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HARMONIC Configurations

Conjunction   Stellium   Trine   Grand Trine   Square & Octile   Opposition T-Square   Grand Square   Sextile   Grand Sextile   Mystic Rectangle Quincunx   Yod   Quintile & BiQuintile   Septile   Novile  More Harmonics... 10, 11, 13... and more - Axial Harmonics Theory

For ease in reading, I refer to the Sun and Moon as Planets


1st Harmonic

The Conjunction occurs when any two or more planets, Sun, Moon, (and for some Astrologers, other points such as the Fixed Stars, Asteroids, North & South Nodes and personal points such as the Midheaven and Ascendant) are within (appr.) 0-10 degrees of each other by Zodiac Sign. A Stellium involves 4 or more planets in conjunction. Conjunctions strengthen the planets involved, and cause them to identify with each other, thus Saturn & Mercury conjunct quite simply make for serious and cautious (Saturn) communication (Mercury). Mars and Venus together indicate active and aggressive (Mars) love and creativity (Venus). Jupiter with the Moon can make one have grandiose (Jupiter) emotions (Moon), and a tendency to overeat (Jupiter = expansion and Moon = nurturing = food!). The attributes of the sign and house in which the conjunct planets fall are intensified by the conjunction, and add focus to their energy. A Stellium increases that intensity and focus, and adds complexity to the configuration.



3rd Harmonic

The Trine involves two (or more) planets or other points within 120º of each other, forming a line that spans 1/3rd of the circle. This is the 3rd harmonic. Planets in Trine aspect are harmonious and flowing. There is an ease of energy that makes their interaction almost invisible - that is, the native may take their gifts (or challenges) for granted. Thus, someone with Jupiter trine the Sun is likely to feel lucky, lighthearted and philosophical about life. A trine between Mars and Uranus can make one inclined to be impetuous and even a daredevil. A Grand Trine consists of three interconnected trine aspects that form a triangle in the chart. The aspected planets will all (usually) be in one of the four elements - Fire, Earth, Air or Water. Generally, a person with one or more grand trines possesses a certain kind of luck in which he or she feels provided for, and does not necessarily need to work hard. The danger lies in the native expecting life to be easy. Other "hard" aspects in the chart (which most people have plenty of), such as squares and oppositions, will temper this energy with some realistic challenges that motivate the native to use her/his gifts constructively.

The FIRE Grand Trine makes one very confident, active and inspired, and possibly prone to taking risks.

Someone with an EARTH Grand Trine is very practical, grounded, acquisitive and stable.

The AIR Grand Trine makes one very cerebral, objective, observant and possibly cool and aloof.

A person with a WATER Grand Trine is very imaginative, creative, psychic and sensitive.



4th & 8th Harmonics

The Square occurs when two planets are within appr. 90º of each other, forming a line that spans 1/4th of the circle. An Octile or Semi-square is half a square, or 45º between points, forming a line that spans 1/8th of the circle. They have similar energy, but the square is a much "harder", or difficult energy to deal with. Basically, the square causes disharmony and challenges. This is because the planets or points involved are (usually) in the same modality (Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable) which leads to competition, and in incompatible elements (Fire, Earth, Air, Water) which leads to lack of understanding. While Squares are exasperating and challenging, they force the native to work hard to reconcile the inconsistencies, making for dynamic personal challenges that can be built upon (think of a square foundation, the four directions, etc..) to create a solid achievement. Thus, a square between Neptune and Mercury will challenge a person with vagueness, deception or a tremendous imagination (Neptune) in thoughts, words and ideas (Mercury). Put Mercury at the Midheaven or conjunct Saturn (career) and this person could start out as a tremendous fibber, but turn into a famous fiction writer! Octiles are more of an annoyance than a real challenge. The points involved are consistently challenged to eliminate what doesn't work.



2nd & 4th Harmonics

The Opposition occurs when two planets are within appr. 180º of each other, forming a line that spans 1/2 of the circle. This puts the planets in opposite signs, and opposites do attract, and repel - so there is plenty of interaction and awareness going on between them. Oppositions are all about relating - with others or with inner polarities. The opposing planets may compete for attention from the native, so he/she may look for complementary energy from other people to satisfy whatever planet is not being actualized at the moment. Thus, if someone with Mars and Saturn opposite is acting out Mars to excess (action, aggressiveness), he may attract Saturn energy from others (restriction) until he learns to integrate his own sense of self-control into his personality. Conversely, she may feel inhibited in some area (Saturn), but attracts active, aggressive people (Mars) into her life to help bring out her assertive side.

