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Sweetheart Chart

male subject


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by Astrologer Danielle Astrid Ricard


posted with the permission of a real subject, previously unknown to the astrologer

Please note that the themes presented (paragraph titles), with the exception of the Sun, Moon & Rising Signs description will differ from subject to subject. Also, themes can be tailored to your specific needs.

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The Sweetheart Chart is my personalized, whole-chart interpretation designed for you to better understand a loved one. In this report, I consider planet, sign and house simultaneously, and look at multiple planet configurations, such as Stelliums, Grand Trines and T-Squares. I look closely at Quintile aspects, which I consider to be very important in spite of their general relegation to the category of "minor" aspect. I also use the Ascendant, Midheaven, North and South Nodes and the Part of Fortune in Aspect - something many traditional astrologers don't do, as these are personal points - not planets. In order to create a flowing narrative, I keep astrological references to a minimum.


ASTROLOGY IN A NUTSHELL - Click here to reach my page outlining the symbols and theory behind a natal astrological chart.


I hope you will enjoy this report for many years to come. I welcome your comments.


Danielle Astrid Ricard








Written by Danielle Astrid Ricard


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A Very Passionate Person... Sweetheart Chart

 ZZZ zz 19ZZ, Z:ZZ AM, Timezone, Peaceful Town, USA -N-- --W--

 Geocentric Tropical Zodiac, Placidus Houses, True Node





An Aries with Moon in Libra and Aquarius Rising, your sweetheart "P" is a progressive, pioneering, driven, intelligent individual who, although very independent, thrives on the support and input of those around him. He may seem especially busy or lost in thought in his every day life. A mover and a thinker, he opens himself up to new ideas just long enough to find some use in them for himself - then, he's off into whatever project or venture calls him! Friendly relationships come to him easily - and he is especially blessed with people and/or partners who can organize, manage and help keep him focused on the task at hand. Pluto joins the Moon in the 8th house, intensifying the emotional investment in his assertive efforts. He is particularly motivated to earn a good living, and is well supported by women in his life.



In love, "P" may be very insistent that his needs be met. His emotions are deep and powerful, and he has an ideal vision of womanhood, motherhood and nurturing that he finds a way to realize by attracting the right woman to him - mostly through his magnetic presence and passionate manner. He attracts women through a combination of charm, magnetism, and a sweet, vulnerable sort of need for attention. For "P", the female of the species is fascinating.


"P" prefers a woman who is unusual somehow, spiritual, bright and sensitive. He can become annoyed by his own lack of focus or wandering, and therefore also by women who act or seem confused. He prefers a disciplined partner - one who is kind and giving and can readily attend to the details of life.


 "P" is kind, sensitive and attentive in love, and expects the same in return. He is also aggressive and goes after what he wants. He is unlikely to take no for an answer. He shows love through a passionate manner, sweet words and a desire to fulfill the needs of his partner. He gives of himself with great emotional and spiritual abandon - yet is capable of control as well.



Fascinating outsiders may distract "P", but part of his karma in this life is to discipline himself in relationships and be a stable, guiding force. He must learn to serve others without hurting himself in the process. In a past life/lives, "P" may have wandered excessively in love, or sacrificed himself too much for the sake of love, relationships (and/or or artistic expression.) In this life - "P" is being forced to experience love as a partnership of work and service to each other. He has been blessed with a passion for life and love that can manifest as great devotion and a desire to constantly move ahead for the sake of love.



"P" has a very deep, strong emotional nature. He is extremely possessive, jealous and perhaps argumentative with the opposite sex. For him, bantering, debating and discussing is a means of drawing his lover closer to him. Ideally, he will garner her agreement and support - and thus feel that she belongs to him more than ever. He can feel torn between going his own way and seeking the advice/approval of his partner. This can be exasperating to him, but ultimately, his emotions lead him back to loving arms and the passion of love. He needs to be loved very deeply and passionately back! He may even become obsessed with the object of his desire, and perhaps be overly protective. He has a need for stability and control that is perhaps annoying to him - as free thinking and independent as he is. He needs a spiritual love to soothe him and keep him close to home.



"P" has a multitude of thoughts and ideas. He may be very talkative - especially on topics that deal with money and resources, health, family and spiritual or philosophical ideas. His opinions are based on some very deep insights, and his thoughts may wander quite a bit - or seem vague and very idealistic. His most creative thoughts become ingrained in him so deeply that he is unlikely to budge when he gets an idea. He is able to harness his emotional and spiritual energy for the good of others - friends or brotherhoods, and could be a crusader for a variety of causes. He could also be particularly attuned to animals, and can benefit greatly by a close connection with some wonderful wild or domestic creature. If animals don't work - contact with foreigners, foreign countries and belief systems that are foreign or somehow out-of-the ordinary can hold his fascination.



