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The planet of Lightning, electricity, rebellion & revolution...

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Rules AQUARIUS and the 11th House


Uranus spurs us to new insights, and jolts us with sudden inspiration. Sometimes his thunder rocks us and throws change and upheaval right in our faces. At other times, the lightning rushes up through our spines as sexual, kundalini energy, forcing us to open our hearts and minds.

Uranus awakens us, challenges us and keeps us ever alert. It is best to be receptive to this channel of the Age of Aquarius, listen to his messages and learn the lessons of instant karma.

Uranus was discovered around the same time as electricity. Encompassing all that makes the world glow and buzz, this amazing planet brings us together in a global community through mass communication and travel. Through the energy of Uranus, big brother to Mercury, we are now truly linked by so many computers, wires and airwaves.

Uranus is the higher mind, social consciousness, brother and sisterhood, friendship, cooperation, invention, ingeniousness and democracy.

The SIGN in which Uranus falls in your chart will tell about your particular brand of genius, inspiration, and higher social consciousness. Because of the planet's slow movement, this energy will apply to a generation of individuals.

The HOUSE placement of Uranus in your chart will determine in what area of your life you are particularly ingenious, inventive, rebellious, gregarious and humanitarian.

TRANSITING Uranus takes about 7 years to pass through a Natal house. During that time, you may experience upsets, unusual experiences, rebelliousness, insights, ideas, and heightened awareness in the area of life indicated by that house.

It takes roughly 40 years for Uranus to reach opposition to natal Uranus. At this time many of us experience a mid-life crisis. Uranus opposition is a time when Kundalini rises from the base of the spine and energizes the chakras. If there is blockage in any chakra on the way up, there will be a crisis in consciousness for the individual pertaining to that chakra.

Roughly, the Chakras are: 1st chakra (earth - resting place of kundalini) - survival & primal urges, 2nd (root) - sexuality, 3rd (solar plexus) - will and personal power, 4th (heart) - giving and receiving love, 5th (throat) - communication, 6th (third eye) - insight and 7th (crown) - transcendence. We can expect some kind of "energy surge" to occur in our lives due to square, opposition or natal return of Uranus about every 20 years. Uranus can spur you to action, but can burn you up if you don't work on important issues, and allow youself to open up and grow.




This is the place of friends, groups, gatherings, societies, democracy, people working together for the good of all, humanitarian idealism, and ideas and inventions that benefit humanity.



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