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Sweetheart Chart


female subject


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by Astrologer Danielle Astrid Ricard


posted with the permission of a real subject, previously unknown to the astrologer

Please note that the themes presented (paragraph titles), with the exception of the Sun, Moon & Rising Signs description will differ from subject to subject. Also, themes can be tailored to your specific needs.

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The Sweetheart Chart is my personalized, whole-chart interpretation designed for you to better understand a loved one. In this report, I consider planet, sign and house simultaneously, and look at multiple planet configurations, such as Stelliums, Grand Trines and T-Squares. I look closely at Quintile aspects, which I consider to be very important in spite of their general relegation to the category of "minor" aspect. I also use the Ascendant, Midheaven, North and South Nodes and the Part of Fortune in Aspect - something many traditional astrologers don't do, as these are personal points - not planets. In order to create a flowing narrative, I keep astrological references to a minimum.


ASTROLOGY IN A NUTSHELL - Click here to reach my page outlining the symbols and theory behind a natal astrological chart.


I hope you will enjoy this report for many years to come. I welcome your comments.


Danielle Astrid Ricard








Written by Danielle Astrid Ricard


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A Very Warm-hearted Person... Sweetheart Chart

 ZZZ zz 19ZZ, Z:ZZ AM, Timezone, Peaceful Town, USA -N-- --W--

 Geocentric Tropical Zodiac, Placidus Houses, True Node





A Libra with Moon in Leo and Scorpio Rising, your sweetheart is a charming, beautiful woman. She has a fun, joyous, giving nature and a sultry air, and she has a look of passion and intensity about her. "J" is surely attractive, with multiple planets in Libra - home to Aphrodite. However gorgeous she is, however, "J" is for the most part a very private individual. She takes her feelings and her appearance very seriously. In public, she may be aware that her emotions are noticed by others and find that embarrassing or uncomfortable. At the same time, however - her emotional expression is a tremendous asset in her life, and will attract people who support, protect and defend her. Her way of seeing the world is colored by a natural caution regarding outsiders, and so however charming, attractive and warm-hearted she may be - there is always a period of observation before delving into a relationship with anyone.



"J" approaches her loving relationships whole-heartedly. She is well acquainted with give and take, compromise, charm and diplomacy. "J" is passionate and outspoken in her desire to create harmony, peace and tranquility, yet her relationships, her sexuality, her philosophy and her highest goals in life are tucked away nicely in a private place to which only her closest friends are invited. Love and beauty are her solace, her escape and her way of transcending the troubles of the world. She is most at peace when she can take time with her most precious partner in life and discuss her philosophy, desires, goals and plans. She wants and needs someone to bounce off of! She also needs time away from responsibility in order to recoup her energy for attending to the necessities of life.


"J" is compelled to care for people who are close to her, and may attract partners/close friends who are wounded somehow. Her sensitivity to their needs can be overwhelming, but nevertheless she is ready to offer her warmth and love. "J" can offer a kind, patient ear and listen very attentively - then offer up some very good advice in the most charming manner possibly. People are likely to listen to her, too - because her ideas are based on compromise and fair play. "J" can be suddenly drawn into situations that require her help, particularly if it involves friends to whom she is very loyal.


In romance, "J" is warm-hearted, playful and protective. She goes after the object of her desire with confidence and little hesitation. She is especially moral, conservative, fair-minded and diplomatic. She is inclined to look for a long-term relationship, and is certainly not one to enter into a frivolous, short-term love affair. There is a great sense of optimism and fearlessness about the future in love. She moves forward with great confidence that all will work out.



These planets together make for a very strong morality and spirituality in loving relationships. "J" sees life and love from a broad, wise and philosophical perspective. She finds joy in relating, and is optimistic in male/female relationships.



"J" was most likely pushed around or ill-used in past relationships - either in this life or a past life. She was hurt by her inability to assert her own power. She may have felt trapped and/or very dependent on another for support. It is likely that her voice went unheard. She may even have been shunned by society in some way, and could therefore now have a certain disdain for gossip and small talk. Conversely, she could have been powerful in society, and in an esteemed position. In any event, in this life she is compelled to focus more on home and family, and look at the world with a broader, more open-minded vision.


"J" is inclined to travel or expand her knowledge of the world. She may dream of travel by sea. She may be especially devoted to mothering and caring for others, and makes the best contacts with people who support her in that type of endeavor. She is likely mother and nurturer to many. Cooking - especially if it involves a foreign land, is a wonderful expression for her, as well as gardening, caring for young ones, and connecting with other women.


