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  Water Signs 


The WATER signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, are emotional & imaginative, they strive for meaningful connections ...

water is our reactions, the way we flow into each others hearts and merge energy  Carribean Blue, by Enya Music Anyone? Carribean Blue, by Enya

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WATER...... It lulls us, swirls us, splashes us, drowns us. We crave its warm, protective womb. We dream of sailing away on endless waves over the ocean, or taking a rolling journey down a sleepy river.

We depend on Water to quench our thirst, lubricate our bodies, satisfy our need to shed salty tears.....

Water people are in tune with the rhythms of the sea and the flow of the rivers. They don't want build to same thing over and over - they must constantly create from their own vivid imaginations. They are not interested in whatever gain or fame their creations might bring them - they live for the joy of expression. They have no need to explain or rationalize their feelings. They would rather help you to feel them as deeply as they do, through melodious or colorful illustration.

Water people can become trapped in a quagmire of feelings and dreams. They may have difficulty dealing with things quickly or in a practical manner. They could have a hard time getting motivated to accomplish. They may not always be able to sort problems out logically. Everything is felt deeply, and this may keep the Water person from making a clear, concise choice. That is why Water people feel more comfortable with other Water people. Earth people can be very helpful to them, too. They can offer practical advice, big hugs when they are sad, and shelter from the storm.

Some of us are more attuned with Water than others. Some are so wet that people perceive them as over-sensitive, gushing or mushy. The downfall of Water signs is a tendency to become drowned in their emotions. The gift they have to give is a natural ability to understand and actually feel how others are feeling, and to provide sincere and healing comfort.



beautiful Water Dragon above compliments of the Dragon Hatchery!


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