"P" may be well suited to a career in any health profession - perhaps a paramedic, animal doctor, doctor, nurse or speech therapist. He may have been wounded somehow in his speech or ability to communicate - in the past or a past life. This gives him a particular affinity with others who may be afflicted somehow - even by language barrier. He can be a very effective advocate for those who are not able to defend themselves. Another avenue for "P" is through education/teaching related to the home and/or health.


His mind is a great asset. He might be inclined to study in depth on complex subjects, and take on learning innovative theories and practices. He is likely to work in close partnership with someone - and would be most inclined to choose someone either older or especially mature. A female work partner, or supporter, could help him quite a bit in developing and supporting his compassion and understanding.


He is also well suited to work in an entrepreneurial capacity - spear-heading a business venture, investing in real-estate or creating new opportunities through innovative means. "P" is able to do anything he sets his open mind to. Whether or not he sees it to the end depends on how strongly he feels about what he is doing. It is important for this emotional (lots of Water!) man to follow his heart and his emotions in all he does. This will bring him greater success in the long run!


GRAND TRINE - Midheaven/Mercury/Jupiter

"P" is blessed with a natural ability to express himself to the world, boldly and with confidence. His words are heartfelt and genuine, and can be used for the greatest good in his chosen profession.



"P", most of all, needs devotion and commitment. As long as you make sure he is aware of your great love for him, and desire to fulfill all his needs (as best you can), he is all yours - and will take care of your needs as if they were his own! In a disagreement, the only way to get your point across, or make "P" understand what is in your heart, is to relate it to your feelings and devotion for him. This is not an egotistical thing on his part. It is simply that as an emotional fellow, he needs all the depth and passion within you in order to feel wanted and loved. Supporting his ideas in some form or other is also an excellent way into his heart!


"P" is particularly sensitive to feeling used by others. He could tend to martyrdom because he is so attracted to situations and people that could require his help and/or support. His independent Sun (Aries) and rebellious Rising (Aquarius) are out of sync with this need to give, and he may sometimes react by acting out in an unpredictable way, or doing things strictly his own way - when and how he wants, without consulting anyone. He may feel guilty when he acts this way, but it is good for him to spread his wings and rest himself from over-worry about other people.



"P" is quite driven to love and be loved. Loving, nurturing relationships are essential to him, and without harmony, beauty, kindness and cooperation, he may feel quite lost. It is important to remind him often how much he is appreciated, and also to help his mood by helping him to surround himself with things pleasing to the eye, touch and ear - music, art, etc.. These have a calming influence.



"P" is likely to have passionate outbursts. When things don't go his way, or love seems less than ideal to him, he can feel like the world is coming down upon him. This is a deep insecurity, based upon feelings of unworthiness, that are in turn based upon fear that love and care will be withdrawn from him. He may force his hand at the wrong time and come across as a bully. The only solution for you as his partner in these situations is to withdraw to a place that is not threatening to him. Allow him to cool down. Don't approach him unless you have his favorite food in your hand! When he comes back to you, you can discuss the issue calmly and rationally - but first give him some space. He could even be inclined to take off for a while, join some friends, be wild and free. Check in on him covertly - just enough so he knows you're still there and still care about him. I am not suggesting that you back down completely, but it is probably in your best interest not to feed his emotions further when he is in an impassioned state.



Fun for "P" comes in the form of friends, conversation, short journeys, making friends who can give him ideas and support, talking about dreams and plans, and in knowing that he has a fun, nurturing, loving, devoted and attractive partner. He may be imaginatively creative, and enjoy expressing himself artistically, too.


HIS GREATEST JOY (Part of Fortune)

"P"'s greatest joy comes from joyful, spirited relationships, children, play and being a protector/defender of his home. In fact, it is his karma to realize greater joy in his life, and to meet people who support him in his efforts. He will feel most blessed when his relationships are joyous, secure and playful, and meet his emotional needs.



"P" is attracted to gifts of a spiritual nature, as well as fantasy, art and objects that inspire the imagination. Sports memorabilia or the opportunity to attend sporting events are also great gifts for "P".

I hope you enjoyed reading about your sweetheart "P", and have gained some valuable knowledge about her personality, desires and needs... as written in the stars.


Love and Peace Always,



aka MoonCat