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May 2000 Taurus Conjunction

and the Grand Mutation of Jupiter & Saturn

The alignment of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in early May 2000 in Taurus was a grand kickoff for the Saturn/Jupiter Conjunction. It marked a particularly potent time to focus on prosperity and how we go about achieving it, sharing it and using it. So much energy localized in the most primitive earth sign opens up for us a great portal of opportunity, and at the same time - a chance to focus on how we USE our resources. Prayers for the world, for an end to hunger and a commitment to keep giving and supporting positive change are appropriate for this time. This is a fairly rare sort of event that must be viewed in light of the concurrent Saturn/Jupiter square to Uranus.


The Saturn/Jupiter conjunction lasted from April - August 2000. These conjunctions occur appr. every 20 years. On a personal level, they signal a time to work on planning for your educational, spiritual or religious goals. Jupiter says GO and Saturn says either Be Careful, or Don't do it at all. In Taurus, it is an especially good time for making solid and far-reaching business or career decisions. The focus is on personal survival (Taurus), Long term Plans, prudence (Saturn) and expansion and wisdom (Jupiter).

On a global level, I see this as a time to look at societal and governmental structures (Saturn) and how we can further expand them, with wisdom (Jupiter). In light of the concurrent square to Uranus, an educational or philosophical revolution was certainly part of the process. These planets seem to be asking us - are we using our resources (Taurus) in the realms of expansion & education (Jupiter) and our institutions (Saturn) for the good of all (Aquarius/Uranus)?" What do you think?

URANUS SQUARE - April-June 2000

Uranus in Aquarius was exactly square Saturn on May 13th, square Jupiter on May 20th, and in close square to both from April - June. This signalled a time of shocking fluctuations in the stock-market, erratic behavior in business, boldness, ingeniousness, clashes with authority and major scientific discoveries. One I noticed in the news involved a huge advancement in breaking down the genetic code. Here we have Uranus in Aquarius (science, rebellion, innovation) butting into Saturn in Taurus (structures, matter, the body) and Jupiter (new horizons, expansion, education.) Now a year later (August 2001) the issue of cloning human tissue, and (my God!) humans is actually presented to us. I am trusting that we can move forward with proper respect for the natural order of life, and use this technology with wisdom and compassion.

For myself, I saw this as a time to question authority, branch out and do what I wanted to do. I began actualizing this energy in cyberspace - creating this website and sharing who I am without fear. Aquarius Rising that I am, I love it. However, this being a square aspect and particularly challenging in fixed signs, there are those who may have found the rebellious urge very unsettling. Others might have reveled in its call for freedom and radical change. Whatever your reaction, check the house placement of 20 degrees of Taurus (Saturn & Jupiter) and 20 degrees of Aquarius (Uranus) in your chart to determine what area of your life has been triggered by this growth cycle!



Jupiter and Saturn come into conjunction every 20 years. They have been meeting for the last appr. 170 years in EARTH SIGNS. This is the last such Earth sign conjunction in a 170 year cycle. The next Saturn/Jupiter conjunction will occur in 2020 in Libra. This will actually be the second in the beginning of this AIR cycle, which had its first occurrence at the end of 1980 - marking what is known as a "Grand Mutation", or a new cycle of Saturn/Jupiter conjunctions in a new Element. Following are the latest four Saturn/Jupiter conjunction cycles:

1980-2160   AIR SIGNS

Expansion, structural growth in the way we socialize, communicate, reason, seek equality and fairness - an era of global communication systems, scientific discovery and new, more rational ways of relating.

1802-1980  EARTH SIGNS

Expansion, structural growth in the way we regard money, possessions, structure(s), government, the earth - an era of new economic systems, communism, global capitalism, architectural milestones

1603-1802   FIRE SIGNS

Expansion, structural growth in the way we work, discover, pioneer, expand and learn - an era of exploration and discovery, national expansion, mass movement, ideological wars

1425-1603   WATER SIGNS

Expansion, structural growth in the way we nurture, love, care for others, use our imaginations - an era of religious idealism, and artistic and scientific blossoming.



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