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Energetic Self Healing Reading


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Energetic Self Healing Reading


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Energetic Self Healing Reading with Chakra Reading

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This reading will help you to understand and deal with any personal problem, along with giving you highly Customized Advice for healing and energizing your Emotional and Energetic Bodies. The Deluxe Reading includes a detailed description/reading of your Chakras.

Most of us self-renew to one degree or another - by participating in activities that nurture us. However, sometimes problems become overwhelming and emotions and stress can drag us down. That's when a healthy dose of Higher Understanding and Spiritual Guidance can be most welcome! And - healing yourself can be much more effective and powerful than receiving a healing - because you are taking control.

For this Reading, you will be asked to Choose a particularly troublesome Issue or Theme in your life. Examples: Relationship Concern, a Difficult Choice, Need not being Met, Habit you want to Break, Life Change, Recurring Dream, Fear, Wish, Financial Difficulty, Wellness Issue, etc.

I will respond with a Sensitive Psychic Reading with Instructions to help you Self-heal the Soul, Spirit and Emotions, and ultimately bring you a greater sense of Peace and Well-Being. Your reading will provide you with activities and self-healing techniques based on your own interests, talents and beliefs - primarily designed to help you understand and move through the issue at hand, yet ultimately yielding benefits in every area of your life.

I may also explain Cosmic Forces that reflect pertinent Life Changes and stages of life (through your Astrological Chart and current or recent Planetary Transits.)

I will illuminate for you in writing, a number of Individualized Activities to help you release anxiety, stress, fears, blocks, uncomfortable emotions, or even to decrease attachments to or from other people. The activities are intended to help you gain better clarity and understanding, and to clear and strengthen your energy field (chakras/aura) and restore a healthy balance to the area(s) most affected. This balancing is certain to positively affect all other areas of your life as well.

Depending on your choices, the activities may include affirmations, meditation, visualization, prayer, physical and creative activities, sounds or music, dreamwork, use of stones, colors, scents, herbal teas, bach flowers, recommended oracles or spirit guides and more - based entirely on your Personal Preferences. Please let me know!

Sometimes there is more than one issue that needs attention. It is important that you try to choose the most immediately pressing problem. Often when this is clarified and resolved, other problems are much easier to move through.

 Questions? Email me at daniricard56@gmail.com

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Your questions and your personal information are entirely confidential. I will not share any information about you, or my services for you with any other person, for any reason - except any comments you may offer for my testimonials page.

I never predict future events. This is unethical and lacks respect for your free will.

My Energetic Self-Healing Readings are based on over 20 years of experience with astrology, divination, psychic reading, spiritual and religious study and practice and spiritual healing. They are personally written by me, and are entirely based on your needs.

Terms of Use

I take no responsibility for the use of any remedies I may recommend. It is the responsibility of the user to moderate use and be aware of possible allergies or physical contra-indications.

It is not recommended that you follow my recommendations if you are using (or have recently used) any alcohol or mind-altering drugs. Having a clear mind and substance free body is the first step toward gaining awareness and ultimate understanding and healing.

Use of your reading information is entirely up to you. I cannot be held responsible for any actions you might undertake based on my recommendations, for any reason.

Your purchase of this reading assumes that you have read and agree to the Terms of Use.


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