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~ About This Site ~

It brings me great joy to be able to present Astrology and Tarot in a positive, spiritual light - over this fun, international medium. My intention is to offer uplifting information and news about Astrology in our personalities and our lives. I believe that the positions of the planets create energies that resonate through us by way of their harmonic relationships - and affect us on many levels which we can use to benefit ourselves and those we love. My aim is to explain these energies to the layperson, and also to offer current astrological and astronomical news and resources.

I don't offer horoscopes, (except for these humorous scopes) - although they can be delightfully synchronous. I also shy away from prediction of specific events. I feel this kind of information can mislead one from taking control of his/her own life.

I have my own, personalized and affordable Astro Services to offer, for positive and inspirational insights about you or a loved one; unique Illustrated online Tarot Readings and Tarot Consultations, Spiritually Guided Readings, Spirit Medium Readings, Self-Healing Chakra Readings, and some Illustrated Computer generated reports as well as a number of delightful Oracle Readings. You can find a large selection of Tarot Decks at great low prices, and I have a number of excellent Astrology Books picked out for you.... look in My Bookstore! I also have some beautiful and interesting item in my Gift Shop.

MoonCat's Astrology is here to offer you no-nonsense yet happy insights into the wonderful world of Astrology... I hope you enjoy, and happy star traveling to you!

Love, Danielle

aka MoonCat

~ About Danielle ~

Danielle Astrid Ricard is an established metaphysician, whose study and practice in Astrology spans 30 years, with over 20 yrs. in Tarot and Psychic Reading/Healing. She is also attuned to the Master Reiki level, and all her readings come to you energized by this powerful healing energy. Her readings combine the wisdom of the ancient starry symbols with spiritual inspiration and guidance. She created her site in 1999 with the purpose of providing extensive, positive information about astrology and tarot for layperson and expert alike. Her Future Forecast for Love is a delightfully detailed look into the planetary energy for each season, and readers may receive a free Quarterly Newsletter with access to Future Forecasts and MoonSign Calendars.

"Your chart is a connection to your fate - a map of traits, abilities and possibilities you have chosen (and/or the Universe has chosen for you) before birth. My specialty in Astrology is to find outstanding potential, while encouraging one to use challenging energy in healthy and satisfying ways. I include such "minor" aspects as the very powerful quintile to give a complete picture, and always approach your questions with honesty while remaining upbeat, tactful and encouraging. I also offer Transit Readings for looking ahead to future possibilities and challenges. My Energetic Self-Healing Readings can help empower you on your own personal journey. My Tarot (illustrated or plain email) and Oracle readings give instant insight into current life situations and emotions, always with the goal of finding positive resolution.

Every day the Stars, Sun, Moon, Planets and our many Heavenly Guides send us wonderful, healing light energy. Their spiritual emanations not only nurture us, but are integral to the evolution of our souls. My hope is that in interpreting this energy as it applies to you, you will be amazed and energized, and feel proud and inspired."

What an Astrological Reading can Do for You

An Astrological reading can help you to better understand yourself and your loved ones, to accept the complexities of your unique human spirit, and to appreciate and put to use the potential within. Many behavior patterns can be explained, and new outlets can be found for energy and drives that may be blocked or misunderstood.

I have also found Astrology to be extremely useful in my life for anticipating changing themes throughout the months and years by looking at transits - (the energy of the planets as they move through the heavens in relation to the natal chart), and for gaining a broader understanding of the world around me.

I hope my services can help others. Each of us has a wealth of talent, beauty and love inside! May you discover all that you are, and truly feel the Blessings in your Life!

A Tarot Reading offers instant insight into your current life challenges. If you are experiencing a particularly troubling time, need inspiration or affirmation for your feelings, and/or spiritual guidance - please look at my Tarot offerings!

Big Thank You's

I am grateful to my family, my wonderful husband, Bob, my incredible, talented, loving children Peter, Tess and Kelsi, for whom I have immeasurable love, and who I consider my dear friends as well, my brothers & sisters who love and support me, and my mom and dad who inspire me from above; also MoonCat visitors, colleagues and partners in cyber-spirituality who continue to bring me encouragement, light and joy, and keep me moving forward.... I send many blessings out to everyone! Love, Danielle


Bob, Danielle, Tessie, Peter & Kelsi


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Knowledge: Dane Rudhyar, Stephen Arroyo, Robert Hand, A.T. Mann, Bil Tierney, Margot, Martin Schulman, Barbara Hand Clow, Sheila Belanger, Noel Tyl

Illustrations: * Illustrations from the Tarot of the Ages, Tarot of the Cat People, Chinese Tarot and Medicine Woman Tarot reproduced by permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902 USA. Copyrights ©1990, 1985, 1990, 1991 respectively by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. Further reproduction prohibited.

* Illustrations from the Xultan Maya Tarot - reproduced with permission from Xultan Tarot Deck by Peter Balin, Arcana Publishing, an Imprint of Lotus Press, P.O. Box 325, Twin Lakes, WI 53181, ©1976 All Rights Reserved.

Regarding illustrations from the following Tarot decks, I have been unsuccessful thusfar in obtaining permission. I will gladly remove them if so requested by the owners: Thoth Tarot by Freida Harris, Mythological Tarot by Amerigo Folchi, New Orleans Voodoo Tarot & Enochian Tarot by Sallie Ann Glassman, Mythic Tarot by Tricia Newell, Tarot of the Spirit by Joyce Eakins.

Danielle Astrid Ricard

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Danielle is the mother of 3 amazing children, 1 small one and 2 grown, who she adores. She lives with husband Bob and Kelsi in beautiful Lake County California, and also works for the local school district as a school secretary.


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by Danielle A Ricard, all rights reserved

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