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The Centaur, the Archer.....ruled by Jupiter   the expansive and joyful

a Mutable FIRE Sign to Sagittarius Moon and Rising signs

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Nov. 22 - Dec. 21

Sagittarius is the clown and truth-speaker of the Zodiac. He feels imbued with the wisdom and knowledge of the ages, yet constantly searches for more. His bow, ever aimed toward some lofty goal, is drawn precisely and with good intentions.

The Sagittarius bounds through life with the confidence and optimism of one who is blessed. There is no possibility of failure, because Sagittarius knows there is a good and just reason for everything that happens in life. The Sagittarius may seem naive - unable to perceive wrongdoing in himself or others. He possesses an innocence of spirit that allows him to see through the evils and into the goodness in the hearts of everyone. He is friend to all, lover of animals and children. To the Sag, all creatures possess the utmost goodness and beauty, and thus are worthy of his earnest appreciation.

The Sagittarius will travel far and wide in search of more knowledge about his world. He loves to learn, teach, expand and find truth - thus his interest in philosophy, religion and other cultures. He moves quickly and independently as he is so sure of his own choices, which are always pure, honest and well-meaning.

Sagittarius thrives on action, motion, knowledge, progress and spirituality. He is known to be athletic, and sometimes clumsy - occasionally tripping over his feet, or tongue. Always looking ahead, he can tap into the future. He seems to know instinctively what's coming up next....



Harpo Marx, Jimi Hendrix, Steven Spielberg, Woody Allen, Billy Idol, Charles Schultz, Winston Churchill, Jeff Bridges, Frank Sinatra, Greg Allman, Dick Clark, Jakob Dylan, Joe DiMaggio, telekenetic - Uri Geller


COMPATIBLE SIGNS (female):   LEO  ARIES   Libra   Aquarius




MOON in SAGITTARIUS (also Moon in ninth house)

Moon in Sagittarius is very honest with his feelings. He is wise and philosophical in emotional situations. He treats others with respect, kindness and a sense of humor. He believes in telling it like it is, even if the truth hurts. Sagittarius Moon needs for others to be honest with him as well. He is deeply wounded by deception. He has a talent for teaching others, and is an avid learner. Every emotional challenge is an opportunity for him to learn, and to help others with the knowledge he has gained.

SAGITTARIUS RISING (also Jupiter rising)

Sagittarius Rising sees the world in a very happy and optimistic light. He offers a joyful, fun loving, sunny, face to the world. On first meeting he is likely to say or do something comical to make you smile. He may remark on some truthful observation he has made about you, possibly hurting your feelings - but he always means well. Sagittarius Rising dreams of travel and adventure, and believes that everyone should follow his dream. Freedom, expansion and education are important to him. He may seem wise beyond his years.

Sagittarius Rising is here to cheer and inspire, and to speak the truth.

John Glenn, Jimi Hendrix


November - Topaz or Smoky Quartz

December - Turquoise or Blue Zircon

Lucky stones in pink, Planetary in italic

Topaz, Lapis, Azurite, Fire Opal, Pearl, Jacinth, Herkimer Diamond, Ruby, Turquoise, Smoky Quartz, Chalcedony, Obsidian, Copper, Labradorite, Peridot, Iolite



Lemon Balm, Bergamot, Lign-aloes, Calendula, Clove, Nutmeg, Saffron, Rosemary, Hyssop


Archetypal Images, Tarot, Plants, Gods/Goddesses, COLOR

Centaur, Horse or Zebra, Arrow, Temperance (Tarot), Rush, Jupiter, Chiron - the Centaur, Nepthys, BLUE

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