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~ Client Testimonials ~

for Danielle's Tarot Readings

Danielle Astrid Ricard

Some Anonymous Comments:

Thank you Danielle for this reading. Your reading is exactly on target .... I am confident that I will be talking to you again in the future.

Thank you so much for that reading. It has us pretty figured out.... Thanks again for you help.

What a very special person you are! Thank you so much! I am doing surprisingly well. This is something that I thought that I could never do, but thanks to you and your help, I have accomplished the impossible. Thanks again. I hope all is well with you and your family. Smiles, **

Dear Danielle, Many thanks for the wonderful reading, we were all in tears with the messages sent from my father. It is so comforting to know that he is still with us, well and full of love in the afterlife. Thanks once again. Love from ***


~ Diana ~

Childcare Provider

I thank you, so much. That was worth a million to me. I have been learning the tarot for about 3 years, I cannot really read for myself, but I have felt what you said for a long time. I have pulled the same exact cards. I have paid for quite a few readings, but I have never been so impressed, as with yours! You truly have a wonderful gift. I now feel a sense of calm.... that I have not felt in a very long time. I feel like a burden has been lifted from my shoulders.

I appreciate all you have done and words can't express what power you put under my wings!!

Thanks, Diana

~ Angie Brush ~


Dear Danielle,

Thank you so much for your guidance. There aren't words to convey what a confirmation from the Universe this was, that we can connect to information everywhere. Your reading was so precise, your respective descriptions of each of us was unebelievable. You pegged him exactly so. He was jumping off the page at every word and you really captured his aura. I knew my guides would direct me to the place and person I needed a message from. You are phenomenal! Your words are truth and I know deep down I must do what you have suggested, which is extend my hand to him at the close of my own grief cycle.

Thank you again. Angie

~ Dulce Sabat ~

Corporate Manager, Astrologer - Smyrna, Georgia

Danielle, your reading is absolutely incredible! Thank you for such a wonderful reading. You have confirmed my thoughts and feelings... Everything you said is 100% accurate. I don't need to ask another question - it was a perfect reading and I received all the answers and all the understanding. So glad to have found you. Don't we know as metaphysicians how much more your readings are worth!


~ R.F. ~

Webpage Design and Consultant

Danielle's Tarot reading was extremely helpful and insightful - I have been having much difficulty with a business partner/friend and things had been getting to a real deadlock. When I received the Tarot reading, it marked exactly what I felt were underlying issues and shed light onto possible solutions.

Danielle's readings are filled with positive insight onto the real-world issues at hand, and offer workable possibilities for resolution/further action. She is very talented and gifted, and I encourage anyone who would like to have a special and helpful Tarot reading experience to use Danielle's services.

Thanks again Mooncat! :-)

~ Dena ~

Astrologer, Author, Poet - St. Petersburg, Florida

Danielle, your readings were absolutely head-on. I came to you because I could not see my own readings clearly and I needed some guidance outside of myself. It seems that my romantic life is interfering with every other aspect of my life, and you saw this right away and have helped me see my options more clearly. You also confirmed my feelings about my profession and set my mind at ease that I was indeed on the right path. I cannot thank you enough for your vision and insight, and I will certainly be consulting with you in the future. Much love, Dena

~ Patricia ~

Massage Therapist, Union Ky.

Thank you for the reading. You validated the issue about my work. I'm working on patience....seems I still have a ways to go. As far as relationship, that's not what I wanted to hear but deep down I knew that it was true...that was the hardest one. Finally guides have been whispering that word in my ear lately....maybe that's why I have been feeling so scattered. Thank you again... patty

~ Peg ~

Caretaker - Milwaukee

Dear Danielle,

Thank you so much. The reading you did for me was excellent and you have a true gift of divination. I know this. ...You're right- all the way. Love, Peg~

~ Sophia ~

Athens Greece

Dear Danielle,

Thank you Danielle. There is much truth in all the things you found out about my relationship with *****. I have always had the feeling that this relationship was a matter of fate. I am looking forward to see my next two readings. I will give more information about this relatioship in order to help you out. Thank you again.

~ Maria H. ~

Business Consultant, Chicago

This was the first time I had a reading done via a chatroom. I was surprised at how easily it flowed. I felt that the reading was really accurate in capturing what was happening in the issue I was concerned about. It confirmed what I felt was happening, and the next steps I need to take. Thank you for your warm guidance, Danielle!

