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Astrology is the art of revealing the celestial gifts within

Choose any Handwritten Report below, and the length (price) that's right for you - between 1 and 4 typed pages, or more if you like.... If you are unsure, please contact me...

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Personalized Consultation Click Here to Order

addresses your concerns, such as:

Transits/Progressions - a particular date or period of time - to reveal future trends and influences from the planets in relation to your natal chart.


Particular areas of concern in your life, such as Love, Relationships, Career, Life Changes, Talents and/or Specific Challenges (choose from 1 to 5 pages)


Sweetheart Chart Click Here to Order

"How to Treat Your..." Describes the special needs, talents, gifts & challenges of a Child, Lover, Friend or family member.. or yourself! - tailored to meet your needs and concerns....(choose 2 or 3 pages)

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Natal Chart Click Here to Order

describes the unique celestial gifts and challenges you were born with - (choose 2 or 3 pages)


Natal Chart with Transits Click Here to Order

The above Natal reading, plus a page on current and future trends in your life as indicated by the transiting and progressed planets - (choose 3 or 4 pages)


Moon / Venus ~ your emotional signature Click Here to Order

All about the MOON in your chart: Moon Sign, Moon Phase and Lunar Mansion, Aspects to other Planets, North and South Lunar Nodes (fortunate connections vs. challenging influences), Pre-Natal Lunar Eclipse (karmic responsibility) and Solar Eclipse (gifts), plus VENUS Phase (natural response to society) & Placement. (choose 2 or 3 pages)


Life Purpose Reading Click Here to Order

focuses on your spiritual/soul purpose, how you can achieve your highest goals, and why they are important... (choose 1 to 3 pages)


Baby/Child Profile Click Here to Order

describes the unique celestial gifts and challenges your child was born with, and explores how you can best nurture your child's talents - (choose 2 or 3 Pages)


Solar Return Click Here to Order

a Natal Chart for this year - describes the astrological aspects that define your focus, challenges and goals for the coming year.


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8 1/2 X 11" size for Framing


Great Gift - Suitable for Framing!

1 for $10.00

2 for $18.00

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After you choose the page length and type of reading below, you will be directed to a payment page, followed by a payment confirmation page where you will receive instructions for sending me the me the information I need to begin your Chart Reading (Within appr. 2 weeks, you will receive a full, personalized typewritten report (not computerized) written with compassion, understanding and positive advice.


One Subject Readings choose from column below

(One Natal Chart)

1 Page $45.00

2 Pages $80.00

3 Pages 110.00

4 Pages $140.00


Two Subject Readings choose from column below

(2 Natal Charts - Relationship)

2 Pages $105.00

3 Pages 135.00

4 Pages $165.00

5 Pages $185.00


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8 1/2 X 11" size for Framing


Great Gift - Suitable for Framing!

1 for $10.00

2 for $18.00


Additional Pages you may request or approve are $35 per page, however I tend to be concise, and unless the questions are very complex or cover a long period, addl. pages are usually not necessary.

You will be directed to a page with instructions after entering your card or check info.

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Energetic Self-Healing Reading

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Notes About your Order

When ordering charts, please note that correct birth-time data is important for your Rising Sign, Midheaven, Moon Sign and House Placement interpretations. This information should be on your birth certificate. If you do not have accurate birth-time information but want to order anyway, please keep in mind that matters pertaining to the houses, or areas of life, will not be addressed - however Planets, Sun and Moon in the Signs, and aspects between the Planets, Moon and Sun will be explored, and can offer a great deal of insight. Exact Moon placement may be innacurate.

Please allow 10 days to 2 weeks maximum for delivery of your Natal Chart Reading, Consultation or Sweetheart Chart, and 3 days for your Chartwheel order, although I could have it done sooner. Orders placed on a major holiday or weekend will be processed on the following Monday or work day.


