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Pluto in the Age of Aquarius

We are living in a time of accelerated growth for the souls here on earth. In the last century alone we have seen tremendous leaps in scientific discovery and technological advancement, along with unprecedented levels of human and environmental destruction. Many of us feel pressured to keep up with new technologies, and at the same time adjust to a larger, more diverse, more mobile population. We seem to be constantly challenged by karmic encounters and the pressures of modern life. Many yearn for a simpler way of life - a haven devoid of cars, pollution and the complexities of society. Now, with the the dawning of a new millennium, some believe we running into cataclysm and total social breakdown.

I share a widespread belief that we are close to an overhaul in the way society works, and in the way we accept and respect each other in all our diversity. This will come, as we have already witnessed, with increased physical and social disasters, but not, I believe, in total devastation. The changes we are beginning to witness are the manifestations of a major shift in planetary consciousness, which has its beginnings in the fledgling Age of Aquarius (and also coincides with the Mayan 5200 yr. global shift in 2012, among many other prophesied "ends" to civilization).

It seems that we are in for a long haul before we reach the ultimate Aquarian utopia. We are still babes in the Aquarius woods - much like the early Christians at the beginning of the Piscean Age. The end of that era has left us with the knowledge that peace on earth is a real possibility. In the Aquarian Age, we will discover how to make peaceful, conscious, cooperative coexistence a reality.

This Age has already inspired us to create technologies that nurture and support brother and sisterhood on earth, such as the internet and faster modes of travel. Because these technologies are so new, we are still faced with the task of working out numerous bugs. The Aquarian Age is the time to do it. We have about 2000 years!

The outer planets - Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are keys to these changes. Uranus takes 84 years to traverse all 12 signs of the Zodiac, Neptune takes 168 and Pluto takes 248 years. Uranus brings ingenious ideas and shocking events. Neptune brings imagination, unconditional love and breakdown of structure. Pluto brings death & rebirth - an end to what no longer works, karmic resolution and transformation. With each passage of these planets through a sign of the Zodiac, new insights and innovations take place.

PLUTO in recent years, and years to come...

In 1971 Pluto was entering Libra. Pluto deals with sexuality, power, intensity of experience and inner transformation - and Libra is all about love, art, beauty, equality. We experienced an artistic and sexual revolution - Peace, Love and Harmony were the key words. Marriage rituals were redefined, and Nations tried harder to diplomatically resolve conflicts.

In 1983 Pluto entered Scorpio, the sign it rules. Here we had a complete breakdown in the sexual excesses of the hippy era - a la the AIDS epidemic. We experienced shifts in consciousness about how we use our Power in the world, and found our own sense of inner power.

From 1995 to 2008 Pluto is in Sagittarius - the sign of honesty, optimism, action, travel, religion, philosophy, and mind expansion in general. Now the ideas of Tolerance and Honesty are beginning to take hold in our society. People will feel compelled to answer their true callings in life, be honest with each other, reveal their true motives, see things from a wider perspective and welcome foreign peoples and cultures. If you care to see a graphic example of one way in which this is happening in our popular culture, watch any daytime talk show (Ricki Lake, Oprah, etc...) - everyone's been coming clean, right down to lie-detector tests!

From 2008 to 2023 Pluto will be in Capricorn - the sign of ambition and social structure. Then we can hope to see a Transformation in our Governments. Taking into account the Age of Aquarius and previous gains through Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius, it would be reasonable to expect that our nations will strive to put more energy into common goals that will benefit people throughout the world, and that religions will become more tolerant as well.

From 2023 to 2043 Pluto is in Aquarius. Then we will finally see our technologies begin to change dramatically. New strides in the utilization of Clean Energy sources would be an expected outcome, and I believe that peace between nations may finally become a reality.

In 2043 Pluto in Pisces will bring Spiritual Regeneration - perhaps the beginning of a world religion we can all live with.....

After that??? Let's see - I'll be in my 90s or better...... Pluto in Aries - hmmm. Could be some interstellar exploration going on!

Pluto and pop music - just listen.....

It is interesting to note how the prevailing musical and artistic themes throughout each short era mirror the energy of the sign Pluto was in. During Libra's reign - the '70's - popular lyrics spoke of love, peace, harmony, relationships and self-indulgence. In Scorpio's reign - '83-'95, we experienced the intensity of rap music - an expression of personal power and sexuality, as well as rock themes that conveyed a kind of pessimism about the world, and self-anhilation. Now, during Pluto's trip through Sagittarius, I have noticed a renewed optimism and plenty of silliness in pop music, as well as spirituality and World music influences - very Sagittarian....and we have 8 more years to enjoy it!



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