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The Sun is our greatest benefactor

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Rules LEO and the 5th House


Day in and day out, he radiates with endless love and giving, wondrous ever-present light - the gift of peace and security. It is no surprise that the most loving and powerful of Gods and Goddesses throughout human history, including Christ, have been directly associated with the Sun.

The Sun brings us joy, family, fun, recreation, creativity, children, games, sports and animals. Bathed in his healing rays, we may relax and have all that we desire. Secure in the warmth of the Sun, we are free to follow our hearts true yearnings, and bask in leisure and luxury.

Center of our universe and giver of life, the Sun represents our innermost soul fulfillment. The Sun is our beating heart, and our creative life force.

The SIGN in which the Sun falls in your chart describes your essential personality and the way of being that is most natural to you. Your Sun sign is enhanced by your Moon sign, Rising Sign and all the planets' placements in the Zodiac as well. Many people identify very strongly with their Sun sign, while others are overwhelmingly influenced by other factors that may overshadow the Sun.

The HOUSE placement of the Sun in your chart determines in what area of life you have a distinctive purpose or drive, feel most relaxed and at ease with yourself, and tend to perform well, excel and shine.




This is the place of joy and fun, children, play, recreation, games, sports, relaxation, leisure and creativity.



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