beliefs.

I do not give financial, medical or psychological advice. These matters are best left to professionals in those fields. If I feel your problem is out of my realm of experience, I will not venture to assist you.

I never predict specific future events. This is unethical and lacks respect for your free will. I also don't get into a particular past-life that you may have experienced unless you request it. Any references to future events in my readings are reflective of possibilities based on present circumstances, and are by no means intended as a definitive look into the future.






 Terms of Use - Please Read !

Danielle's Spirit Medium Readings are offered with the understanding that there is no guarantee that I can contact your loved one, and that I make no claims regarding how receptive or agreeable your loved one is to being contacted, or how she/he may answer your questions. By purchasing this reading you agree that you alone are responsible for how you may react to the information you receive through me. So far I have had very good rapport with every spirit I've contacted - but I can make no promises.

People who have passed respond to us through the astral (feeling) plane and/or higher planes of existence, and are generally attuned with feeling and higher spiritual truths rather than the specific, mundane events of their past lives. Time and life's circumstances melt away from them as the spirit moves away from life, and toward the complete love and understanding that embraces them in the afterworld (heaven). Please keep this in mind as you ask your questions. Your loved one may be in an adjustment period in which his/her astral (feeling) body is very active. Usually there is simply tremendous love and compassion, but occasionally spirits respond with other feelings. People who have taken their own lives may be distressed and despondent. Children or people who did not yet fully develop a sense of reality may respond with dreamlike imagery - either intended to convey their feelings for you, or to release feelings from their life. People who have been gone for a good while or who have passed quickly beyond the astral plane can be very objective, detached, wise and highly compassionate.

Your reading will be delivered to you within 3-4 days (not counting holidays and weekends) unless I notify you otherwise, or (more likely) you receive it much sooner. In the event of internet or other technical difficulties your order may take longer - but I will do my best to be timely!

Please take time to consider your question, and use your own highest judgement as well as the advice of trusted friends, family and other advisors in any personal decision making!!!

Ordering a reading from MoonCat's Astrology or MoonCat's Tarot will not place you on any mailing list.

Much Love, Danielle




Danielle, The Gift you have given me with these readings is so profound I don't know how to start . I have always believed in the after life but I must have had some reservations because I am always so shocked when you tell me the things you do. The greatest gift has to be that now I know without reservation that these wonderful people I loved so much are still with me. For this I could never thank you enough. My Daughter will be contacting you today for a reading of her own and I will continue to spread the word of your blessed gift. May God bless you and yours until our next interaction... TN

"L" asked me to tell you how pleased she is with your reading. You really pegged her dad, I am sure she will want another reading as soon as she can absorb all of this. Her follow up question is if he is aware of all the time she spends at his grave, does he approve?

  I wish I had the words to explain what these readings have meant to both of us. You have done more for me with this reading than 3 months of counseling did. Thank you for all you have done I could never thank you enough."




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