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~ Positive Spiritual Advice~

About Danielle

Astrology Chart Readings

Personalized Consulations

Affordable, Concise, Positive and Uplifting (not a computerized report)

Sweetheart Charts, Natal Profiles, Transits & Life Changes, Children

 Advice for Love and Life




Chartwheels & Illustrated Reports

Personal Astrological Aspect Calendar

Spiritually Guided Readings

Receive Information on any topic -

Channeled from my Spirit Guides



High Priestess - Cosmic Tarot

Tarot / Channeled Psychic Readings

E-Mail, Deluxe, or Beautifully Illustrated

Receive positive, healing advice



Energetic Self-Healing Reading

A Psychic Reading on any subject important to you, with comprehensive Chakra Reading and Highly Personalized tools for Energizing and Healing. This reading is also available at a reduced price without Chakra Reading


Oracle Readings

Medicine Cards, Angel Oracle, Gemstone Oracle, Oracle of the Goddess, Self Care Cards, The Flower Speaks, I-Ching

Choose from these Positive and Nurturing Readings:

Deep Healing, Inner Directions, Gemstone Grail, Chakra Activation, Loving Me, Heart - Head - Hands, Five Guides Dream Insights, Healing Insights, I-Ching and Celtic w/Flowers



Please Click the Kitty for Future Forecasts!!

The Future Forecast for Love is a guide to Current Planetary Energy, with Mars and Venus Signs, Outer Planets, Current Aspects and much more, (not a horoscope or personalized forecast.)

MUCH LOVE! ~^. .^~ Danielle


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Astrological Consultations

I specialize in positive, uplifting Astro-readings that can bring you greater awareness about your potential in life, your strengths and challenges in love, and the realization of your unique talents. Astrological Readings are very low priced, and personalized (not computer generated)

Get a personalized, whole-chart Natal Chart Reading or Life Purpose Reading for which you may pay by the page ~ . Or order a Reading with Transits - a general overview of possibilities to come, with healing advice.

How to nurture your lover, child or friend? Find out about the special gifts and needs of your loved one with a Sweetheart Chart. For Children and Babies, I offer the Baby/Child Profile, a precious gift for new Parents, as well as an invaluable guide for any Mom or Dad. I also offer custom Astrological Consultations by the page... please click here for a complete Chart Services order page.


I also present for you Tarot, the Fool's Circle of Life -

My Series covering the meanings behind all cards in a Traditional Tarot Deck


Astrological Reports

Personalized, Informative, Concise

Reasons for buying an Astrological Report

About Danielle's Reports

About Danielle