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2012 worrying you? Stop worrying and start working toward a more enlightened and conscious way of being. In these times we are called on to speak truth, act with compassion, and trust our higher instincts. Our acts of genuine love and care, for each other and the world, are ultimately cataclysmic to the culture of selfishness and greed, and revolutionary to those of us who wish to live sustainably, in harmony, and closer to the earth. love, Danielle aka MoonCat  >^..^<

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I've been corresponding with Eric Starwalker... who has taken a great interest in long term aspects between Neptune & Pluto. - here is an intro... Blessings - Danielle... 9/7/01

Are you familiar with the 500 year "Phoenix Cycle" (my terminology) of the Neptune/Pluto Conjunctions and cycles of Human History? The last one occurred in 1892/93 marking the beginning of this current phase of Cultural Evolution. The approaching Neptune Quintile Pluto aspect merely marks the creative expansion phase of the cycle that was seeded in the late 1800's. Tracking the aspect phases of Neptune and Pluto is quite descriptive of the unfolding events of 20th Century and allows us to look forward to the developing opportunities of the 21st Century,

Pluto is the Wild Card Member of our Solar System. We're still not quite sure whether to even call it a Planet! It has a very eccentric 248 year orbital cycle which, at it's closest approach to the Sun (Perihelion), actually takes it INSIDE the orbit of Neptune! From the late 70's to the late 90's it was closer to us than the massive gas giant Neptune. It's during the Perihelion Phase that Pluto is neck and neck with Neptune orbiting (transiting) at virtually the same speed and distance as Neptune. The result is that any aspects formed between them will last MUCH LONGER than at any other time in their 494 year cycle.

As an example, the "Sextile Phase" lasted from the late 40's to the late 80's. The Sextile Aspect is considered a window of opportunity to realize new creative abilities and modes of co-operative relationship. This Aspect could very well describe the "Baby Boomers"! Because Pluto has passed Perihelion, and has moved beyond the orbit of Neptune again, it is beginning to slow in it's transitting speed. (Pluto behaves much more like a Comet in this respect than do the other Planets). The effect of this is that Neptune and Pluto are re-entering the Septile Phase that was active from 1938 to 1941! We all know what was happening during that period of time! This current waxing Septile Phase will begin in earnest in 2002 and last until 2012. The Human Race has been through this challenge before, and the lessons (hopefully) are still fresh in our collective memory. We have the advantage of the of experience of the power of Passion, the need for singular focus, expressed in a less than conscious and constructive fashion to remind us of the dangers of not staying on the "right" side of Power. The final waxing Sextile Phase will then re-emerge in the 2020's, advancing to the creative renaissance of the Quintile Phase in the late 2030's and 40's.

Dane Rudhyar was the 1st to introduce the idea of the Astrological Wheel as an organicunfolding PROCESS with his ground breaking work "The Astrology of Personality" in the 1930's. Signs, Houses and Aspects need to be considered as part of an evolving pattern of consciousness in order to fully appreciate their true meaning.

Wow, Eric - are you familiar with Jose Arguelles, the harmonic convergence, etc...? I see that this Neptune/Pluto septile phase ending in 2012 corresponds with the Mayan "global paradigm shift" - 5200 year megacycle which marks the end of society/humanity as we know it and sends us into a new era. That certainly struck me... and also the parallel with the Hitler years. I find this disturbing, and can only imagine that the energy, in his case, triggered the delusional and sick quest for spiritual (7) renewal in the form of a human purging. I hope that, for us, the prolonged septile will offer opportunities to expand upon the sextile and connect more strongly with the spiritual world. I have long felt that our children - the kids who can operate computers and master video games, are pre-prepared for some kind of battle - horrible as that may sound.... and that some kind of breakdown of society is at hand. I hope it will manifest in a non-destructive way!

