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~ Client Testimonials ~

for Danielle's Astrological Chart Readings

Danielle Astrid Ricard



Hi Danielle...

I have been wanting to tell you that the reading you did for me was on!!!

Do you use a certain program, or is that all handwritten from you?

Seriously, I don't know where you get your information from or what you use...but I've been

around a while, and have had many a reading...and your few short pages just hit the mark, and resolved some things by just 'confirmation' alone.

Thank you so much!

I'll be playing around in your site...see you in there sometime soon)




Thank you for your insightful and beautiful interpritation of my chart. I actually cried because it was the truest thing I've ever read !

I absolutely love how you put the planet postions and in parenthesis. Ex: " ...bringing it out into the light of day (Venus biquintile Chiron)" - that makes it so much more interesting for me because I can actually learn more about planetary positions and what you saw that made you come to that conclusion!

So many things were pinpoint accuracy!

I do feel that being an esthetician is (for me) to heal other people's (mostly women's) self esteem. That's exactly how I use it.

The part about male/warrior times that I haven't forgiven myself for. It resonates as 100% truth to me. I have a battle instinct that makes no sense (as far as how I grew up). Also the part about accepting men and being soothing toward them....I will take that advice as well.

I am very interested in getting more of your readings...I will be visiting your website shortly.

Thank you for helping me to understand my chart/my life -to me, that is priceless.

This 1 page reading was better than the 30 paged chart readings I've gotten before.

Thank you

Best wishes & much gratitude,


later.... You did another amazing reading for me that brought alot of things to light...I honestly can't believe how good you are! I'm sure you know (having seen my chart :) that bringing truth to light (especially spiritual) for me, is priceless.

I just wanted to thank you for writing Alice's astrology report. ...your description of her fit so wonderfully. I think she will enjoy reading it too when she gets older. Both the girls. My hope is that when they get older and are beginning to know themselves, they will find these readings as a stimulating beginning to their personal understandings. ...I'd love to get one myself. So interesting. And your writing style is so honest and yet positive. Thanks again, and I hope this email finds you in good health and enjoying life. Thanks!

-Jeanine E.


Student/Writer, Columbia, MO

The interpretation you gave me really pinpoints some of my biggest concerns and gets right to the heart of the matter. It has been a huge help to me for clarifying my own thoughts. The positive nature of interpretation is wonderful and your kind soul shines through. Thank you.

Custom Consultation 

Laura Macrowski

daytime secretary/nighttime artist!, Iowa City

Very thought provoking--reflected a lot of my inner polarities/struggles... I appreciated having such a personal/intimate & positive interpretation. I wish I had been able to order a longer reading so that I could read more, but there are several of your readings (including tarot) that interest me, so I'm sure I'll be back for more in the future! :)

Life Purpose Report

Cindy Marie Haag ~ Writer, Astrology Teacher

Dear Danielle,

I wanted to express my appreciation for the report that you wrote for me and to say thank you. Everything that you said was quite accurate and "right on the money." I very much like that you include the North & South Nodes, Chiron, the Part of Fortune, and the Vertex in your report. I have only recently begun working with the Vertex myself and personally, I place much emphasis upon Chiron and the Nodes.

You're right about my expectations in relationships and it seems to apply to all my relationships, but I'm slowly learning. And I do notice how people are "overwhelmed (by me) ...and run for cover!" Well, at least my two sisters, father, and children do not! I will take your advice, avoid the "Uranian" -type relationships/situations (sigh- I am known for attracting such) by creating opportunities and outlets elsewhere and perhaps seek a more suitable partner (older, literary/scientific field). Well, there is one big change I've made, especially after my last relationship. (I guess the last relationship was for a reason - it served to teach me a lesson.) I finally learned that my constant running around serving everyone is not always appreciated and now I make time to nurture myself. I make the time to do the things that I enjoy and have finally learned how to say "no" without feeling guilty. Only took me 41 years to learn that lesson!

