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The Moon is our mother, queen of the heavens

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The Moon rules the ocean's tides and brings us nurturing and sustenance. She comforts, soothes and rocks us in her gentle waves. Her ebb and flow feed our souls.

The Moon's energy may rage and storm, or lull us to sleep. She represents our emotional nature, our gut reactions, our deepest needs and fears. We travel with her through the heavens, learning the ways of the deepest love there is - the love of a mother for her child. This is a love that grows and changes with time, adjusting to life and circumstances, bending to the rhythms of each child's soul.

The Moon is the way we are nurtured and grow to be nurturers. Through the power of the Moon, we each cast our own light upon those who need us. We perform a moondance of love and caring, and we fulfill our need to be needed.

The SIGN in which the Moon falls in your chart tells about your particular style of loving, caring and nurturing others, as well as the kind of nurturing you need from those who care for you. Your Moon Sign is a major part of your personality. It is your feminine, or receptive nature. It shows how you react in emotional situations.

If your Sun and Moon are in harmonious signs, it usually means you are easy going and not very conflicted in life. If they are not, you may experience conflicts in your personality that require inner work. Generally - Fire goes with fire and air, Air goes with air and fire, Earth goes with earth and water and Water goes with water and earth One exception is that adjacent signs (ex: Taurus and Gemini, or Cancer and Leo) can combine well, and sometimes opposite signs (ex: Cancer & Capricorn) work together as well.

The HOUSE placement of the Moon in your chart will determine in what area of your life you are most attuned to both giving and receiving nurturing, guidance, mothering and care. It also indicates in what area of life you are particularly sensitive, receptive and needy of emotional support.




This is the place of home, family, memories, your mother, nurturing, food, caring, tradition and personal safety.



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