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        Venus Cycles      

Mysteries of Our Morning and Evening Star

Intro   Links   Dates of Conjunctions

Venusian Cycle Characteristics

Aztec Calendar


In traditional Western Astrology, Venus is the Goddess of Love, the one who shapes our earthly sense of style and grace, the bestower of beauty and charm. Her placement in the birth chart can tell much about an individual's potential for meaningful partnership in life, and help to identify talents and life challenges in both love and art. With certain placements and aspects, Venus can indicate more self-indulgent characteristics, and even a distinct propensity for hedonism.

Inspired by an article by Bruce Scofield in Mercury Direct (from the Mt. Astrologer), I offer the following links for those who wish to explore the darker side of Venus... specifically the cycle of conjunctions and elongations with the Sun that were of particular importance in ancient Mayan culture. Here it may be discovered that these times can trigger key events in the unfolding of profound lessons related to the potential for self-indulgence inherent in the Venusian archetype. From the fall from grace of Quetzalcoatl to the sexual scandal and national humiliation of Bill Clinton, we may see how the powerful and influential, as well as common men and women can fall victim to the veil of delight that is Venus.

Links below also explore long-term Venus cycles, such as transits (eclipses) that occur in pairs appr. every 110-130 years, and bring leaps in communication and consciousness between beings, and the 5,125 year long-count of the Mayans which defines ages. It is said that the Fourth World age is coming to an end, and the Fifth World spoken of in many indigenous cultures is beginning soon, or already has. However, there is disagreement as to the actual beginning date of the current age.

Additional links explore: fascinating astronomical and numerical observations; a connection between Venus inferior conjunction and health; and connections to Christianity and other religious and cultural traditions and myths. Enjoy!!


2012 worrying you? Stop worrying and keep working toward a more enlightened and conscious way of being! In these times we are called on to speak truth, act with compassion, and trust our higher instincts. Our acts of genuine love and care, for each other and the world, are ultimately cataclysmic to the culture of selfishness and greed, and revolutionary to those of us who wish to live sustainably, in harmony, and closer to the earth.

Mayan Elder CARLOS BARRIOS speaks about 2012

Venus : An Alchemical View... by Stephanie Clement from Astro-Talk Magazine.. includes DATES of Superior and Inferior Conjunctions


President Clinton: A Quetzalcoatl for Our Times

Venus Reborn


Quetzalcoatl and the Sexual Secrets of the Toltec Astrologers

by Bruce Scofield - from One Reed Website


Venus Transit (eclipse) of 6/8/2004 - Carl Johan Calleman, PhD, and Anders Bjarstedt


Transits of Venus - 2004 and 2012 - by Peter M Langford

More on these events...


Influenza 1918, A Venus Connection? - Robert S. Fritzius


Venus Events - including table of dates of maximum elongation, maximum brilliancy and more - from Richard's Astronomical Observatory


Diagram of Superior and Inferior Conjunctions

StarDate Online - Planet Viewing in 2001


World's In Collision... the controversial book by Immanuel Velikovsky


The Golden Section - more on the Golden Proportion - in Art (Botticelli's Venus) and Architecture

Venus - Morning Star, Evening Star by Sandra Mosley


Quetzalcoatl - Tezcatlipoca - The Venus Cycle Introduced - Robert Coon, Earth Cycles - including dates of future Morning Stars and Evening Stars....


Crystallinks - Mayan Prophecies and Calendars


The Mayan Civilization... More on Venus Cycles


Venus Cycles in Christianity - from Meridian


Space Pictures June 2000 - Venus at Superior Conjunction (Sun Occults Venus!)


Viewing Venus in Broad Daylight - & Greatest Elongation Calculator

"an eastern elongation angle means Venus will be visible in the western sky after sunset, while at a western elongation Venus is visible in the eastern sky before dawn. "


Beyond 2012 - a look at the Great Mayan Cycle


The Mayan Venus Calendar and the Golden Proportion


The Sacred Shapes - Venus and the Pentagram


Astronomical Highlights 2001 - from Carnegie Science Center

Rare exact conjunction of Venus and Sun (eclipse) on June 8, 2004

click here for more information about it's significance for humanity, connection with 2012 Earth Changes and the OneNess Celebration




Poetry by my dear friend, Dena Moore!

Fluidity of Creation - Poetry of Love, Loss and the Occult - by by Dena L. Moore


Natal Venusian Cycle Characteristics

from Sex and the Plumed Serpent: Mesoamerican Venus Cycles - by Bruce Scofield


Morning Star Venus

greatest Eastern Elongation

appr. 46 degrees before the Sun in the Zodiac

"pushing the boundaries of social morality"


Evening Star Venus

greatest Western Elongation

appr. 46 degrees following Sun in Zodiac

"upholding social norms and conventional morality"


Inferior Conjunction

beginning of Morning Star period

Retrograde Venus passes quickly between Earth and Sun

"wild, impulsive actions and errors"


Superior Conjunction

evening star phase begins about a month later

appr. 2 month conjunction - Sun is between Earth and Venus

"deep thinkers.. driven to grapple with morality"






Quetalcoatl - Fall from Grace...

Venus/Sun Inferior Conjunctions

Appr. 1-2 week retrograde period - precedes Morning Star Phase

8/18/2007 - 24 Leo

3/28/2009 - 7 Aries

10/29/2010 - 5 Scorpio

6/6/2Ol2 - 15 Gemini

 1/11/2014 - 21 Capricorn

8/16/2015 - 22 Leo


Tezcatlipoca - Judgment Period

Venus/Sun Superior Conjunctions

Appr. 90 day period - precedes Evening Star Phase

1/14/2002 - 24 Capricorn

8/18/2003 - 25 Leo

 3/31/2005 - 10 Aries

10/27/2006 - 4 Scorpio

6/9/2008 - 19 Gemini

1/11/2010 - 21 Capricorn

8/16/2011 - 23 Leo

 3/28/2013 - 8 Aries

10/26/2014 - 3 Scorpio

5/7/2016 - 16 Gemini


Venus Events - including table of dates of maximum elongation, maximum brilliancy and more - from Richard's Astronomical Observatory



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