The Athena Numerology Report for

John Fitzgerald Kennedy
May 29, 1917

Danielle Astrid Ricard


Your SOUL NUMBER reveals your inner, private self, the underlying motivations that influence your decisions and actions, your subconscious desires and most deeply ingrained attitudes. (It is determined by adding the values for the vowels in your full birth name.)

You PERSONALITY NUMBER shows how you express yourself outwardly, your appearance and the image you present, how others see you, your power of attraction and the surroundings you enjoy most. (It is determined by adding together the values for the consonants in your full birth name.)

Your DESTINY NUMBER represents your overall aims and the path you will follow in order to accomplish your life's purpose. (It is determined by adding together the values for all the letters in your full birth name.)

Your CAREER NUMBER shows your talents and gifts and what types of careers or vocations you are most suited for. (It is determined by adding together the digits for your birth date).

Your MISSING NUMBER (or numbers) show your areas of weakness and what is underdeveloped in your nature. They are determined by whatever number values are not represented in your full birth name.)

The FIRST INITIAL in your name indicates the most significant quality of your personality and the traits which make you unique in the eyes of other people.

The FIRST VOWEL of your name reveals your instinctive reaction to people and situations.

Your Numerology report is based on the following calculations:

Total for each letter:
 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9
A=1 B=0 C=0 D=2 E=3 F=1 G=1 H=1 I=1
J=1 K=1 L=1 M=0 N=3 O=1 P=0 Q=0 R=1
S=0 T=1 U=0 V=0 W=0 X=0 Y=1 Z=1

Consonant Total: 4  (76)
Vowel Total: 4  (31)
Grand Total: 8  (107)
Date Total: 7  (16)
No Missing Numbers
First letter is J
First vowel is O

Your Soul Number is FOUR.

Responsible, conscientious, and rather serious, you expect to work for what you want in life, and you don't appreciate frivolity, laziness, or inconstancy in other people. You have a strong sense of duty and you need to be productive. You are very capable in practical affairs and may have mechanical abilities.

A well organized, structured, disciplined lifestyle appeals to you and you prefer security to excitement and surprises. You love tradition and don't question the conventions, rules, and methods you were brought up with. You think in clear, simple, practical terms and are honest and square in your dealings with others. Basically conservative, you may distrust the unfamiliar and anything you feel might threaten your orderly and peaceful existence. You never take risks unless you have laid a firm foundation for success. You may lack imagination and the desire to learn new ways. Also, you do not allow yourself to relax and be carefree often enough. Part of the reason for this is that others depend upon your practical abilities so much that when you do have free time, you may find yourself fixing someone's car, helping a friend with their taxes, or doing some other chore. Try to avoid becoming a workaholic. You deserve to play sometimes too!

Your Personality Number is FOUR.

You appear to be a conscientious, hard-working and practical sort of person, with little interest in the frills of life. Capable, disciplined, well-organized, and interested in concrete results, you seem more concerned with work than with people or outside amusements. Your tastes are simple and you enjoy the quiet pleasures: the satisfaction of work well done, home and family, and nature.

You appear cautious, conservative, frugal, and rather "square". There is a no-nonsense directness about you that inspires trust in others. You give the impression of solidity, strength of character, dependability and honesty.

You choose clothing for its utilitarian function and durability. Good sports clothes or clean tailored styles appeal to you most, and you never overdress or wear dramatic styles or colors. You may have little interest in your personal appearance or in fashion trends. Try not to take life and yourself too seriously, develop a sense of fun and playfulness, and be looser and more spontaneous once in awhile.

Your Destiny Number is EIGHT.

Stature, recognition, power, influence, and wealth are all possible for one with your drive and talents. You admire success and have the ambition to attain it for yourself. A big vision combined with intensive, determined effort enables you to achieve great things.

You have the ability to manage and organize large projects and may be drawn to the world of business, finance, politics, athletics, or any field where money and power are at stake. You have an entrepreneurial streak and relish the challenge of starting with a seed idea and bringing it into the full fruition of accomplishment.

You must guard against making personal glory and material wealth your gods. If you use your influence and strength for the good of others as well as yourself, you will enjoy a full measure of inner as well as outer success.

Your Career Number is SEVEN.

You are suited for activities calling for serious study and research, investigation, specialization, precision, high standards, perfectionism, intuitive as well as rational intelligence, imagination. A cloistered or ivory-tower existence appeals to you. You want to be left in peace and not have to deal with the mundane business of life.

Careers and Vocations: Psychoanalyst, psychiatrist, surgeon, scientific authority, scientific researcher, archeologist, historian, authority on antiques, any work connected to the sea including marine biologist, deep sea explorer or sailor, metaphysician, astrologer, investigator of esoteric subjects, clergyman, theologian, authority on etiquette, form, or religious ceremony, investment counselor, detective, judge.

There are No Missing Numbers in your name.

You are well balanced, and you enjoy many different kinds of activities. You have a variety of different kinds of friends. You are versatile, but may find it difficult to concentrate or specialize in one particular area.

Your First Vowel is O.

Your instinctive response to any situation is to HOLD FIRM. You will not be coerced into anything and are generally unwilling to change the status quo unless given a very appealing reason to do so. You need security and do not impulsively take risks or venture into untried waters. Though not lacking in courage, you absolutely must have a sense of control, of going at your own pace. Custom and tradition have a significant place in your life and you have strong attachments to your family and place of origin. Stubborn and often extremely opinionated, no one should attempt to influence you by purely intellectual reasoning or arguments. You won't budge. You are much more easily swayed by emotional appeals and by affection, for you have a soft heart. You are capable of much persistence and faithfulness to a purpose or person.

Your First Initial is J.

Idealistic and high-spirited, you are a natural leader, inspiring others with your enthusiasm, confidence, and hope for the future. Your sense of humor, good will, sportsmanship, and fair play make you well-liked and respected among your peers. Though you enjoy competition and love to win, you are never mean-spirited or petty about it. Money, success, and many opportunities for growth and advancement come your way. You really enjoy money and you value highly the freedom it allows you. You are also generous and perhaps lax with what you have. You are pleasure-loving and, even though you are not lazy, you can be self-indulgent. Over-eating, over-drinking, over-doing, and over-reaching are your weaknesses.