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December 21, 2012

A Wake Up Call for Self Sufficiency and Peace


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2012 - ENDTIME?


I've been reading and researching for over a year now, and I've come to the conclusion that we (good folk of the world) are being challenged to reject evil in all its forms. There are beings - human spiritual or who knows what, that don't care in the least about other living things. They pretend to, some quite effectively... but if you really watch and listen, you will recognize repeating patterns over time - hypocrisy, exploitation and lies. And if you reflect on what we as good people have accomplished towards ending the systems of greed, it becomes crystal clear that our best efforts are being systematically undermined - and we can no longer allow them to do it.

We are in a terrible mess - perpetual war for profit, starvation, genocide, native people and ecosystems destroyed, restriction/suppression of natural foods and remedies, violence in all its many forms, poisons in our food, water and air, toxic medications, for-profit medical and criminal establishments, nuclear power & poiloning, gmo crops and seeds, propaganda, censorship, debt-slavery, promotion of destructive values, political double-speak (war for "peace" and "freedom"), police bruatility, mechanization, de-humanization, mind control, weather control, suppression of innovators and dissenters.... all it seems to promote a globalist agenda...

Is this the best we can do? Shouldn't we be smarter? The elite have done what they wish throughout history - but last century has seen the worst horrors ever - yet too few recognize or believe it, and most won't until it directly affects them. We can go along with the mind-controlled sheep - keep taking the pills, drinking the fluoride, watching the tube and killing our media fabricated enemies, or we can WAKE UP and acknowledge that every human being and ecosystem destroyed - destroys us all.

I believe we've reached critical mass - it has to turn he other way. The three branches of control - religion, commerce and military - must be overtaken and transformed - we cannot stand by and watch abuses take place!

Prophesized, predicted or not - it will take a huge effort and awakening to get ourselves fully on a positive track and avoid catastrophe. More of us need to do the work necessary to reveal and eliminate all that which harms us. Together we can turn the page, and allow for a kind, caring, loving, peaceful, free, natural, respectful, cooperative future for everyone.

I believe that the ability to make a change must begin with the sad recognition that evil does exist. Evil people seek each other out and create circles of power. These circles are well in place.

The corrupt individuals we allow to control business and government may be stupid in our eyes - they certainly lack empathy, but they are nothing if not clever, and they must all be exposed and expelled. No more excuses !! I's up to each of us to hold others, and ourselves accountable!

We must commit to:

Turning off the TV -

Exposing evil deeds and systems at all levels -

Not participating in systems that do harm (except to change/improve from within) -

Beginning a new future within our communities - cooperative, independent of "the system", natural and free! -

Click here for a list of topics to research

We can't wait for others to change the world for us, and we must not continue to tolerate acts that harm others.

To the Astrology!


Visit my YouTube Channel for a variety of eye-opening videos!

If you choose to dig into the world of "conspiracy" keep in mind that these ideas are becoming more mainstream - many are well researched, and there is evidence in plain sight for those who care to look. They are called conspiracy to discredit them... good people connect the dots for us - we need to listen and learn.

Some Suggested Searches:

(I don't fully endorse any of the sources below as the full truth seems to be elusive... there is bound to be misinformation planted as well - however, this is a good start!)

New World Order , Council on Foreign Relations , CIA , Bilderburg Group , Skull and Bones , Freemasons , Georgia Guidestones , eugenics , , , Nassim Haramein - Our True History , Bohemian Grove , Max Igan, Gerald Celente, Jordan Maxwell , Henry Makow , William Cooper , RFK , JFK , Eisenhower's last speech , George Carlin , , FEMA camps, chemtrails , HAARP , Illuminati Witnesses: Svali , Aaron Russo . Cathy O'Brien , John Todd , Tiffany Evans , Leo Zagami ; End the Fed , zionism vs. judaism , vatican assassins , gnostics , swine flu conspiracy ; Dr. Len Horowitz , MSG , free glutamates , aspartame , aids manufactured epidemic , vaccine contamination , fluoridation, , morgellon's disease , Iraq veterans against the war, David Icke ,Thrive - the movie , Velikovsky , crop circles , that's all I can think of right now - happy hunting!


So, what we have is a YOD, otherwise known as a Finger of God (yes, it's true). (Incidentally, Universal Time for the solstice is appr. 11:11, a number with its own mystical significance.)

The Yod in this case is comprised of a sextile between Saturn and Pluto, a friendly, coooperative angle between two pretty harsh planets - Saturn the strict, restrictive authoritarian, and Pluto - the destroyer and bringer of death and rebirth, with Jupiter at the apex of the Yod. Jupiter's energy is philosophical, benevolent, fair minded, intellectual and all-inclusive. The idea here is expansion, intelligence and tolerance as a universal goal, with dramatic changes in internal and external structures being the means of achieving that goal. This is a philosophical and spiritual awakening with potentially very revolutionary and concrete results! Changes in government, systems and tradition must change in order to reach a state of expanded awareness, and global harmony.