~ Brenda Ruth Muniz ~

Administratie Assistant, Lewiston

I found many of your predictions to be very accurate. Things you said have already happened in my life. I look forward to achieving your suggestions. I know there have been tremendous changes already and I look forward to a positive future..... I found your readings to be full of direction and precise. I found your information to be accurate, truthful and uplifting; even though somewhat hurtful, it was the truth and it is giving me some direction. At least I know I am on the right track. Thank you so much!

~ Nicolet Denson ~

Bath, Maine

I feel it was very insightful and will be contacting you very soon in the future about another matter. Thank you so very much and god bless.

~ Lea ~

Legal Secretary, San Mateo, CA

"Thanks so much Danielle - you help me realize that I'm not crazy.... I know I have a bright future ahead and will allow myself to open up to give/receive new love and new (positive) beginnings! =)... By the way I just accepted a new/better paying job offer - so new paths are opening quickly. Your web site is so beneficial in a scoiety that supresses intuitive/psychic senses. Take care of yourself for those who need you, and I hope your new home is filled with positive harmony and many new happy experiences to come!"

~ Leslie ~

Technician, Bellingham

The reading you did was very accurate, even describing feelings surrounding it. Thanks for really taking the time to do such a great job.

~ Grace E. Crissy ~

Sarasota Florida

I think the reading you gave me was fantastic. Everything you read in the cards is exactly what is happening right now. We were high school "Sweethearts" and hadn't seen each other for thirty years until two years ago. I was in a relationship at that time......All I want is for him to trust in me and love me like he did in high school.

  Love, Grace

~ Lori L Clark ~

Muscatine Iowa

YES! All of the above. I have discovered that I do have a lot of good friends... I'm enjoying my life more now...... Was my last relationship fair?! No. I gave and gave and gave. I lost "me" in the "we." ... and know that I need to work on this issue. Thank you so much, your reading was very insightful, thorough and precise. 8-) Lori

~ Deanna Lee Borland ~

Ash Grove Missouri

Thank you very much for the reading, it did help me... The last card that was read was true - there is a new guy coming in my life... and he is another ex of mine that has always loved me and wants to start over again. I hope this time it is for good. For the one that just broke up with me I think that you were right and I have to let him go. He dosen't want anything to do with me even as friends so I guess I better cut my losses while I'm ahead   Thank you for all your help and I hope that I find true love soon.


~ Melissa Southard ~


Thanks for the insight. ... I will send the letter. The one thing I did pick up on was loneliness and feeling isolated. I want him to know I care a lot.

I will remember you. I feel a little more at peace now.

~ Stacy Atchison ~

Thanks for the Reading! All in all I would say, especially since I didn't ask about anything specific, that the reading is pretty accurate as far as what's going on and helped to give me some insight into how I can meet current challenges, be patient...yet hopeful! Thanks Again, Stacy

~ Kat Pierquet ~

Telecommunication Specialist, Muskego

The reading substantiated what I felt. I now feel I can proceed confidently.

~ Aimee B ~

I found the reading very helpful, given the way things are going in my life right now. Everything made sense to me, and it was helpful to know that it wouldn't be a good idea for me to get a new job or move at this time - I've actually been spending a lot of energy wondering about these things!

~ Maxine Kruk ~

Thankyou for my reading, it was much appreciated and helpful to how (or if) I should proceed. Thanks!

~ Rossella ~

Florence, Tuscany

 dear Danielle, your reading is really accurate, and reflect at the best my situation with ****. It is surprising for me that you, so far from me, are so close to my feeelings and to real facts.... thank you

greetings from me, my daughter, all my five cats and one dog...

~ Nikki Denson ~

construction laborer

Thank you so much for your great reading. You are so accurate about how I feel about my situation and I think you are the best and I have tried afew online. Thanks again and I will be back to visit you again. You have a wonderful gift. Nikki Denson

~ TH ~

Thank you for your reading. I also thank you for being so cooperative and helpful with my difficulty. I found it to be very loving, and helpful and kind hearted. Until we interact again. Much love and appreciation given to you.

Thanks so much for all you told me and helped me understand. You're a great person. I will def. come back again!! and tell friends about you. Thank you

Thanks so much again, Tracy

~ Laura Marshall ~

College Instructor

Thank you for your insights. They have helped