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Rules CAPRICORN and the 10th House


Saturn teaches us one of the hardest lessons in life... that in order to survive we need to conform to some kind of social order and structure. This is not always possible, and may even seem to stifle our creativity, but nevertheless - in order to make lasting contributions to society, we must first show proper respect for, and/or find a way to appeal to the powers that be.

Saturn is father time. He limits us, and in so doing gives form and structure to our lives. Saturn represents your higher voice or super-ego, anyone older or wiser than you, those in authority, and any established social order. He is your father, police officer, boss, sergeant, rulebook, school system, judge and government. Saturn keeps you on track, or holds you back, depending on your point of view!

Because we want to take our dreams and make them real and solid in our lives, or part of our own established order, Saturn represents our career, ambitions, goals and our accomplishments, as well as our lessons.

The SIGN in which Saturn falls in your chart will tell about how you make use of the lessons and restrictions you experience in life, how you perceive and react to authority and discipline, and in what way you are perfecting your own sense of order and discipline.

The HOUSE placement of Saturn in your chart will determine in what area of your life you are particularly serious, hardworking, or have long term goals and lessons.

TRANSITING Saturn takes about 2.5 - 3 years to pass through a Natal house. During that time, you may experience lessons and a maturing process in the area of life indicated by that house. Every 29-30 years Saturn returns to the position it has in your natal chart (natal return). This is often a time of maturing, and the start of a new era in our lives. It is no wonder that "youth" is purported to end at 30! That's about the age we have to get real. Around 60, we reach another pinnacle of maturity, wisdom, and hopefully a sense of peace.



This is the top of your form, the zenith of your achievements, your ultimate goal - be it career or position in life. This is where you shine and feel proud and worthy of admiration.




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