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The universal, human struggle for security and self esteem can lead each of us to our greatest achievements.

By recognizing, accepting and learning from the hardships, trials and painful lessons of Saturn, along with other significant planets in the birth chart, we may triumphantly enter into a productive expression of our unique gifts - and ultimately - a glowing destiny for this lifetime.


What Knowledge and Experience am I gaining through my struggles, and Why?

How may I use my Special Gifts?

What will be my Legacy - to my Soul's Evolution and to those I leave behind?


Many of the difficulties we encounter through our human journey can be better understood and appreciated by focusing on a clear vision of the final, crowning achievement(s) of life: - our karmic soul development, the admirable human characteristics we model for others, and our unique contributions to society, humanity and our loved ones.

The position and aspects of Saturn in the birth chart represent your drive to excel and to be someone that you and others can be proud of. Saturn shows the need to create something that will last through time, and also serve as a light and inspiration to others.

Centering on the promise of Saturn, this reading brings to light the perceived limitations, actual hardships and feelings of lack inherent in your Saturn - and the potential for achievement that is spawned by the resulting challenges.

All other pertinent planetary and aspect positions (see below) and patterns will be explored as well, in order to help you gain a higher awareness of your Life's Purpose, and understand the affects on your personal life.

I also add transiting Saturn and Pluto, and progressed Moon, Sun and Ascendant to look into current major themes in your life.


The personalized report can be either 2 or 3 Pages long (your choice of price) - and is Concise, and Compassionately written for you or a loved one....


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Areas of insight may include: Saturn and Midheaven - your greatest lessons, teachings & legacy; Lunar Nodes - helpful connections with others, and inner conflicts that help direct your energy; Lunar Phase, Ascendant, Sun and Mercury - your unique outlook and modus operandi; Quintiles and Quindeciles - passionate and/or obsessive drives; Chiron & Moon - your gift of healing, nurturing and care; Mars - what you're fighting for... and how the fight helps fuel your achievements; Pluto - your deepest insights and transformations, struggle for power, and influence on others; Venus, Jupiter & Neptune - your spiritual and artistic vision; and Uranus - your shocking and/or unique contributions to humanity.


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