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The Power of 5 in Astrology

by Danielle A. Ricard - 2001

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Here are more Celebrity Quintiles....


to a great Marley Site

Robert Nesta Marley was an Aquarius, with Sagittarius Rising. His Venus 4th house opposite Neptune/Jupiter 10th illustrates the great love and spiritual devotion he gave to his people and to the world. Quintiles as a driving force behind his contribution are seen between the Moon in Scorpio - 12th house and Saturn in Cancer - 7th house. He felt driven to take his feelings quite seriously. He must have felt that humanity(12th house) was his partner in life (7th house) to be cared for and nurtured. Mars in Capricorn - 2nd house quintiles Venus - 4th house in Aries. Here we see partnership, love and art inspired with tremendous creative energy and drive to succeed. The North Node 8th house quintiles Chiron 10th house - showing his deep need to connect with people who are suffering in their self-esteem, politically, sexually or spiritually. Finally, the Sun is in very tight quintile with the Midheaven, attesting to his rise to world fame and recognition.


to a Mae West site

Leo Mae West's chart is loaded with dynamic quintiles. Her Cancer Moon - 2nd house quintiles Mars in Aquarius - 10th - a pivotal planet for her entire chart. This shows how her very nurturing emotional nature was expressed with great drive and energy. Saturn and Venus are quintile, and there is a quintile pattern between Pluto/Neptune, Chiron/Sun and Uranus - all in the personal houses. Not knowing a great deal about her personal life, I would say that she suffered in her self-esteem to a certain degree, and experienced hard-knocks in love. She clearly had an unusual, powerful and rebellious approach to sexuality. She likely felt unusual or outcast (Uranus) but had a very powerful spiritual and imaginative nature that she used to make herself visible in the world.


to the Shrine to Bruce Lee site

Bruce Lee was an amazing individual whose rise to fame was inevitable with Sun Rising in Sagittarius quintile the Midheaven. Uranus in Taurus - 6th house quintiles Pluto and Chiron in Leo - 8th house. Here we see his unstoppable drive to express his power through shock value, rebellion and unusual/ingenious, lightning fast means... and his dedication to his work. Mercury/Moon and Part of Fortune in Scorpio - 12th house quintile the South Node in Aries - 4th house. This indicates to me a sharp, witty tongue that might have gotten him into trouble on his home turf. He was probably good at hiding his thoughts, and striking unawares... So much Scorpio and Taurus in this stinging bull!! Bruce Lee was born to be an athlete, a fighter and a legend.


Click here to read a Channeled Interview with Jim

Sagittarius Jim Morrison had numerous quintiles. His Moon in Taurus 3rd house was pivotal with Neptune in Libra - 8th house and Sun - 10th. This first configuration helps to explain his Venusian Godliness, as well as his extremely spiritual, imaginitive and idealistic loving/sexual nature, and his emotional/energetic artistry, too. Mercury 11th quintiles Pluto/N.Node 6th, which oppose the Ascendant. He was compelled to express his power, magnetism & sexuality through thought & words, immediately, deeply and as a service to humanity - a powerful poet. Venus 9th quintiles Uranus/Mars in the 4th house. Here we see an erratic, open, freedom loving quality to his relationships. Finally, Chiron 7th quintiles the MC, PF - 5th and S.Node/Ascendant. This shows an inner pain, possibly having to do with his identity and men or masculinity (squares to Sun and Mars) that he needed to express, and that helped carry him to fame.


Janis Joplin site

In the chart of Capricorn Janis Joplin, a prominent quintile between the Moon in the 5th house (Cancer) and Venus/Mercury in the 12th shows that compulsion to love and be loved that Marilyn Monroe had, but with Janis the focus is on expression, recreation and transcendence as opposed to partnership and wisdom. It's interesting that Venus is otherwise unaspected - possibly attesting to her loneliness in love. Jupiter in the 5th house is in a quintile configuration with Neptune in the 7th and the Ascendant. Here we see how her tremendous idealism and joy for life were overwhelmingly evident in all that she did. Chiron opp. AS/S.Node and Pluto/PF opposite Sun 12th contributed to her wounded self-image and tragic attraction to the dark side.


to a Belushi Tribute page

Here's a look at our sweet Aquarian clown, John Belushi who had a few interesting quintiles, too. Chiron 11th quintiles Mercury/Mars/PF 2nd which then connects to the North Node in Taurus. This shows a past wounding in his ability to express himself, along with a strong need to connect with others and express/act out inner suffering... certainly something he did in spades, and profited from, too. Trines to Uranus and Neptune contibute to his strong imaginative/creative/innovative abilities. Underworld Pluto in the 8th house quintiles MC/S.Node - showing a visible attraction to the dark side which proved to be his fame as well as his undoing. Is it any surprise that the Moon was rising when he was born?



Check back for More Celebrity Quintiles.... Karen Carpenter, Frank Zappa, Mozart... any requests?


NOTES: In the above examples I have refered to both biquintiles and quintiles as Quintiles. I would not say that any of these great people were unaware of their power and charm, but I would imagine that they probably found it to be a burden. Although quintiles play a big role in each of their charts, these examples represent only a part of their complexity as human beings.

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