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Click Here for My Code of Ethics

My method of chart interpretation combines over 20 years of astrological experience & education with psychic training and intuition. I typically keep a chart at my desk for a number of days in order to feel and get to know the energy before beginning to write. In writing about your chart, I will convey to you what I see in a positive and helpful manner. Concentrating on the strongest aspects and planetary configurations (such as Yods, Mystic Rectangles, Grand Squares or Trines & linked Quintiles), I will send you a loving personality profile, revealing your gifts, talents and challenges. If you are ordering a consultation, I will look for the source of your concerns and focus on positive solutions. Your chart will be viewed holistically with your needs in mind, so please feel free to make special requests.

I place a great deal of importance on Quintiles an often overlooked, yet very powerful astrological aspect. Planets in quintile aspect can create deep-seated (almost obsessive) drives and needs. Knowledge of these can be extremely helpful in recognizing and working with your greatest source of power. If ignored, or not recognized and put to positive use, these aspects can be both puzzling and upsetting.

I also look closely at the North and South Lunar Nodes, which have karmic significance and help to point out where and how both positive and negative influences come into your life.

Information on Transits is general, yet extremely helpful - revealing life changes, current and future areas of growth and opportunities for change - no specific predictions.

I strive to keep my service affordable and at the same time very informative and readable. While I do offer a computerized report, due to the limitations of programming this type of report can only interpret two planets in aspect at a time - thereby ignoring multiple planet configurations. Although a useful tool, the whole star-profile is not revealed.

All chart order come with a link to my guide to symbols and theory, and two graphic color chart(s), one with and one without aspect grid.

Please note that any misinformation about the exact time or place of birth will affect the interpretation, particularly in regard to Rising Signs, so please let me know if you are unsure.


More about my Interpretations

Your chart data, your order and your chart reading are entirely confidential. I will not share any information about you or my services for you with any other person, for any reason - except your comments about my services on my testimonials page - with your permission.

I use high quality, up-to-date astrological software (Astrolabe - Solar Fire v. 6 and Kepler 7) to calculate your chart.

I never predict future events. This is unethical and lacks respect for your free will. I may consider past-life issues that are shown in the lunar nodes and other astrological factors. These are explained in a general way in order to assist you with present life challenges and opportunities.

My interpretations are based on over 20 years of astrological experience, are personally written by me*, and take into account your specific needs. I interpret the whole chart in a concise manner in order to provide you with information that is easily and readily understandable.

My Astrological Readings combine pure astrological considerations with a psychic intuition - to guide me in recognizing and emphasizing those areas that may be particularly important in your life right now, and in offering the most pertinent and healing advice.

*This kind of interpretation differs from a "cookbook" (copied out of astrology books) or computerized interpretation that give you many pages of traits that may either conflict with or duplicate each other, and are often innacurate as they don't account for other aspects that contribute to and alter the energy. For example - Mars trine Saturn would be explained in this type of report by itself, without consideration of house or sign. What you may actually have is "Mars in Aries in the 5th house trine Saturn in Sagittarius in the 9th house, with Mars squaring Venus in Capricorn in the 10th house". This is clarly a much richer, more complex picture - which when approached as a whole simplifies the interpretation considerably, providing you with a much more enjoyable, and accurate reading of your natal chart.


Why Buy an Astrological Chart?

Learning about the special gifts bestowed upon you by the universe can help to unravel mysteries and challenges in your life. Life is complicated and full of choices. We all feel upset or confused from time to time by our interactions with others. Outside expectations and conflicting advice can drive us in directions we may not want to go... Sometimes we don't know how gifted we truly are, or how to even begin realizing our full potential.

Your Natal Chart can help you better understand and accept yourself, while also revealing strengths and talents you may not have fully realized. If you are going through changes in your life, or simply curious about upcoming astrological trends as they relate to you - a Custom Consultation can help you get in touch with and understand your life's path. I can examine specific dates and times in order to help you plan for the future as well.

Your Natal chart is a map of the planets, Sun and Moon as they lined up in the heavens at your time and place of birth... a precious gift of celestial energy just for you.... Find out what you are made of, and how the planets work in your personality and your life!

If you have a child, partner or other loved one - your relationship can be enhanced by learning about his/her special needs and talents. The Sweetheart Chart interpretation is designed especially to help you better understand the astrological makeup of someone dear to your heart.


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