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Uranus in Pisces

Neptune in Aquarius, Pluto in Sagittarius

2003 to 2011

Do they want war??

by Danielle A. Ricard

In 1996 Uranus entered Aquarius - the sign it rules - and Neptune followed in 1998. In March 2003, Uranus will overtake Neptune and enter Pisces, where the titan will reside until 2011. The two will remain within 30 degress of each other for many years....

With Uranus in Pisces, the sign Neptune rules, and Neptune still in the sign Uranus rules - Aquarius, we find these two generation-influencing planets in mutual reception for 7 years. During this time they will feed off each other's energy, exchange ideas, melt into eath other and mold each other's power and influence. They will truly depend on one another - searching for agreement in everything they do. Uranus has already been immersed in his own Aquarian vibes, gaining strength and reaffirming his power. Now in Pisces, Uranus has the opportunity to tap into the vibrations of unconditional love and sacrifice - and bring sudden insights into the watery depths of Piscean dreamland. Meanwhile, Neptune in Aquarius is still absorbing the endless possibilities inherent in the sign that brings us science, revolution, sexual quickening and karmic whammies. Do these planets really want war in the world? What they strive for, at any cost - is change, and ultimate peace.

It is notable that this particular dance between two such mind-bending planets culminates very closely to the 2012 end of the great Mayan mega-cycle, and the coinciding rare alignment of the December solstice sun with the Galactic Center in Sagittarius (12/22/12). A long septile aspect between Neptune and Pluto goes on as well during this same time period. All of this seems to herald earth-shattering change and renewal... a time to explode with revelations gathered simultaneously from the rich imagery of our collective consciousness, and from mind-blowing, cosmic spiritual intelligence. Together these sometimes ruthless planets of higher social and spiritual consciousness will search for the best path for humanity, and we will be left to struggle for understanding along the way. Beginning in 2012 when Uranus enters Aries, the lightning planet may herald a bold new era as amazing new scientific and humanitarian manifestations are put into action.

The last time Uranus was in Pisces was during the first 7 years of the 1920's. Neptune was in Leo, giving birth to the stars of the silver screen, and generally showing off. Uranus was busy too, inspiring us with new ways to escape into Piscean dreamland. Pluto was in Cancer, protecting family and motherhood (prohibition!!) Spiritualism gained acceptance, the arts flourished, drug-use became more common-place, numerous new household appliances were introduced, and consumerism and mass production gained solid ground. The end of WWI had brought an exaggerated feeling of joy, prosperity and escapism, and this explosion of freedom was evident in jazz music, dance-halls, organized crime, speak-easys, and wild stock market speculation that finally led to it's collapse in 1929. It seems that Uranus and Pluto, both in water signs, encouraged emotional searching and reckless experimentation, and Neptune in Leo brought these themes out in the open with fire and drama.

This time around, we have Uranus in Pisces, Neptune in Aquarius, and Pluto in Sagittarius. In contrast to the Roaring Twenties when Pluto and Neptune were in highly instinctual and self-serving signs, all three of the outer planets are in signs that are socially conscious (upper hemisphere of natural zodiac.) Two of them, Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius, are in signs that tend to be more personal and private, as opposed to extroverted. We also have two mutable signs and one fixed. I believe we are unlikely to experience close-up drama on the scale of the Roaring Twenties. Rather - with Sagi, Pisces and Aquarius in the mix, we can expect morality and spirituality (Pisces and Sagi) to impose universal themes for change-making, as well as science and revolution (Aquarius) - all with the higher aim of molding society morally and politically. Of course not everyone shares the same morality and spirituality!

This current period and transitional time in history may be similar in some ways to the 1750's which heralded the beginning of the Industrial Revolution (Pluto in Sag, Uranus in Aquarius/Pisces and Neptune in Cancer/Leo), however more spiritual in nature than territorial. Pluto in Sagi enjoys creating change through exploring future possibilities, and Uranus in Pisces will inspire imaginative, instant changes - and encourage us to join forces with whatever best reflects one's deepest beliefs. Neptune will challenge us to absorb scientific Aquarian vibes and find the best uses for humanity. Neptune and Pluto in septile aspect add spiritual fervor.

Uranus and Neptune and their respective signs are comfortable flirting with peril and death, and Sagittarius (Pluto) is no coward. All this can be a dangerous mix for dangerous minds... religious, spiritual and moral regeneration is certainly to be expected. While Saturn is in Cancer ('til summer 2005,) establishing firm family values should be an issue as well, and health care, cloning and abortion questions may be bantered wildly.  (The US president's State of the Union speech (1/28) has certainly affirmed many of these astro-trends!) Given the leaders we have been dealt during this time in history, I can imagine protracted conflict, perhaps even horrifying as has been predicted by many. I can also envision small squirmishes and conflicts around the world, and also more than a few natural disasters. If we use the US chart with Sagittarius Rising, it is easy to understand the current call by Bush for world-freedom (or die!). While we can hope in every conflict for a war of words rather than physical altercation, the water and air elements are just as troubling as fire, as he pointed out so vividly - weapons can be released through our waterways and scattered to the winds.

I would like to sound hopeful, but the truth is - human beings are still a fairly aggressive species as a whole, even though many of us have learned to transcend our fears and control our passions. Let us hope that world leaders can do the same, for the sake of those whose lives they would sacrifice. Let us remain hopeful that they might get off their high horses (Sagi) and seek common ground (Pisces) in order to meet each other in friendship and understanding (Aquarius)!!! I join countless others in praying for this brighter possibility!

January 29, 2003 - by Danielle Astrid Ricard - all rights reserved



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by Danielle A Ricard, all rights reserved

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