Thank you again Danielle!!

 Love, Cindy

Natal Chart Reading

 Ruth ~ Graphic Designer

Houston, Texas

Danielle's chart readings are very personalized and sent out most quickly. I was extremely happy to receive mine and learn much about the hidden facets to my personality and be able to hear her advice on how to handle the more challenging realms of it. Danielle keeps a very positive tone while examining the chart, and helps you find the most healthy and loving way to accept your personal reality and how to live more harmoniously. On a personal note, I had been looking for a while to find someone who knew a bit about quintiles... and I was very fortunate to find MoonCats Astrology on the web and learn that Danielle placed a good deal of importance on this curious aspect. I highly recommend Danielle's astrology readings to anyone - we all need more encouragement to live more peacefully in the midst of the plentiful negativity out there. And with Danielle's very knowledgable guidance, you are given a unique and very helpful view into the window of your soul.

Natal Chart Reading

~ Karen Ward ~

Color Analyst, Artist, Writer

Santa Maria, California

I want to tell you how beautiful the chart is first of all - I'm going to frame it. The background information was very interesting - I don't have anything that complete and am really enjoying having that as a reference. It was a fun intro to the minor aspects as well - some I have never heard of!

As for your personal reading - I love the format - affordable, nurturing and easy to understand. What a wonderful service you offer! You wrote something related to Jupiter quintile that said I feel I have to show a happy and optimistic face - that is so true and is an interesting bit I had never thought of. I LOVED reading about my Yod - an aspect I knew I had, but didn't know how to interpret. Thank you for the encouragement to do children's books and the idea that it might take some time, or that I might keep my talents hidden - all too true!

Also, thank you for addressing my questions about shyness, creativity and my father. Very helpful. I loved reading about possible shifts in my art when I reach my Neptune Square. Very encouraging and just what I needed to hear. I really enjoyed reading about my Nodes and PF too. Again, very inspiring.

This was the best chart information and reading I've had because I could understand it and relate to it. I think the personal touch makes all the difference. Thank you MoonCat!

Love, Karen aka Maggie the Cat

Natal Chart Reading


Dani, that was WONDERFUL, 21 Gun Salute to you... I shared it with my girlfriend and she said she was almost ashamed because you were so on point but she says now she knows what to watch for... Thanks Dani, keep your eye bright... tiko

Custom Consultation

Fantasy Artist ~ Ember Amarige

to dragon hatchery!

"Satisfied customer" That's me all around! I'm MORE than content with all the awesome stuff you sent!!! I really can't thank you enough for my astral reading! I love it love it love it. And it's so informative (just when I was wondering about the houses and such too!)  

Janine Ellison ~ Shamanic Healer

Whidbey Idland, Washington

WOW !!!!!!!!! What an immense amount of information. Thank you SO much for all the time you put into this.... great... right on... helpful... insightful. Thanks again, Danielle. This will be fun, and a wonderful, and special surprise for her!! (for her daughter)

It was this birth chart that lead me to the tangible insight of myself, thoroughly, through all the different dimensions and aspects. It was so vital because it was telling about me specifically, not just an astrological grouping I was in. I highly recommend it!" Katrina, Age 16

Natal Chart Reading


Astrologer, Student - Bosnia & Hergezovina

It is very interesting for me that you have accentuated healing abilities that I have. Since I was a child I was telling my parents that I will be a nurse ...because I felt that I was born with that kind of knowledge. I'm surprised that you use so call " minor " aspects. It is very interesting for me because I usually ignore them. That was very refreshing and interesting. ...Thanks again on that hard work that you have done for me..

Natal Chart Reading


Actress, Mom, Friend

The second time I met dani, my new sister inlaw, I brought my chart with me for her to look at because I knew she an astrologer, and within five minutes she was talking about aspects in my chart as if she knew the hidden features of who I am and my personality. It was all so true. She is totally ingenious when it comes to astrology!