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Ancient god of the Underworld


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Pluto is raw energy.... cataclysm, disaster and annihilation, as well as ecstasy, monetary windfalls, revolution, rebirth and renewal. He represents what we both fear and desire - the cycle of life, death and rebirth, the secrets of the universe, the occult mysteries, the explosive interplays between men and women, the miracles of life.

Pluto encompasses all the most powerful forces of man and nature. His discovery coincides with the Great Depression, and the advent of atomic energy.

We all make tremendous life changes that may feel like death, and sometimes we are bombarded by change. A higher octave of the warlike energy of Mars, this is Pluto's function in our lives. For those who refuse to flow with life's inevitable evolution, Pluto is a wake up call.

The SIGN in which Pluto falls in your chart will apply to a generation of people (12-30 yrs.), and therefore describes a trend in the cycles of evolutionary changes in humanity - particularly in the use of power, force and sexuality. It also shows in what ways you are particularly intuitive, searching and powerful.

The HOUSE placement of Pluto in your chart will determine in what area of your life you are most likely to make dramatic changes in your life and within yourself. It also helps describe the way in which you use your personal power and sexual energy, and what kind of energy or activities offer you an avenue for great personal insight and growth.

TRANSITING Pluto takes from 12-33 years to pass through a Natal house. During that time you may experience major life changes, or inner transformation, in that area of your life.




This is the place of big money, big business, the underworld, death & rebirth, sexuality, powerful people and emotions, regeneration and major life changes. This is where our hidden resources lie, be they spiritual, monetary, emotional or sexual.



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