The sextile, baby-boomer cycle is also very interesting, and I feel that these planets resonate with spiritual love/transcendence as their highest combined expression (also meltdown of sexual standards, fantasy/death themes in our entertainment ... etc!) Thanks again for sharing with me! I was wondering if you were working on writing about this at length - I think it is important stuff, and Dane Rudhyar - would be proud.

To my knowledge, the "Phoenix Cycle" has not been written about as a key to our Historical process. The Sextile Aspect has been written about extensively as an isolated aspect, but not viewed as a part of an unfolding PROCESS. You may get more info yourself if you consider the Quintile as the natural next step from the Sextile and the necessary preparation for the Novile and then the Square. And yes, the Phoenix Cycle seems to be the 1st astro signature (to my knowledge) that would confirm the likelihood of the very beginnings of a grand awakening globally in the 20 teens. (Used to include the Mayan paradigm in the talks I did).

The waxing Septile carries an overtone of the 2nd House. In the natural Wheel it would activate the 22nd degree of Taurus. This would account for the World's present pre-occupation with Resources and Global Economics in general. The Septile, by nature, is offering the opportunity for a singular focus of the emotional and psychic energy of the Human Race. There's nothing like a Life and Death crisis to get everyone moving in the same direction with a common purpose! The powerful ideological forces of Pluto in Sag are being challenged to consciousness by the inspired dreams of Global co-operation and networking as a common People by Neptune in Aquarius. That's why the's are being challenged right now for their financial viability.

On another front, Neptune in Aquarius would represent cutting edge Science (traditional scientists are associated with Capricorn). True to the spirit of Aquarius, mindblowing advances in the decoding of the Human Genome are challenging longstanding ideologies rooted in the past. Recent advances in this area are revealing how truly similar and connected we are as one people to one another. The dissolution of the ideological barriers that divide us can be perceived as a blessing or a curse. The nature of the Septile through the year 2012 will bring all of this to a head.

The last Jupiter/Saturn conj (at 23 degrees of Taurus!) in May of 2000 is also adding weight to the drive for an abundant and prosperous lifestyle the World over. The 20 year cycle of the Jup/Sat conjuctions set the tone of our social matrix. The May 2000 conjunction was the last one in the Earth Element in the present 800 year Grand Cycle. The year 2020 will mark the beginning of the 200 year Air Element Cycle of the Jup/Sat conjunctions, the dawning of the true "Information Age". This will open the door to the Gateway of Opportunity of the final waxing Sextile Phase of Neptune and Pluto in the 2020's.

Your mention of the Grand Mutation Cycle reminded me of a page I put up last year on the alignment in Taurus... Of course, it is still a valid topic!!

Great article on the Jup/Sat Conj Cycle! This Signature will be a valid topic for the next 20 years! By the way, the waning Septile preceding the conj of Neptune/Pluto occurred in the 1850's. This was hot on the heels of the sighting of Neptune in 1846. It was in the 1850's that Gold Fever struck the US and then spread to the rest of the World. True to the impulse of Neptune, many people gave themselves with total abandon to the fulfillment of a Utopian Dream resulting in great hardship and ultimate disillusionment for many. It did offer the promise of great wealth to the underclasses for the 1st time. They could, if fortunate, gain untold riches by the labor of their own hands. One of the biggest stories to emerge from W.W.II was the Nazi confiscation of the Gold and Art of whatever Country they invaded.

The Septile aspect seems to involve the survival instinct. When one feels that one's very existence is threatened, the single-minded obsession to secure as many resources as possible to protect and provide for yourself in the future becomes dominant. In the 1940's the entire World was kicked into the singular purpose of Warrior mode, demanding full access to the resources of the people to meet the challenges of full-scale War. In the US, the "War Tax", which later became our present day Income Tax, was implemented giving the Government direct access to our common wealth to be used for whatever purpose They deemed appropriate. It seems that the Septile triggers crises that bring us to a crossroads that demand that we "either all hang together or hang separately"! We may be witnessing another "Gold Rush" on those things we consider of value collectively in the next 11 years.

Maverick Astrologer

Eric Starwalker





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