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The speedy gatherer and disseminator of knowledge, the nimble, crafty, observant and aware...

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Rules GEMINI and the 3rd House, and VIRGO and the 6th House


Mercury, whether in flight or assisting the earthbound, is the information superhighway of the Gods.

Mercury deals with every-day information. He travels unseen through our towns, our schools and our community and keeps up on our daily lives. He follows our routines, watches over society and spreads the news.

Mercury is quick, skilled and dexterous. The mental gymnast of the Solar System, he represents the way we process information, handle daily tasks, and know our place in society.

The SIGN in which Mercury falls in your chart will tell about your particular style of thought, speech and communication, and almost always corresponds with the Sun Sign.

The HOUSE placement of Mercury in your chart will determine in what area of your life you excel at gathering information and communicating ideas, have a particular gift for organization, or make connections in your community.



THE 3rd HOUSE (ruled by Gemini)

This is the place of communication and how we relate to brothers, sisters, friends and the community. It is our school, town, daily events and social rules.

THE 6th HOUSE (ruled by Virgo)

This is the place of service to the self and to others, hard work, health consciousness, daily habits and routines, purity and cleanliness.


Retrograde Mercury

Here is a lovely little phenomenon for you.. the 2000 elections served as a perfect example of the truly insidious nature of this horror (I exxagerate... Sagi!) when swift-footed Mercury appears to be moving backwards in the sky. Check your chart to see which of your houses and planets Mercury will be crossing the next time around... Then perhaps you might anticipate the nasty little memory lapses, delays, incomplete paperwork, contractual misunderstandings, electrical malfunctions and lost or returned mail that are sure to occur during these thrice or so yearly periods of informational and communicational havoc - That was a mercurial mouthful! Remember, when Mercury comes back to haunt us with further mental anguish and confusion, don't despair - as all things difficult and frustrating, the old adage still applies... this too will pass! On the brighter side - mental accuity can increase, and misunderstandings can be unraveled as the concentrated energy takes hold of your mind. Check your Future Forecast for Love for Mercury Retrograde Periods to come!




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