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COSMO Transit Forecast - 3 Mos., 6 Mos. or 1 Year - Mars through Pluto - Major Trends (not illustrated)

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$6.50 3 months

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$10.00 6 months

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$16.00 1 year


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Personal Astrological Aspect Calendar

~ based on your birth info  ~ 


COSMO Illustrated Natal Report

View Sample Mariliyn Monroe available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, French, German & Norwegian (the illustrations weren't showing before - pdf file is fixed!) I always edit report for spacing and readability.

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$25.00 w//beautiful Color ChartWheel


COSMO - Major Themes Natal Report (not illustrated)

View Samples: Jimi Hendrix, Dorothy Dandridge, Judy Garland, Princess Diana

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COSMO Illustrated Compatibility Report

View Sample: JFK & Marilyn Monroe

available in English, Spanish, French, German & Norwegian. Please note - this is a pdf... I edit the report in word for readability (spacing, etc.)

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COSMO "Heaven Sent" Compatibility Report (not illustrated)

View Sample: Princess Di & Jimi Hendrix

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COSMO - Numerology Report (not illustrated)

available in English & Spanish

View Samples: Elvis Pressley, Judy Garland, JFK

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8 1/2 X 11" size for Framing

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2 for $18.00

Chartwheel plus Cosmo Illustrated Natal Report

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only $25.00

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Why buy an Astrology Chart Reading?

Other Services - Tarot, Oracle Readings, Chakra Self-Healing Reading

Spirit Medium Readings - Hear from a Departed Loved One

Personalized Chart Readings by Danielle Astrid Ricard

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All Reports will be in Microsoft Word. If you need another file format, please let me know with your order.

Within appr. 2 days, not including weekends or holidays, you will receive your chart and/or report.

Notes About your Order

When ordering charts, please note that correct birth-time data is important for your Rising Sign, Midheaven, Moon Sign and House Placement interpretations. This information should be on your birth certificate. If you do not have accurate birth-time information but want to order anyway, please keep in mind that matters pertaining to the Moon, and houses - or areas of life may not be accurate - however Planets, Sun, and aspects between the Planets, and Sun will be accurate to the day of birth.

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Why Buy an Astrological Chart?

Learning about the special gifts bestowed upon you by the universe can help to unravel mysteries and challenges in your life. Life is complicated and full of choices. We all feel upset or confused from time to time by our interactions with others. Outside expectations and conflicting advice can drive us in directions we may not want to go... Sometimes we don't know how gifted we truly are, or how to even begin realizing our full potential.

Your Natal Chart can help you better understand and accept yourself, while also revealing strengths and talents you may not have fully realized. If you are going through changes in your life, or simply curious about upcoming astrological trends as they relate to you - a Custom Consultation can help you get in touch with and understand your life's path. I can examine specific dates and times in order to help you plan for the future as well.

Your Natal chart is a map of the planets, Sun and Moon as they lined up in the heavens at your time and place of birth... a precious gift of celestial energy just for you.... Find out what you are made of, and how the planets work in your personality and your life!


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