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Natal, Personalized Consultation, Sweetheart Chart, Transits

Baby/Child Profile, Life Purpose 


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Natal Chart Reading

Chart Wheel Styles

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A unique, holistic, Astrological reading - 2 to 4 handwritten pages (you choose length/price)

plus computer report with chart details, color chart & guide

How has the Cosmos defined your Character? What are Your Drives, Your Talents, Your Joys in Life?

What about your Life Challenges and Love Life? How do you impress others?

I will consider the Following for you:

(shorter reports may not include all)

Sun, Moon and Rising Signs

All the Planets and Chiron

Elements (Fire, Earth, Air, Water), Modes (Fixed, , Major Harmonic Configurations *

House Distribution Dynamics

Outstanding Aspects, including Powerful Quintiles

Lunar Phase, Lunar Nodes, Part of Fortune

* Dynamic Group Configurations, such as Stelliums, T-Squares and Grand Trines.

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Transiting Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto & Chiron through the Houses over the next few years - trends, themes, possibilities...(not specific predictions) Transits can be added to a Natal Report (Natal Report with Transits), or requested in a Custom Consultation

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SweetHeart Chart

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A Little Instruction Book - How to Treat a Special Loved One!

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How To Treat Your...


Find out what your loved one needs, expects, must have and has to offer. Learn how to encourage, support and nurture one you love.

Discover hidden talents , poweful strengths and compelling desires!

An inspirational and enlightening profile written from a positive, loving, healing perspective, especially for you, about your loved one.

While I explore the entire chart, I also include Dynamic Group Configurations, Quintiles, and Lunar Nodes.

Chart Wheel Styles

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Your choice between 1 and 5 Pages

Personalized Consultation

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Do you have Relationship, Personality, Career, Child, Love or Life Path questions?

Are you going through Life Changes or difficulties, and would like to know how the Planets (by transit & progression) are influencing and driving you, and how long it may last

Would you like a Custom Chart Reading to fit your needs?

Do you already have your chart, a natal profile or other astrological information, and want additional guidance and direction regarding the Planets in your life?

Do you have questions about a Loved One?

Are you interested in areas of Healing in your life (Chiron)

Are you concerned about strong compulsions or special Talents? (Quintiles, Quindeciles)

Order by the page to find out what you want to know...

All Consultations include (in your choice of style) plus 1-2 Color Chart(s) and 1-2 Color Chart(s) with Aspect Grid

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A Compassionate, Loving Handwritten Natal Report

for your Unique Little One...

A fabulous gift for New Parents!

A gift of understanding and positive advice for Moms, Dads and Caretakers

Identifies Personality Challenges as well as

Unique Talents and Drives

Insight into Relations with Family and Peers

A Positive, Sensitive Analysis

Find out what your Child Needs from you, and Why

An Invaluable Guide!

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Order Chart Graphics for your own use

Tarot Readings - Illustrated or E-mail