In this life, "J" is taking on a leadership role that is closer to home, and she is doing it with diplomacy and style. She is inclined to see the bigger picture in relating with others, and find the positive. She is also blessed with so much beauty and charm - and such a kind, giving, understanding nature that no matter how she might hide or keep to herself, people find her irresistible.


YOD - Chiron apex to Mercury/Jupiter and Neptune

This Finger-of-God pattern emphasizes "J"'s ability to heal others who may be in pain - particularly with her empathetic, kind loving nature and with her words and wise advice. Experiences, either past or past-life, with painful or difficult close relationships have given her the tools to express great optimism and depth of understanding in this life. She may also be inclined to offer little gifts of love to people in need!



"J"'s emotions have a way of coming out suddenly, and yet she has a great deal of concern over how they might affect others. She also reacts readily to the hurt feelings of others. She may feel uncomfortable with how her emotions are perceived by others, and is therefore inclined to try to conceal them as much as possible, but this isn't easy for a Leo Moon/Scorpio Rising! Her emotional expression will be refined in this life to the point where she WILL be heard, and her needs will be met. She is aided by the stars by a look on her face that says, "I mean business!" "J" will, with time and experience, grow into her charming, assertive skin and feel comfortable with her own power.



When "J" gets an idea, it is undoubtedly a very big idea! Her enthusiasm for words, philosophy, love, deep subjects and anything of a spiritual nature is enormous. She can become very talkative and immerse herself in a subject, and may have a need to write her feelings, inspirations and ideas down. She may be hard on herself sometimes - expect too much of herself, or criticize her own ideas. What she needs is enthusiasm and support for her active mind. She has a very vivid imagination, maybe even the ability to dream in color. She could have dreams that portend future events. Her mental acuity is noticed by others, and she may be called upon often for her unbiased, wise and thoughtful opinion.



"J" has ample energy to devote to a career, and is in fact very attracted to money-making opportunities - particularly if they involve her active, physical participation and an opportunity to meet and connect with other people. She could be involved with travel, animals, spiritual/religious activities and any job that requires the ability to relate well with others and take on an organizational role. In any work she chooses to do, "J" adopts an assertive attitude and is able to whip almost anyone into shape with her warm leonine manner and take-charge Libra style!



"J" needs appreciation for her efforts to please others. She may also need help making up her mind on issues and problems she spends time with. She at least needs someone to listen to her and try to understand whatever she is going through. Her decisions are not made lightly, and deserve the attention of those who care for her. "J" also needs to be complemented on her appearance and made to feel special. This will help her when she is out in the world, and make her more inclined to touch people with her wonderful presence.


"J" needs honesty in her relationships. She values the ability to open up and share feelings and desires with another. Her partner will make her happy by sharing his thoughts and sincere feelings. That way, she has something to look forward to - a way to please her mate!



"J" can be very hard on herself emotionally. She may feel very lonely and hurt at times. It is important that her hurt feelings not be treated lightly. She needs support and care when life feels harsh and cold to her. She can be over-protective of loved ones, and may fear that she will lose those she cares for. It is important that her loved ones keep her informed - always! When "J" cares for someone, she commits herself for a long time. She is willing to put the energy needed into a difficult or painful relationship - especially with her significant other. Proper expression of emotion is very important to her, too. She has a difficult time tolerating outbursts and unbecoming behavior.



For "J", fun comes in the form of letting go. She needs opportunities to completely let go of responsibility from time to time. "J" will feel release and happiness whenever she can merge energy with the entire universe (hide, meditate, space out!), visit the ocean, take a long journey or delve into spirituality and giving of herself to others.


HER GREATEST JOY (Part of Fortune)

"J"'s greatest joy lies in pride for her own accomplishments, and recognition for a good reputation and a job well done. She may love to be in the limelight - at least within her own circle of close friends - and so recognition for her appearance, good looks and any public appearance she might make is also a blessing to her.



"J" is delighted with travel, spiritual journeys or objects, optimistic and joyous shows of affection, and anything that is beautiful or shows great imagination. She also enjoys seeing and participating in sports, contact with animals and getting close to nature.


Love and Peace Always,



aka MoonCat



I hope you enjoyed reading about your sweetheart "J", and have gained some valuable knowledge about her personality, desires and needs... as written in the stars.

Thanks & Blessings!


Danielle A. Ricard