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Queen of all earthly desires, bestower of beauty and grace

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Rules TAURUS and the 2nd House, and LIBRA and the 7th House


Venus is the patroness of art and refinement, the one who makes music and the sounds of love and enchantment, and she is the mistress of nature. She is forever in search of serenity, peace and harmony.

Venus rules beauty of the mind as well as the senses, thus justice, fair-mindedness and diplomacy are all within her realm. Venus is the most gracious hostess and charming entertainer.

To balance her feminine soul, Venus needs a partner at all times. If she has none, she will imagine an ideal mate to keep her heart in balance, or she will devote herself to nature or the creative arts.

The SIGN in which Venus falls in your chart will tell about your particular style of creating beauty, harmony, music, art and loving relationships.

The HOUSE placement of Venus will determine in what area of life you excel artistically or musically, in building harmony and relationship with others, and in creating beauty, serenity and peace.



THE 2nd HOUSE (ruled by Taurus)

This is the place of personal security and gain, money, jobs, possessions and simple pleasures.

THE 7th HOUSE (ruled by Libra)

The place of close personal relationships, marriage, partnerships, important alliances and friendships. This is where we find balance in our lives through our connections with others.




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