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Our Magical Moon

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Moon News!

What Sign is the Moon in Today? Phases, Phacts, Fun


Solar and Lunar Eclipse Page

with Dates, Data, Signs, and Astro-Significance


Please Click the Kitty for Future Forecasts!!

The Future Forecast for Love is a guide to Current Planetary Energy

with Mars and Venus Signs, Outer Planets, Current Aspects and much more

(not a horoscope or personalized forecast.) A Real Look at the Planetary Weather

MUCH LOVE! ~^. .^~ Danielle


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North NodeClick Here to read about the North and South Nodes in your chart!! South Node

Dragon's Tails North and South!



The Moon in Astrology



Farmer's Almanac Heavenly Report



The Moon through the Signs and Houses

Lunar Phases in Astrology

The Lunar Nodes in Astrology

Gardening and Living by the Moon

Click here to get "Phoebe" - for Current Sun, Moon and Rising Signs, phase, rise & set times and Planetary Positions for your own locale


Moon Books


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~The Moon Today ~

Monthly MoonSign & Phase Calendar

Inconstant Moon Site

Moon Goddesses & Gods from Many Lands

Lunar Facts and Events

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Dena's New Moon and Full Moon Rituals

Misty MoonVale's Moon Site

Lunaea's Full Moon Dreams

Lunar Phase Oracle




The Moon Oracle

by Caroline Smith, John Astrop



Sun, Moon & Rising Signs

Signs for Ladies

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Signs for GUYS

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~ Positive Astrology & Spiritual Advice~


Personalized Consulations & Chart Readings


Astrology - Personalized Consulations & Chart Readings

Affordable, Concise, Positive and Uplifting (not computerized reports)

Sweetheart Charts, Natal Profiles, Transits & Life Changes, Child, Advice for Love and Life


Tarot Reading - Beautifully Illustrated, e-Mail or Deluxe

Receive positive, healing advice


Energetic Self-Healing Reading

A Psychic Reading on a subject important to you, with comprehensive Chakra Reading and Highly Personalized tools for Energizing and Healing. This reading is also available at a reduced price without Chakra Reading.


Oracle Readings

Medicine Cards, Angel Oracle, Gemstone Oracle, Oracle of the Goddess, Self Care Cards, The Flower Speaks, I-Ching

Choose from these Positive and Nurturing Readings:

Deep Healing, Inner Directions, Gemstone Grail, Chakra Activation, Loving Me, Heart - Head - Hands, Five Guides Dream Insights, Healing Insights, I-Ching and Celtic w/Flowers



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