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How to Treat your Taurus!

How to Treat Your Taurus

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~ MAY 2010  ~

How to Treat your Gemini!

How to Treat Your Gemini

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Headstrong, Willful, Hot-Tempered, Brave, Energetic

Goddess - ARTEMIS Artemis/Diana Temple

The Fiery Aries Moon brings passion to our emotions, instant reactions, bravery in the face of adversity! Give in to the energy.... strive for new beginnings.

 More about Aries Moon...  womanman   a little more



Relaxed, Practical, Sensual, Patient, Stubborn

Goddess - VENUS Aphrodite Altar


The Earthy Taurus Moon settles us down to practical matters, a search for comfort and security, musical sojourns and relaxing pleasures. Your feelings don't budge...

More about Taurus Moon...  womanman   a little more



Friendly, Witty, Aware, Rational, Flighty

Goddess - ATHENE Goddess Altar

The Airy Gemini Moon gives our hearts joy - we welcome friendly chats, neighborly visits, take an interest in community, and consider many points of view....

More about Gemini Moon...  womanman   a little more



Nurturing, Emotional, Sensitive, Imaginitive, Sentimental

Goddess - HERA Goddess Altar


The Watery Cancer Moon .brings up memories of childhood, and encourages warm comforting hugs and tender touches for our loved ones. We may be more sensitive emotionally, and protective.... watch out for crabbiness!

More about Cancer Moon...  womanman   a little more


LEO Moon

Playful, Bold, Dramatic, Managerial, Organized

Goddess - ISIS  Isis Altar

The Fiery Leo Moon sets our hearts aflame, and we express with greater dramatic flare and a playful, royal attitude. Take joy in family and work responsibilities, and make a tasteful, if not flashy fashion statement.

More about Leo Moon...  womanman   a little more



Practical, Hard-working, Pure, Meticulous, Helpful

Goddess - DEMETER Goddess Altar

The Earthy Virgo Moon brings awareness about all the little details and how we can help and serve others. Enjoy healthful foods, pure activities and a clean environment. Time to be real.

More about Virgo Moon...  womanman   a little more



Charming, Attractive, Luxurious, Fair-Minded, Loving

Goddess - GAIA Goddess Altar

The Airy Libra Moon gets us looking at all that is beautiful... and perhaps wanting to take it home. Art and music call to our senses. Romance is in the air! Well thought-out decisions benefit all.

More about Libra Moon...  womanman a little more



Passionate, Intense, Magnetic, Sexual, Powerful

Goddess - LILITH Goddess Altar


The Watery Scorpio Moon brings passion, desire and perhaps some possessiveness. We may be more intuitive about the motives of others, and are likely to fight harder than usual if necessary.

More about Scorpio Moon...  womanman   a little more



Honest, Straight-forward, Energetic, Optimistic, Wise

Goddess - KALI Kali Altar


The Fiery Sagittarius Moon impels us to speak honestly and get straight to the heart of the matter. Trust is strong, small talk is out... big dreams and lofty plans take shape in our minds. Take a little trip... read a book.

More about Sagi Moon...  womanman   a little more




Ambitious, Serious, Determined, Practical, Capricious

Goddess - HECATE Goddess Altar

The Earthy Capricorn Moon helps us set our sights and goals higher, and brings real life challenges closer to our hearts. We may work harder through challenges, and take love more seriously, too.

More about Capricorn Moon...  womanman   a little more



Rebellious, Wild, Rational, Friendly, Unpredictable

Goddess - FREYA Goddess Altar

The Airy Aquarius Moon is rational, sure-minded, scientific, rebellious and ingenious. Wild happenings are all too possible! You never know who you may meet, or what you might do. Be Careful...

More about Aquarius Moon...  womanman   a little more



Sensitive, Imaginative, Psychic, Empathetic, Creative

Goddess - ISHTAR Ishtar Altar


The Watery Pisces Moon feels everyone's woes with a kind and sensitive heart. This is a great time for solitude, giving to others, and sharing your dreams. If your heart tends to wander, try not to get lost!

More about Pisces Moon...  womanman   a little more