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The Power of 5 in Astrology

by Danielle A. Ricard - 2001

in the lives of Modern Legends of Music, Film and Politics

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Often overlooked in Astrological practice, I have found the quintile to be extremely useful in assessing personality traits. Quintiles show in what areas of life one is powerfully driven. These 1/5th or 1/10 (of a circle) aspects between planets create compulsive tendencies imbedded so deeply in one's being that they can become insurmountable, uncontrollable behavior patterns. Quintiles may be quite upsetting if we're not aware of them! They often show personality traits that we can't seem to help or even understand. While this may sound daunting, I believe that Quintiles give us incredible strengths and powers that push us to succeed in whatever it is we are here on this earth to accomplish.

Much more compelling than the dynamic Square aspect, the quintile sends us beyond reason into areas of the psyche that don't care whether or not we conform to or fit in with others. Depending on the closeness of the aspect (by degrees in orb) and the planets or personal points involved, our behavior may become obsessive and uncontrolled. On the other hand, without such compulsions, many of us would flounder in a sea of mediocrity.

In esoteric tradition, 5 is the number of humanity. It represents the mind - that which empowers us to act for ourselves. The 5 represents self-serving, even magical powers. In Tarot - 1 is beginnings, 2 is partnership, 3 is birth, 4 is our foundation & security and 5 is the "unleashing" of our true nature. With the five, we find that we have "gone too far!" In the Tarot pip cards - the 5 of cups creates sorrow, wands creates discord, swords creates a feeling of being wrong and pentacles - material failure. They all seem grim, but they simply illustrate the tragic result of a lack of awareness for the power we wield.

When I discovered my big quintile - Moon 7th house/ Venus & Neptune 9th house - I was relieved to find out what made me behave sometimes irrationally in relationships. Very simply - when there is not harmony, I can't stand it! and I will persist in "making" my partner, friend, child (whoever!) be happy and pleased with me. Rejection is not acceptable... if I don't win my loved one over, I feel absolutely crazed! Knowing this has helped a great deal in recognizing how illogical and unreasonable I can become. I have slowly over the years worked at overcoming this aspect of my personality, and I am grateful to my brother for pointing out the importance of quintiles to me - (thanks Gary!). A less strong quintile between Mercury and Jupiter reveals my compulsion to uncover and learn as much as I can (hours spent at the computer!), and an even weaker quintile between the Moon and Mars hints at my need to act out my emotions immediately. Fortunately I have a strong Saturn that curbs my reactions somewhat. I have learned that these quintiles, while sometimes annoying, keep me on course. They add to my personal magnetism, and help assure that I do something of value every day!

So - enough about me. Here are some vastly more interesting people, sadly gone (I prefer not to write about the living without their knowledge!) who had some very interesting, and obviously fateful Quintiles!


to a well done Hendrix site

In the chart of ultra Sagi Jimi Hendrix, there is a quintile between Uranus and the Midheaven - (career and reputation.) It is clear that Uranus - the planet of inventiveness, ingeniousness and wild rebelliousness, as well as electricity - compelled Jimi to express himself in a radical way for all the world to see. Also, the Moon quintile his Sagittarius rising drove Jimi to display his very changeable Cancer-Moon emotions immediately, honestly and in all that he did. A Saturn/Part of Fortune quintile clearly shows his compulsion to succeed.... in fact, it was beyond his control!


to Project Diana

Here is some text from my Star Maps for Princess Diana who had Saturn in the 1st house (self-image) quintile Mars in the 8th (power, inheritance, etc...) "You are driven to act in accordance with social norms. You do not tolerate sudden changes or improper action. You feel a need for authority and discipline in your life, and would fit well into a highly ritualized, austere or martial environment." This - her strongest quintile aspect - hallmarked her position in life, and clearly marked her stubbornness in the face of such an unsatisfying marriage. Venus quintile the Part of Fortune and Neptune quintile the North Node contribute strongly to her incredible capacity for unconditional love and compassion, and her highly charitable nature.


to the Official Marilyn Monroe site

In the chart of Marilyn Monroe, there is a very strong quintile between the Moon and Pluto. She had to express her emotions in a way that affected others very deeply, sexually and transformatively. For Marilyn, the Moon in Aquarius in the 7th house gave her a coolness that was very captivating, and with Pluto in quintile aspect, there was a tendency to either control or be controlled by relationships. She also had the same Venus - 9th house / Moon 7th house quintile that I'm blessed with (haha) - a compulsion to love and be loved, and a quintile configuration with the Sun between Uranus and Neptune. She was definitely "out there!" - totally unconventional, new, and in love with everyone and everything.


to the Legend of John Lennon site

John Lennon's Sun in Libra quintile Pluto/Chiron in Leo (5th house) shows an overwhelming desire to create healing change and harmony for the world - through creative, sexually magnetic, explosive and revolutionary means. A (generational) quintile between Pluto/Chiron and Uranus adds to the sudden shock value of the 60's Peace-wave he symbolizes in so many ways, and an added quintile from Uranus to the Part of Fortune shows how he was truly fated to create lasting and revolutionary changes.


read more about JFK

note proper use of stoagie... sorry Bill, I couldn't resist!

Quintiles abound in the chart of John F. Kennedy. A pivotal point is his 8th house Sun/Jupiter/Mercury/Mars stellium in Gemini and Taurus - all quintiling Libra Rising, Neptune/Saturn 10th, and Chiron 6th. Roughly translated, this amounts to a very high profile, powerful person driven to communicate and act upon his extremely lofty ideals - through any means at his disposal. His 11th House Aquarius Moon quintiles Pluto in Cancer in the 9th as well, illustrating well his emotional need for power and recognition, and to create drastic change.


Joan Crawford (remember Mommy Dearest?) was a doozy. Her already harsh 3rd house Moon/Saturn in Aquarius formed a lovely quintile to Neptune in the 8th house. She clearly visualized an illusory world where the expression of, and demands regarding her emotional needs were paramount to her power and success. Further, she had Pluto in the 8th house quintiling the Sun - heightening her obsession with control. I'll stop here, the rest of the quintiles only make it worse!


In the chart of Billie Holiday, there is a very strong quintile configuration linking the Sun, Pluto/Saturn, the Ascendant and the Midheaven in Scorpio. This illustrates beautifully her powerfully sexual presence, as well as her attraction to dangerous underworld characters and situations.


To end on a hopeful and spiritual note, our dear Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. used his quintiles for the most noble of causes. His ambitious Sun in Capricorn forms a focal point in a Sun/Neptune/Mars quintile, driving him in the direction of Spiritual Warrior and Government Reformer. Eleventh house Mercury in Aquarius is quintile Aries Rising - adding the gift of inspired and socially conscious speech as an integral part of his image. Jupiter quintile Pluto made his beliefs grandiose and life-transforming. This also gave him a huge does of sexual magnetism. These are just some notable quintiles among several other 5th harmonic aspects in his chart!

NOTES: In the above examples I have referred to both biquintiles and quintiles as Quintiles. I would not say that any of these great people were unaware of their power and charm, but I would imagine that they probably found it to be a burden. Although quintiles play a big role in each of their charts, these examples represent only a part of their complexity as human beings.

To find out about your quintiles, check out my Chart Offerings...,

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