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Uranus & Neptune Ride the Sky Together

Uranus and Neptune circled the sun within about 10° of each other (by Zodiac sign) from 1988 through 1999. For most of this time they were both in Capricorn. In 1996 Uranus entered Aquarius - the sign it rules - and Neptune followed in 1998. Now, Uranus is overtaking Neptune and will enter Pisces in 2003.

These two planets have an amazing affect on each other, which we experience as either magical, life enhancing revelations, or confusing and frustrating karmic whammys. On a personal level, you may have noticed a great need to express your individuality, use your imagination and demand your freedom. Many of us have taken the initiative to explore our interests regardless of criticism, and expand our minds in positive ways. Some of us have engaged in dangerous, escapist activities, and others have hidden from responsibility, but ultimately there has been change, whether one was prepared for it or not.

The result of using this energy constructively is an increased understanding and acceptance of others, a higher social-consciousness, a willingness to take responsibility for the world, and spiritual and emotional growth.

On a planetary level, Uranus and Neptune have been working together to wake us up and spur our imaginations to find ways to better society. This has been evident in the shocking honesty and graphic emotional impact of today's youth culture, which is clearly a cry for change. These kids see and feel the earth, its people and the animal kingdom dying from pollution and over-population, and they are angry about it. Through the power of our children and the support of their 60's era parents, these issues will someday take precedence over the status-quo corporation-pleasing atmosphere on capitol hill, and become integral with lasting and meaningful political action.

And what can we expect in years to come from Uranus and Neptune? I believe there may be a spiritual revival thanks to the influence of Pisces, and more and more people will be willing to make sacrifices for the sake of our earth and our fellow beings.



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