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The Scorpion, the Eagle...ruled by Pluto - ancient god of the Underworld

a Fixed WATER Sign   to Scorpio Moon and Rising signs

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Oct. 23 - Nov. 21

Scorpio is the emotional dynamo of the Zodiac. No stranger to the subconscious mind, he reads the hidden motives of others with ease. You may see the Scorpio frowning with a deep hurt inside, or smiling delightedly with some secret knowledge. A keen observer of human nature he fears no enemy, because Scorpio sees all danger and knows the weaknesses of his opponents. To be his friend is to have the bravest ally, the fiercest fighter on your side. To cross him can be deadly.

Scorpio is in tune with the forces of life and death, sexuality, birth, dramatic changes, danger, catastrophe and the powerful forces of man and nature. His ruling planet, Pluto, is associated with atomic power and the criminal underworld.

The Scorpio is fascinated with anything that offers complete transcendence - spirituality, the occult, ecstatic or thrilling physical states or a complete renovation of some part of his life. To him, these experiences are like a rebirth. They make him feel alive because they give him the spiritual and emotional regeneration he needs.

Scorpio is passionate and intense with loved ones. He values loyalty and bravery above all. He can be secretive, but is very open with his most trusted friends.




Leonardo DiCaprio, Ethan Hawke, Yanni, David Schwimmer, Richard Burton, Pablo Picasso, Jonathan Winters, Burt Lancaster, Richard Dreyfuss, Kevin Kline, Martin Luther, Kurt Vonnegut, Ted Turner, Leo Trotsky, Rommel, Charles Manson, Spiro Agnew


COMPATIBLE SIGNS (female):   CANCER   PISCES   Capricorn   Virgo




MOON in SCORPIO (also Moon in eighth house)

The man with Moon in Scorpio is intensely emotional. He craves passion and powerful experiences. He expresses his feelings in a big way, yet may be secretive about what's really on his mind. He knows exactly what is going on with you. Moon in Scorpio is very intuitive and sensitive to those around him. He needs loyalty from friends, and sensual or spiritual experiences to keep him happy. He will reward you with his great devotion and understanding.

SCORPIO RISING (also Pluto rising)

Scorpio Rising sees the world as a place where he can make a powerful impression. He strives to have a meaningful influence on his friends and family. He is fascinated with people and places that convey a sense of power, transcendence or sexuality. Scorpio rising has a look of intensity about him, and may even be intimidating. He is very imaginative, intuitive and intense.

Scorpio Rising is here to model bravery, loyalty and transcendence.


October - Opal or Pink Tourmaline

November - Topaz or Smoky Quartz

Lucky stones in pink, Planetary in italic

Ruby, Garnet, Turquoise, Moonstone, Peridot, Opal, Malachite, Rhodocrosite, Botswana Agate, Aquamarine, Beryl, Labradorite



Hyacinth, Siamese Benzoin, Woodruff, Pine, Thyme, Pennyroyal, Cardamon, Coffee, Tuberose, Pepper


Archetypal Images, Tarot, Plants, Gods/Goddesses, COLOR

Scorpion, Eagle, Wolf, Death or Transformation (Tarot), Cactus, Vulcan, Set, Ptah, Typhoon, Hephaestos, Pluto BLUE-GREEN


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