Major Life Themes Chart Interpretation for


Jimi Hendrix

November 27, 1942

10:15 AM

Seattle, Washington

47 N 36 23   122 W 19 51   Tropical  PLACIDUS
Standard time observed     GMT: 17:15:00
Time Zone: 7 hours West

Planet Positions:
Sun      4 Sag 50               Pluto     7 Leo 11
Moon    28 Can 05               N. Node  29 Leo 20
Mercury  2 Sag 57               Asc.     24 Sag 41
Venus    7 Sag 36               MC       24 Lib 12
Mars    17 Sco 31               2nd cusp  5 Aqu 19
Jupiter 24 Can 52               3rd cusp 20 Pis 11
Saturn   9 Gem 22               5th cusp 18 Tau 14
Uranus   2 Gem 28               6th cusp  7 Gem 10
Neptune  1 Lib 40

Technical Details of how the planetary patterns are determined: Each interpretation is based on a 3-planet pattern. The 3 planets are forming a midpoint structure where a planet forms one of the following aspects to the midpoint of 2 other planets: conjunct or opposition with 2 degee orb, square with 1 1/2 degree orb, semisquare or sesquiquadrate with a 1 degree orb, or 1/16, 3/16, 5/16, or 7/16 with a 30 minute orb. Also, the 3 planets are aspected to each other in the same harmonic. The harmonics analyzed are 1 through 64 and any doubling of these numbers, such as 120 which is a double of 60, up to 180. The total number of harmonics analyzed is 108. In the harmonic chart all 3 aspects are within a 12 degree orb. Also, any midpoint structure involving a conjunction or opposition aspect within a 1 1/2 degree orb, even if a harmonic triangle is not involved, is interpreted.

Given below is a brief interpretation of your birth chart. The major themes in your life are described. The themes are presented approximately in the order in which they are a priority in your life. In other words, the themes which are most important are, in general, described near the beginning of the report, and the less important themes are described towards the end of the report.

Each astrological influence described in this report is a resource available to you. It is up to you to express these energy patterns in the best possible way. It is possible to repress, block, or try to avoid issues, or to fight yourself; hopefully this report will help clarify issues in your life, and encourage you to master your life rather than be a victim of circumstances.

Sun-Mercury-Uranus 4th Harmonic

You have quick reflexes, and you learn very quickly. You have the ability to pick things up quickly, invent or discover something, without knowing as many technical details as other people, or without even knowing quite how you got the correct solution to a problem. You are clever and ingenious, but hopefully you also have patience and discipline; otherwise, you might jump impatiently from one idea to the next with little consistency.

Mars-Jupiter-Saturn 16th Harmonic

You are a very good worker. You are enterprising and able to visualize larger goals, and you are also willing to work hard to achieve these goals. You are a good administrator or director of a group effort. Over time you can build a very successful career.

Neptune Conjunct Sun/Moon 0 deg 13 min

You enjoy an atmosphere or mood that is enchanting or unusual. It is likely that music is very important to you because it transports you to a world of imagination, dreamy moods, sentimentality, or possibly even mystical feelings. You have a colorful imagination, although it may be difficult for you to express the subtlety of feelings and impressions that you experience.

Sun Conjunct Mercury/Venus 0 deg 26 min

You succeed in areas that require a good sense of proportion, balance, or a knack for doing things that are both functional and attractive. This is so natural and innate for you, that you may take it for granted, or not consciously recognize how it affects the manner in which you do many ordinary daily activities. Many crafts and skills require your talent for doing things with good taste and aesthetic awareness.

Neptune Conjunct Venus/Jupiter 0 deg 27 min

Your artistic tastes, preferences in clothing and food, are rich, exotic, or unusual in some way. You like things that are foreign and you may even marry someone from another country. You can be generous without being discriminating, which can result in wastefulness, and you should be careful when investing or taking risks to make sure you have thoroughly analyzed the situation before committing yourself to it.

Neptune Conjunct Moon/Mercury 1 deg 10 min

You have good imagination and intuition. You have a talent for understanding, and perhaps also producing, poetry and fictional literature. You work well with children, and also have a strong inclination to become involved in music and the arts.

Neptune Conjunct Moon/Venus 1 deg 10 min

You are idealistic and dreamy in romance, and it is likely that you will be disappointed at least once by others when you wake up from your love dream to see the other person more clearly. Music and art are important for you, and it is best if your home is imaginative and beautiful; living near water, for example, suits you well.

Sun Opposition Saturn/Uranus 1 deg 05 min

You enjoy restructuring the way things are done. You are a reformer, perhaps even a rebel. You are frustrated by organizations that are unwilling to adapt, evolve, and change. Be sure that you have studied a situation carefully before attempting to reform it.

Neptune Conjunct Sun/Jupiter 1 deg 50 min

You like to look at the big picture. You are philosophical, and some people think you are too abstract and too distant from the down-to-earth details of daily living. You succeed in areas where your future-oriented, broad views can bring tangible benefits.

Venus Opposition Saturn/Uranus 1 deg 41 min

You have some conflicting feelings when it comes to your love relationships. You want to be devoted and responsible to the people you love, but you also want to feel uninhibited, unrestrained, and free. Without realizing it, you may make loved ones feel that they are annoying you or bothering you. Try to be patient and calm while trying to resolve any relationship problems that you encounter.

Sun-Mars-Pluto 104th Harmonic  (104=13x8)

When you involve yourself in a project, you can immerse yourself completely and totally in it. You can become obsessed with your work, and work with a sense of mission. Conversely, when placed in a work situation that is not meaningful, you become frustrated, critical, despondent, and angry. It is important for you to latch onto something that is meaningful, and use your great energy to accomplish the work you set out to do.

Moon-Venus-Mars 125th Harmonic  (125=5x5x5)

You are a very deeply loving, emotional person and you bond very closely to loved ones. Because your feelings run very deep, be very careful in selecting a marriage partner as it can be extraordinarily difficult for you to part ways once you have given your heart to someone. The extent to which you are happy in your romantic relationships and family relationships probably is the main determinant of your overall happiness.

Moon-Uranus-Neptune 136th Harmonic  (136=17x8)

You are inclined to unusual moods and inspirations. Unusual dreams and a heightened imagination draw you to the arts, music, religion, and perhaps mysticism. Your high sensitivity can become severely unbalanced from drugs and alcohol, both of which you should try to avoid.