The T-Square involves two opposing planets that are both in square aspect to another planet. To me it looks more like a Kite taking up 1/2 the circle. The Opposite points are guided by the Squared point, or Apex. If you take the example above and add say the Moon, this gives the added element of emotional reaction, mothering and nurturing, which serves as the way out of the oppositions struggle. We're talking sensitive, protective & temperamental here! This Apex point can be more powerful than the opposing planets.


The Grand Square has two oppositions and four squares! This is a toughy to deal with because it is enclosed, with no defining Apex points to disperse the energy. All the points will (usually) fall in one of the modalities - Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable. The Cardinal Grand Square is very motivated and driven. This makes for a true leader who could have a tendency to run people over. The Fixed Grand Square may be the most difficult - since there is no compromising for this stubborn and unyielding individual, however she/he has a strong urge to build a solid future. The Mutable Grand Square is very flexible and mobile. This native can be a sort of gypsy who bends with the wind, but may be of tremendous service to those who need her knowledge and abilities.



6th & 12th Harmonics

Points in Sextile aspect are 60º apart and form a line that spans 1/6th of the circle. A Sextile is 1/2 a trine, and is much like a trine, but less powerful. Sextiles (usually) involve planets in either Fire & Air or Earth & Water, and thus denote compatibility and easy energy between each other. These are the small talents everyone has. The Sextile is an aspect of versatility and usefulness. Thus, Mars sextile the Midheaven would make one naturally motivated (Mars) to achieve (MC), and Uranus sextile Pluto would help one to use their personal power, hidden resources and sexuality (Pluto) toward a humanitarian or inventive goal (Uranus). The Grand Sextile involves six Sextiles interconnected in a hexagram shape, and involves two Grand Trines and three Oppositions! This rare person will be either predominantly Earth and Water or Fire and Air, yet multi-talented and versatile. The Fire and Air person is extremely energetic, buoyant and magnetic. He has a multitude of ideas and is constantly inspired to action. The Earth and Water person will use his gifts to more practical and tangible ends. She is likely to be very artistic, imaginative and somewhat laid back. Because of the oppositions, these natives all have plenty of interaction with the outside world.


The Mystic Rectangle looks like a butterfly. It involves two Oppositions forming an X, where the top and bottom of the X form two Sextiles, and the right and left sides form two Trines. This is a very beneficial configuration. The soft flowing nature of the Trines and Sextiles help the native to work out the conflicting energies of the oppositions, and ease strain on relationships. The Yod is formed by two planets in Sextile (60º) aspect, both of which are in Quincunx (150º) aspect to one other planet - forming a Y across the chart. It is also known as the "Finger of God" pattern. The points in Quincunx aspect represent irritating energies that hinder the development of the planet at the bottom of the Y, the apex planet. This not-so-common configuration gives great power to the apex point, which starts out in a weakened, subjective, even distorted state. Its power is activated in time and awakened to its full potential by transits or inner work by the native.



5th, 7th & 9th Harmonics

The Quintile occurs when two planets are within appr. 72º of each other, forming a line that spans 1/5th of the circle. This usually puts the planets in inharmonious signs, but more importantly, they are operating in the 5th harmonic which represents the unleashing of human power. The Quintile (also the bi-quintile -144º aspect) means power, compulsion, obsession and drive. The native is often unaware that he/she is behaving compulsively, but nevertheless keeps on acting out certain tendencies that can be troublesome for an entire lifetime. It is particularly helpful to learn about any quintiles one may have, because awareness is the key to understanding and ultimately finding practical and healthy uses for this powerful energy. For example, someone with Pluto Quintile Mars can be extremely aggressive, but might also use that energy to fight crime. A Quintile between Jupiter (increase, mind-expansion) and Venus (love, beauty, art) could compel one to be a sort of Casanova, or to educate others in the arts! Hopefully, we all learn to use our Quintiles to positive ends. Much More About QUINTILES


The Septile occurs when two planets are within appr. 51.4º of each other, forming a line that spans 1/7th of the circle. These planets work together in a very spiritual, mystical and intuitive way, and may manifest as spiritual guidance and divine inspiration. The Novile occurs when two planets are within appr. 40º of each other, forming a line that spans 1/9th of the circle. These planets also work together in a very spiritual way, but are more outwardly expressed in service to others.




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