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Within Neptune's watery realm, all becomes possible, yet all may be lost...

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Rules PISCES and the 12th House


Neptune, ancient god and ruler of the Seven Seas, taps into our deepest emotions and fears, and inspires us with the wildest dreams and fantasies. The depth and richness of Neptune's watery realm can be a blessing - assuring us of the connectedness of all life, or he can sweep it all away with a boundless fury, leaving us lost and wandering through a murky sea of emotion.

Neptune's discovery coincides with the advent of motion pictures - which have given us glimpses into much more, both real and imagined, than our individual minds could possibly dream of. With this amazing invention, the hopes, fears and visions of every man, woman and child - are within everyone's reach. Through the power of film and fantasy, Neptune draws the global community closer together in an artistic attempt to decipher and understand our differences and realize our similarities.

Neptune is art, imagination, compassion, idealism, spirituality and unconditional love. He can make the world appear foggy, nebulous, frightening and confusing - or bring perfect clarity of purpose. The promise is that in our blind searching, we realize that we are all one. This is the lesson to be found in the deepest reaches of Neptune's world, and is one well worth searching for.

The SIGN in which Neptune falls in your chart will tell about your particular style of loving and giving of yourself for others, and losing yourself through art and spirituality or other means. It may also show in what ways you are willing to make sacrifices, and how you might spend time alone. This will apply to a generation of people (appr. 14 yrs.)

The HOUSE placement of Neptune in your chart will determine in what area of your life you are particularly imaginative, artistic, spiritual, self-sacrificing, compassionate, soul-searching and perhaps secretive.

TRANSITING Neptune takes 13-14 years to pass through a Natal house. During that time, you may experience spiritual insights, confusion or a need to hide out, creativity, heightened imaginative energy and a renewed feeling of love and acceptance in the area of life indicated by that house.



This is the final step in our journey. Here we give of ourselves to others, give up our minds to thought and contemplation, religion, service, kindness and ultimate joy and transcendence.




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