Venus (w/Mercury) is directly opposite Jupiter and between Saturn and Pluto, bringing a focus on relationship, love, connection, beauty, communication and little, and big acts of kindness and caring, and I see this as a bridge in the process. (Keep in mind if you pour through conspiracy theories, Venus is the Morning and Evening Star. Whenever you come across references to Lucifer, this may not necessarily refer to the Devil, as it is another name for Venus - the Light Bringer.) My feeling is that for those who employ love and maintain their human connections despite differences in ideology, whatever transition is in store will naturally be much smoother.

Also at this time, Venus is trine Uranus, and the Sun is sextile Neptune. These aspects bring surprising friendships and alliances, a feeling of oneness with all people and a desire to work toward greater understanding. Uranus is square Pluto, indicating sudden, unexpected, revolutionary changes to, or breakdown of large systems (economy!), and secrets or hidden knowledge and power suddenly revealed. (This aspect is in play from June - Oct. 2012, with exact hits 6/24 and 9/18, and several returns in coming years - 5/20/13, 11/1/13, 4/21/14, 12/15/14 and 3/17/15). Moon in Aries is trine Mercury and square Pluto on this day, bringing greater impulsiveness and a tendency to act quickly and intuitively on emotions, even if those actions may be dangerous. This is the part that worries me... it seems to spell panic. What we truly need to prepare for is how to deal with people around us who may act against our (collective) best interests!

So, are this Yod and the accompanying planetary aspects an indication of the New World Order realized, or toppled? Regardless of who seems to come out on top - my belief is that we can CREATE beneficial outcomes by asking questions, being awake and aware, communicating in a loving, understanding way, questioning authority without fear, and employing intelligence and compassion to change hearts and minds from suspicion, hatred, cruelty and intolerance to kindness, trust and love. This must be done consistently and without worries about success, or frustration when goals are not reached. Keep sharing love, insisting on love and kindness, and calling people on unfair treatment or cruelty towards others. Rise above, see the good, and reach out to others.

I have done a search for this yod pattern back to 1700 and do not find a match, except quite recently - in May of 1989 - Saturn was in Capricorn (Saturn rules Capricorn), Pluto was in Scorpio (Pluto rules Scorpio), and Jupiter was in Gemini. Then the planets were in the signs, they rule, which is very powerful, and this time the planets are in mutual reception - Saturn in Scorpio, and Pluto in Capricorn - quite possibly bringing greater conflict and resistance. Jupiter is again in Gemini, the sign opposite Sagittarius which Jupiter rules. What we have is a sort of replay of 1989, at least when it comes to these three planets. This was a very turbulent time in recent history with most notably the breakdown of the "iron-curtain", and what I believe was an expansion of the New World Order agenda with both eastern and western leaders on board. The keywords for this combination of planetary and zodiacal energy are: government, tradition, structure, major changes and upheavals, revolution, large and important resources, hidden knowledge, philosophy, religion, truth vs. propaganda, tolerance, expanding boundaries, numerous localized (Gemini) events, people pulling together as friends and neighbors, and unfinished business (yod). It's a fair guess that this time we'll be taking the next step into restructuring human systems and relations, and Venus as the bringer of light will play a major role in ferrying us closer to harmony and understanding. Venus also signifies self-indulgence, so it is important that we balance our needs and desires with the needs of others. Reject selfishness within yourself, and encourage others to do the same.

Prior to this date, on June 6, 2012, Venus in Gemini (sidereal Taurus) passed directly in front of the Sun from our viewpoint. The Mayans followed these transits carefully, and Venus played a major role in their time-keeping. Also, the transits happen in pairs, 8 years apart (the last was 2004), every appr. 120 years, so they are significant historically. The Venus transit is an EXACT passing of Venus between the earth and sun, along the ecliptic. Click the link for an excellent explanation: Venus transits always occur in Gemini or Sagittarius, and have been concurrent with major changes in philosophical outlook and how humans connect, communicate, learn and travel.

What energy does this impart on the yod that follows 6 mos. later? With the ordinary conjunction, people are more inclined to act on impulse and intuition. Venus transits (exact conjunction) bring a significant opening of the heart. There is a belief that this transit and the Dec. 21, 2012 Winter Solstice are part of a major passage into the next level of spiritual development, the 5th world, in which we will become far more intuitive and empathetic, and increasingly telepathic. As a bonus, modes of travel, education and communication may take a dramatic leap as well.

Feel better now?



aka MoonCat >^..^<




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